How to Fix Hotspot Problem in Android?

Mobile hotspots are an excellent way to access the Internet while travelling. Others use their hotspots to browse the web, while others use them to charge their phones.

If you’re experiencing problems with your mobile hotspot, this article will be of assistance. This blog concept will focus on how to fix Android mobile hotspots that do not function.

How To Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working On Android?

How to Setup Mobile Hotspot?

Now that you know what a mobile hotspot is and how it works, follow these steps to start using it:

1. Turn on your “Mobile Data.”

2. Go to “Settings,” then “Network & Internet.” If you can’t find Mobile Hotspot, type it in your settings search bar.

3. Choose “Tethering & Hotspot.”

4. Tap the menu for the wifi hotspot.

5. Slide the switch to the right of “Use wifi Hotspot.”

Open the wifi settings on the receiving device and join the hotspot. You should be able to use your mobile data on that device once you’re connected.

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Setup an Open wifi Network

When configuring a mobile hotspot, WPA2 encryption and a password are used. This protects you from hackers and other users abusing your hotspot, but it may cause connectivity issues. You can attempt to access the hotspot without a password to test its functionality. This is how an open mobile hotspot can be set up:

1. Firstly, open your Android “Settings” and go to “Network & Internet.”

2. Then go to the “Hotspot and Tethering” option–>” Security.”

3. Select “None” instead of WPA-2 from the list dropdown menu.

4. Now connect the other device with your mobile hotspot via a wifi connection, and then try tapping on that button again!

Turn Off Your VPN App

When using a VPN with a mobile hotspot, you may encounter some difficulties. Because VPNs reroute your data through private channels, which are incompatible with mobile data, this is the case. Therefore, we strongly suggest turning it off, particularly if you’re having trouble using your data for hotspotting.

Here’s how to disable your VPN:

1. First, open “Settings” and go to “Network & Internet.”

2. Select “VPN settings” there.

3. Click the “gear icon” next to your current VPN application.

4. Select “Forget VPN” at the bottom of the menu.

5. A prompt will appear; select “Forget.” This will terminate any active VPN

Switch to a Different wifi Band

Older smartphones, tablets, and laptops do not support the newer 5Ghz wifi band; therefore, if you set up a hotspot with a 5Ghz connection, it will not be visible to receiving devices.

Follow these steps below to establish up a 2.4Ghz hotspot that is supported by older devices.

Follow these steps below to set up a 2.4Ghz hotspot that is supported by older devices.

1. Open Settings and select “Network & Internet.”

2. Select “Tethering & Hotspot.”

3. Go ahead and select a “wifi hotspot.”

4. Select “Advanced” from the menu.

5. Under the AP Band, choose “2.4 GHz” here.

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Turn Off Data Limit

Android devices contain a convenient function that allows you to set a daily or monthly usage limit. Once enabled, it will restrict you from accessing the internet once your allotted internet data has been consumed.

If your data plan is limited, it might be advantageous, but it can also be problematic and prevent you from accessing the internet when you need it most. To disable this functionality, perform the following:
Here’s how:

Select “Network & Internet” from the Settings menu.

2. Select “Mobile Network” or “SIMs” from the menu.

3. Click “Data warning and limit” from here.

4. Disable the setting for “Set Data Limit.”

Reset Connectivity Options

If any settings have been altered that may be the cause of the hotspot problem, resetting your smartphone’s connectivity choices may be helpful.

This procedure resets all connection settings, including Data, wifi, and Hotspot, to their factory defaults.

Follow these steps below, to do so:

1. Open the “Settings app” on your Android device and select “System.”

2. Select the “Reset settings” menu in System.

3. Here, choose the “Reset Bluetooth, wifi, and Mobile” option.

4. Click the “Reset settings button.”

Using Bluetooth or USB for Tethering

If you need to access the internet but your phone is not connected to WiFi or Mobile Hotspot, you can connect the receiving device to the internet using Bluetooth or USB Tethering.

Bluetooth tethering is slower than mobile hotspots, yet it will suffice if you require Internet access immediately.

Here’s how to enable Bluetooth tethering:

1. Open “Settings” and then “Network and Internet.”

2. Go to “Hotspot and Tethering.”

3. Now locate Bluetooth tethering and turn on the toggle next to it so that it turns green like an actual button (but don’t push it yet!). This will allow your phone to connect with another device using Bluetooth technology!

4. Turn on Bluetooth on your receiving device and “connect.”

Restart your device and reboot into Safe Mode.

If you’re experiencing issues with your mobile hotspot, one of the greatest things you can do is reboot your smartphone into safe mode. This will help rule out any software-related causes for the problem.
To restart your device:

1. Keep pressing the “power button” until the power menu appears.

2. Select the Restart option from the Power menu.

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To enable safe mode, perform the following steps:

If your phone’s hotspot is still malfunctioning, it is likely that a downloaded app is causing problems. To fix this, you will need to restart in safe mode.

In safe mode, all downloaded applications are prohibited, with the exception of the critical system applications. This makes it easy to identify which programme is to be the cause.

Hold down the “Power button” until the Power menu appears.

2. Press and hold the “Power Off” button here until a pop-up window that states “Reboot to Safe Mode” appears.

3. Press “Ok” to restart your phone in Safe Mode.

4. When your phone enters safe mode, try connecting to a mobile hotspot to check if it functions.


We hope that this blog post will help you resolve any problems you may be experiencing with your Android mobile hotspot. We are trying to put up a list of measures you can take to fix the problem with your device.

Please certain, however, that your mobile hotspot is turned off before doing any of these steps.



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