How to Fix Audio Video Sync in Android?

Various factors can result in audio-video lag when watching movies, television shows, and other videos on your Android smartphone. Among the causes include faulty sectors on the hard drive, viruses, and other malicious software.

If the audio does not match the visual when viewing content on a mobile device, the overall quality of the content is compromised, making the viewing experience less enjoyable. You must learn how to sync audio and video on an Android phone to resolve this issue.

When audio and video are out of sync in your material, this tutorial has all the information you need to address the issue, as well as resources that can assist you.

How do you sync audio and video on Android?

Using Wondershare Repairit, you may permanently resolve the audio-video sync issue for free. The software is one of the best available for people who wish to learn how to change the audio delay in videos. It functions effectively.

Here are the actions you must do to use this tool to solve the issue:

To use this tool in solving the problem, here are the steps to follow:

Download Repairit for your Windows or macOS laptop. After the download, install the program and launch it

Transfer the video files to your laptop. Connect your Android to the system with a USB cord and then copy and paste the videos with the audio issues to your system.

Import the video files to Wondershare Repairit. You can add video files to the software in two ways. One method is by hitting the Add button on the primary interface. Alternatively, you can press Add Video and Start Repairing to the transfer.

Scan the corrupted video files. All the necessary information on the video file you imported such as name, path, file, creation date, and size is shown below the particular video file in question.

Repair the corrupted videos. When you press the Repair button, the repair process starts immediately and automatically. The software will alert you when the procedure is complete, after which you can preview and save the file.

Preview the video. To preview repaired video, hit the Play button beside the video. This step lets you check if the problem has been fixed.

Make use of Advance Repair (optional). The Advance Repair option is the feature to use if your video is corrupt beyond repair. To get started, click on Advance Repair and hit the folder icon to add the sample video. Note that while using this optional feature, you’ve to first save the video file before the procedure starts.

Save the video to the laptop and transfer it to your phone. Hit the Save button to save the repaired video file on your laptop after completing the process. Ensure you specify the location and press the Recover button to finish everything. Then, copy and paste the video to your phone to play it on Android.

By going through this explanation of the technique above, you’ll be able to find the answer to your question, “How do I sync videos and audio on my phone?”

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How to fix YouTube audio and video sync on Android

When it comes to viewing content on YouTube, one of the most frequently asked topics is “How do you perfectly sync audio and video?” Listed below are potential solutions to the issue:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap App management > App settings
  • Or tap Apps & notifications > All apps
  • Scroll down to locate the YouTube app
  • Press it and tap on Force Stop OK
  • Click on Storage > Clear cache

Reboot the device. You can restart the system to eliminate any temporary glitches or errors and potentially resolve the synchronisation issue when playing YouTube videos.

Stop the YouTube application. If the first technique does not resolve the issue, you can force-quit the application and erase its cache:

This tip on how to synchronise audio and video on an Android device might occasionally resolve issues with the YouTube app.

The problem could be with the video being played. Consider viewing different YouTube videos to determine if the audio and visual lag issue is app-wide or exclusive to a particular video. You can also verify that your mobile Internet connection is functioning properly. Additionally, consider modifying the playback quality.

The Best Tools to Sync Audio and Video

VLC, Avidemux, and VirtualDub are among the most effective solutions for eliminating audio and video latency issues in your videos.

How to sync audio and video in Android phone with VLC (Windows, macOS, Linux)

  • Transfer the video in question to your laptop
  • Open VLC
  • Select the video you just transferred
  • Press Tools Preferences
  • On the Preferences page, click on Audio > All
  • Enter Audio desynchronization compensation
  • Adjust the positive or negative value (measured in ms) so that it can match the audio to your video
  • Press Save
  • Transfer it back to your phone ensuring VLC for Android is your default video player

How to sync audio and video in Android phone with Avidemux (Windows, macOS, Linux)

  • Transfer the video in question to your laptop
  • Play it using Avidemux
  • Go to Audio output in the left column
  • Tick the box Displace
  • Choose the delay or advance you prefer for the video
  • Press File menu Save

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Wrapping up

Why are the audio and video out of sync when watching videos on your smartphone? There are numerous causes for this issue, including hard disc bad sectors, viruses, and other malware.

By understanding how to synchronise audio and video on an Android phone, you will be able to resolve the issue. VLC, Avidemux, and others are some of the most useful tools available. These applications are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. This lesson also includes helpful advice on how to correct audio and visual out-of-sync issues in MP4 videos.


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