The 12 Best Gorilla Tag Mods [2023]

Who among us hasn’t fantasised about life as a gorilla? Watching television, destroying objects, and playing tag… Gorilla Tag VR offers the solution. As a gorilla, it is playing tag in the treetops. The Oculus and PC versions support crossplay, leaving no monkey behind.

Top Gorilla Tag Mods, Ranked

This game is difficult to modify if you’re using the Oculus Rift. Because of this and the difficulties of customising it, the PC version has an EXTREMELY limited selection.

This list comprises nearly all widely available mods.

12. International Space Station

International Space Station

As anyone who has played Gorilla Tag will tell, the game is all about maximising your use of the environment.

Whether you’re swinging from tree branches, hopping across roofs, or even slipping through tunnels, each new environment offers an entirely new set of opportunities to outwit your opponents and achieve victory.

What could be more fascinating or exhilarating than a monke mod map of the International Space Station? This map takes Gorilla tag TO SPACE!

This is one of our favourite Gorilla Tag mods due to its compatibility with the game’s absurdity. Then why are you still waiting? Prepare for some intense excitement with a game of gorilla tag in space TODAY.

11. New York City Map

There are millions of people walking and filling the streets of New York City, with automobiles, buses, and masses of people at every turn.

The only thing lacking from this concrete jungle is GORILLAS!

This map depicts a metropolis inspired by New York City, one of the most recognisable American cities.

You are given a map of the city’s prominent landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, and your objective is to locate each one.

With so much terrain to traverse, this is one of the most engaging ways to tour New York City. Sorta.

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10. Bikini Bottom

Bikini Bottom

This map depicts the Bikini Bottom neighbourhood where the Krusty Krab is located. According to the creator, the show is “SpongeBob, but in monke.”

Gorilla Tag is not played for cutting-edge immersion, but for laughter and good times. This is one of the best Gorilla Tag mods for a night of laughter with your monkey buddies.

9. Super Mario 64 Minecraft

This modification for Gorilla Tag transports your ape squad to the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario 64, if it had been created in Minecraft. That’s a three-game inception, for those keeping score.

Along with the surrounding lovely meadows and trees, Peach’s magnificent castle and moat bridge may be seen in all their splendour.

This blocky, modified environment is definitely worth a few hours of your time, despite the absence of stars and bananas.

8. Gorilla Texturepacks

Texturepacks enable you to express yourself with your new ape avatar. This amusingly goofy game is not renowned for its clean graphics and great art direction, but the visuals are entertaining.

This basic hack allows you to directly alter the game’s few textures. Since Gorilla Tag is not a particularly complex game, neither are the mods. Try out various colour and texture combinations to be the gorilla ball’s belle.

Or just make boards look like iron and leaves look like roof tiles, your decision. In the end, it will resemble Gorilla Tag.

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7. MonkeModManager


This basic Mod Manager for Gorilla Tag installs and updates a handful of modules hand-picked by the developer, DeadlyKitten.

By utilising the GitHub API, this mod will automatically retrieve the most recent versions from their respective repositories.

There are a few mods that are exclusively accessible via this manager. Due to the fact that they are maintained by players as a labour of love, mods may become obsolete or malfunction without notice or a timely patch.

6. MonkeTV

Assume the role of Monke and watch television as a VR gorilla with the MonkeTV mod. Transform the game into a rudimentary version of VR Chat and relax with the gang.

This mod by fchb1239 allows you to load your own videos or YouTube videos and watch them while playing Gorilla Tag with your closest monkey buddies. Banish VR movie viewings to the bush!

Unfortunately, we cannot stream YouTube or Netflix directly from the game… yet. Science will succeed.

5. Long Arms Mod

Long Arms permits the combination of Gorilla Tag with that one Nintendo game that only three people played, Arms.

Installing this mod transforms the bare arms of your primate’s avatar into extended weapons. Tag champions can extend their arms by pushing the trigger (or designated button) and retract them by pressing the grip button.

In competitive tag, whether Gorilla or otherwise, arm extension abilities are frowned upon. Ensure that you are playing with monkeys who also enjoy mods.

4. Air Jump

Your gorilla can travel where no gorilla has travelled before using AirJump!

This modification allows you to fly in Gorilla Tag. It functions by creating minuscule platforms beneath your ape-like hands as you lift yourself into the sky. It is both amusing to see and useful for playing with.

This is another mod from fchb1239’s GitHub that is quite brilliant. They are THE (nearly only) modder of this VR game, doing the task of Gorilla God for fun.

3. Smooth Turn Mod

Download Smooth Turn to make movement in Gorilla Tag simpler. Smooth Turn is a simple mod with a straightforward purpose.

Conduct in the game of Flying Squirrel Tag can be slippery and buoyant. This modification enhances the player’s control and precision in this fast-paced minigame.

In any case, VR controls are notoriously unstable; every amount of consistency is appreciated.

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2. Screw Gravity

This patch allows the player to alter a number of gravity-specific properties. What has gravity ever done for the enormous ape population of the jungle?

Monke engage in tag, have extendable arms, and now control gravity. In Gorilla Tag, the potential of gorillas is limitless. It’s just like real life. You can even freeze yourself in midair and activate and deactivate the mod on the fly.

Gorilla Tag’s game modes, quests, and minigames can all benefit from gravity adjustments.

1. Eyerock Mod Menu for Gorilla Tag


The Eyerock Mod Menu is the most extensive and extensive mod on our list.

With a selection of mods in one convenient package, Gorilla Tag gamers can perform a variety of actions with this mod.

Become a car maniac, toggle a speed increase, customise all aesthetic characteristics, and more. Some of the mods in this menu are no longer available in standalone versions.

Avoid online gaming and public lobbies when using this modification. Private lobbies are secure if you are acquainted with the other apes in the room.


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