How to automatically hide the taskbar on Windows 10

Windows operating system evolved over the years, and the official developers are continuing the traditional features in the next generation. Several traditional features like the start menu, taskbar, windows titles, etc. embracing the consumers. Windows has one of the intuitive features is taskbar, and you can customize it to make it look better.

What is Windows Taskbar?

The software company developed the operating system decades ago to revolutionize computing and home computing. No one can deny that the innovative functions developed for home users rather than business people. The company slowly shifted focus on business people requirements as well, but they managed to keep the traditional features in it as well.

In coming years, the company introduced various packages such as Basic, Home, Premium, Enterprise, Server, Professional, etc. series. Each series had the taskbar regardless of the build version and addition to customize it.

How to hide Windows Taskbar Automatically?

Hiding the taskbar is not a complicated task because the developers maintained the traditional look until Windows 7. The latest edition of Windows 10 changed a lot like the company thriving to shift the control panel functions to settings.

Slowly, Microsoft changing the habitual pattern from the control panel to settings in the latest edition. You can find the taskbar options in Windows 10 settings, and we are going to take a quick look at it.

Step 1: Click on the start button, and then hit on the gear icon to access the Windows 10 settings.

Hide the taskbar in windows 10

Step 2: You will find several options in the settings function, but click on the “Personalization” to view the taskbar options.

Hide the taskbar in windows 10

Step 3: At the bottom, you have the taskbar options, and click on it to view more options.

hide the windows taskbar

Step 4: You have two options

  1. Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
  2. Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

Click on the “enable” button to start hiding the taskbar in desktop mode. If you are using a tablet or portable touch device, then the tablet mode can come in handy.

Hide the taskbar in windows 10

Why my personalization options are grayed out?

Your copy of Windows is not activated.

hide the taskbar in windows 10

The consumers have to spend at least $100 or so to purchase the license key and activate it.

The official company Microsoft is known for licensing the original copy of Windows OS for a price tag. Over the years, the company understood that millions of people are using pirated Windows OS. The strategy management thrived on fighting against piracy and infected Windows OS.

Consumers can access 99% of the features of the Windows 10 operating system.

The 1% of functions restricted is personalization and user accounts functions.

  1. You cannot change the color of tiles, windows, and taskbar.
  2. Add a profile picture to the account.
  3. A transparent watermark at the bottom of the Windows 10 to remind consumers.
  4. Fonts are disabled as well.
  5. An un-activated Windows cannot experience start menu customizations.

I have listed a few disabled functions in a non-activated operating system.


The limitations of “not activated” Windows 10 can rip off the customizations functionalities.

On eBay, you can purchase lifetime validity Windows 10 license key for $5.

Hiding the taskbar improves the visual experience because you have more space to add. The hiding feature is a handy function when editing a video or working on graphics designing as it requires a lot of screen space.

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