How to Send a Fax From your iPhone?

You need to send a fast document to someone who insists on receiving it through fax, but you no longer have access to a fax machine and don’t necessarily want the complexity of an efax software. Thankfully, sending a fax with an iPhone is simple. There’s no need for a fax machine or fax number. This is how.

Figure A

The Fax from iPhone app is easy to learn and features a clean interface.

Download the free Fax from iPhone app from Municorn, as shown in Figure A. The bulk of the nearly 228,000 ratings for this episode are five stars.

Next, select your subscription type. The iPhone fax application is free, but you must pay to send a fax.

As is the case with so many software items, the app no longer permits the purchase of credits. A subscription is now necessary. Three alternatives exist. A weekly subscription costs $9.99 and can be cancelled at any time. A monthly subscription costs $24.99. Those who frequently send iPhone faxes can also choose a $99.99 annual plan. Actual transactions are processed through your iTunes account.

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Figure B

Fax from iPhone permits selecting from three different subscription options.


To purchase a subscription, hit the Info tab in the lower right corner of the fax app. As depicted in Figure B, press the blue Buy Subscription button when the information page loads.

Unfortunately, prices are no longer as reasonable as they once were. Historically, faxing a single page cost approximately 10 credits. Any previously acquired credits will stay until they have been utilised. Because 250 credits previously cost $9.99, the developer must assume that customers are willing to pay about ten dollars to send a few iPhone faxes per month. While that’s not a bad deal, if you send faxes more frequently than once or twice per week, an actual fax machine may be a better choice.

Figure C

Several options are available for faxing a document, including using the iPhone’s camera to scan the actual pages, loading the file from another app or locating the document within your iCloud account.

If you just sometimes transmit faxes from your iPhone, the subscription model should still function effectively. When you no longer require fax service, remember to terminate the subscription.

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While iPhone faxing is more expensive than mailing the same document, it is much more convenient than having to find an envelope, address it, purchase a stamp, place the stamp on the envelope, find a mailbox, mail the envelope, and then wait two or three days for the information to arrive. Despite the fact that faxing has been mostly superseded by email, secure online file-sharing, and encrypted email, faxing still serves numerous uses.

Tap the blue Add Image or Document button to indicate the document to be faxed. As seen in Figure C, the New Fax window will display after the button is pressed.

There are numerous methods for locating or scanning the document to fax. The application enables scanning the document, selecting a file to fax from another application, and locating the file in your iCloud account. You can also use Notes to scan the document page or pages you need to send, then save the note to Files and select iCloud to upload it to iCloud.

Alternately, many apps (including Microsoft Word and Apple Pages) allow you to open the file you wish to fax and select the Send a Copy or Share option to select sending the file with another app, from which you can select Fax from iPhone. Alternatively, you can locate the file you desire to fax using the iPhone’s Files app, then choose the appropriate file and select the Fax app option.

When you are ready to send the fax from your iPhone, enter the recipient’s fax number in the Send To area. Tap the blue Send button then. Once the fax has been successfully sent, confirmation will display in the Sent Faxes tab.

The Fax from iPhone application enables faxing from an iPhone in over 90 countries. The application also enables users to combine numerous documents into a single fax message, preview faxes before sending them, and transfer a variety of files (PDFs, Word documents, JPGs, and more) from a variety of document sources (including Box, Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive).

While you probably don’t want to use the app to scan and send faxes for multiple pages, at least if the file isn’t already scanned, the app is a simple and inexpensive way to forward the occasional agreements and files that I seem to encounter once every six months and for which iPhone faxing excels.


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