How to Dial an Extension on iPhone: A Complete Guide

how to dial an extension

I get tired of calling people who have an extension added to their phone numbers. But since most companies route calls to different departments through a phone number, it’s pretty much guaranteed if you need to reach them or a friend who works there.

You’ll learn how to dial an extension on an iPhone, which is a good thing. I’ll also show you how to save the target contact as an extension so that you don’t have to add the extra numbers every time you want to call them again.

How to Dial an Extension on Your iPhone

It’s easy to dial an extension on your iPhone. Just follow these steps and you should be good to go:

  1. Launch the Dialer app and open the keypad
  2. Input the original phone number you intend to dial
  3. Next, long-press the * key (Asterisk) till a comma appears next to the numbers you’ve pressed. The comma denotes a pause and signals to your phone that you’re dialing an extension
  4. Now, press the extension number next to the comma
  5. Next, press the green phone button to reach the person you intend to call directly
  6. Alternatively, if you prefer the pause to be longer than two seconds for ‘Wait-to-Dial,’ erase the extension and comma from earlier
  7. This time, long-press the # button till a semicolon (;) appears next to the original phone number
  8. Now, input the extension and dial the numbers altogether

That’s all. It couldn’t be easier to dial a number on your iPhone. But if you don’t want to have to type in the extra numbers every time you need to reach a friend through an extension, you can just save the phone number as an extension. This lesson will show you how to do that.

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How to Save an Extension to Your Contact List

You can modify an existing contact and save it as an extension for future purposes. To do this,

  • Launch the Contacts app on your iPhone or swipe to Contacts from the Phone app
  • Scroll to the existing contact you intend to save as an extension and select it
  • Tap Edit on the contact information screen
  • Next, in the middle of the screen, tap the phone number you’re adding an extension to. Alternatively, you can dial the plus (+) icon to add a new phone number which includes the extension, without altering the original
  • Once you’ve tapped the phone number, tap the keypad symbols and select Pause
  • Enter the extension next to the comma
  • Finally, select Done at the top-right corner of the screen to save all changes.

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Final Notes

That’s all there is to it when using your iPhone to call an extension. With the help of the above tutorial, you shouldn’t have to enter extra numbers every time you want to call a friend with an extension. It’s that simple.

You can also use the area below for comments if you need more help. Follow the instructions on How to Delete Contacts on iPhone if you ever need to get rid of a contact on your phone, whether it’s an extension or a normal phone number.

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