Best ways to Get Grammarly Premium for free

Almost all of us have at one point faced difficulties with grammar and phrasing sentences. Especially when you are typing because it is extremely hard to focus on simple grammar when you are doing that and we have struggled for a long time with it. But some years ago an application was launched which could help all of us with our grammar problems from simple issues like tenses to complex issues like structuring a sentence. Grammarly has helped millions of people with their profession made them an expert in English, written communication especially.

Why you should get Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly offers to help us with our grammar-related problems. You can always take up a free trial for Grammarly but why is it necessary for you to get Grammarly premium? If you are a working professional then you should get Grammarly premium because the free trial only corrects normal mistakes in your article, but premium Grammarly helps you correct very complex mistakes and hone your English to perfection. 

Why get Grammarly premium for free?

Grammarly premium as said correct complex mistakes in your grammar and perfect your sentence. Unfortunately, this one, similar to all other premium services costs a lot of money. There are various plans which you could choose from but it costs $11 a month at least making it quite expensive. More expensive than some streaming services out there! So due to this reason, many people are forced to use Grammarly premium for free mostly because they are not able to afford it. Especially if you are a professional or someone who is studying then Grammarly premium will be extremely valuable for you. So you how can you get Grammarly premium for free? That is what we are going to discuss in this article today, how to get it for free

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Sign up for a free trial of Grammarly premium

This is the simplest possible method. Similar to many other services out there Grammarly offers you a free trial of their premium version for a period of one week. You can use Grammarly’s premium service for free for a period of one week. After that period ends you have two choices, either you can pay for the premium service, or what you can do is create another email ID and get the premium service for that ID for a week. You can continue doing this for as long as you require Grammarly premium. The only tricky part here will be creating the email IDs and everything else can be done pretty easily.

Sponsored posts 

It is possible! In case you are reviewing Grammarly premium on your website you can always email them about the post that you are going to do, a possible draft, and request them a Grammarly premium account for free a token for your sponsored post.

For this, though you must have used the free service at least for a week and should disclose about it providing some detail, it will be easy for them. This method completely depends upon your email writing skills and how good you are at writing reviews. There are many people who have a site and have gotten Grammarly premium for free using this method.

Facebook communities for Grammarly premium

Even though downloading a pirated version for Grammarly premium would do good it won’t be as good and you may get an actual premium account. For this, you can get the credentials of a Grammarly account. In order to get it, you should search for Facebook groups that provide such premium credentials for free or for an extremely low cost. Once you are accepted into the group it completely depends on how well you interact with people. Most of the Facebook groups provide those IDs for a lesser cost which can be beneficial for you.


Grammarly premium is one of the best services out there who are writing as a major part of their working or day to routine. If your day to day life involves writing then you must get Grammarly premium for sure. We would suggest you go for paid service if you can afford it because it is much better than any other alternatives through other means. Getting Grammarly premium service for free can be good but you may face some problems which you need not if you avail of the paid one directly from Grammarly.

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