Best 5 Free VPN for Firestick

VPN is a powerful tool for every single digital person in the world, and it signifies freedom of expression under the digital category. Amazon has launched Firestick long ago to offer wider services of entertainment from a USB stick to television. The smart USB stick offering features of entertainment such as videos, music, movies, shows, and more. The Firestick supports advanced features as well that millions of experts can use to improve the overall experience.

What is a VPN?

Some of the readers may have landed on the page randomly, or a friend might have suggested them, but the folks are not sure about it. If you are one of those millennial, then we are going to explain VPN in-depth. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it is a protocol Army, Veterans, Digital marketers, Privacy invaders, and Press people are using it today.

VPN is a physical server located in a specific country such as the United States America. The VPN server configured using the local ISP, so it has dedicated IP address from the USA. Download the VPN service client on your computer or portable device, and then you can connect to the VPN server located in the United States America.

Assuming that you are trying to watch a movie from Example country, but it is unavailable in your region, and then connects to the VPN location. Your web browser data will be sent to the VPN server; then it will pretend as a person and tell the website I am accessing the within USA limits.

A VPN server hides the consumer original IP address and masks it with physical server local IP address. No one can trace the users back including the Government and Army officials.

It is a powerful tool that liberates freedom of expression and protects people from regime oppression.

Is using a VPN in Firestick Legal?

Amazon Firestick authority never stated that VPN is banned or not legal.

In short, there is no harm in using a legit VPN service to use Firestick services. Keep an eye on the policies because the major companies have a weird habit of changing the policies with time.

Let’s rephrase the question to “is VPN legal to use freely?

VPN services are banned in several countries including Russia. Only Government officials in Russia are allowed to use the Virtual Private Network services to maintain the secrecy and privacy of the confidential documents.

Google “VPN banned countries” and you can find the list of the countries banned VPN usage and services. It might sound crazy, but the regime has also laid down punishments to the masses that create, distribute, use, and resell the VPN services.

Fortunately, democratic countries like India, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, China, Indonesia, and other countries do not believe in the oppressed digital era.

I am listing down 100% free and limited-free VPN in the list as well. I will mention, which VPN service is offering limitations and keep an eye on it.

1. Windscribe

My first pick is Windscribe as it is offering 10 GB of free data every single month after entering a valid email address. The company is aiming to offer a free plan for everyone entering valid details such as name, and email address. Windscribe developers are trying to achieve greater popularity by adding a free plan.


  1. The developers stated that they are AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key to protecting the users.
  2. Download the Android app, iOS App, browser extension, Windows client and Mac OS X client.
  3. The IP address does not change as they are using a static IP address.
  4. A secure connection generated to keep the trackers and harmful sites to track the users back.
  5. 50+ locations to connect and surf anonymously.

Download Windscribe

2. VPN

The company managing developed the services for those, who want to protect themselves from data selling agents. The international level VPN Service Company is offering a wide range of services to freebies and premium consumers.


  1. Surf online without getting traced with the protection of AES-256 encryption with an 8192-bit key.
  2. A country diminishing rights of Freedom of speech is no longer an issue with hiding. Me VPN.
  3. Are you connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, and then try to protect yourself.
  4. You can connect to multiple countries servers, and start watching restricted videos online.
  5. The browsing history is not recorded so that no one can tell the story about the past.


3. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear is a premium VPN service company, and there is a free plan offering 500 MB + 1 GB data (after tweeting) available to new customers. The developers invented GhostBear, which breaks the firewall of websites that blocked a VPN server. Many people are trying to watch Netflix videos, and you can give it a shot using GhostBear feature.


  1. A strong open-source AES 256-bit encryption protection enabled to keep the users from getting the track back.
  2. The free plan includes 500 MB data, and you can get an extra 1 GB data by tweeting the TunnelBear brand.
  3. Users can add five devices from the same account.
  4. Speaking devices, you can install TunnelBear on Windows PC, Mac PC, iOS smartphones, Android, and Browsers.
  5. Safe Wi-Fi protection with good downloads & uploads speed.
  6. The company added Virtual Private Networks in 20+ countries.

Download TunnelBear

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4. IPVanish (not free)

We had to add IPVanish to the list because it is a world class premium VPN service available for everyone. You can expect premium features from the IPVanish team, and they are evolving the product again and again.


  1. Connect to 1200+ physical servers in 60+ countries, and 40,000 shared IP address to mask the consumers.
  2. Industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to protect the users.
  3. The company does not store any web history or logs.
  4. Unlimited bandwidth with anonymous torrenting.
  5. The company is offering OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols.
  6. 24/7 customer support including a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Try IPVanish

5. Express VPN (not free)

Express VPN is a world-renowned solution for Amazon Firestick, and you can subscribe to the premium plan to start using it.


  1. 160 VPN physical servers around the (90 countries) globe to give more control to the users.
  2. The company allows P2P / BitTorrent.
  3. The download and upload speed do not disappoint the users at all.
  4. The developers are utilizing standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys.
  5. No web history recorded, logs, and activity logs recorded.
  6. Advanced features to mask the user’s IP address.

Try Express VPN


VPN is a powerful tool to express freedom around the globe, and it should not be used for evil purpose. Keep an eye on the Amazon Firestick policies to avoid illegal usage and ensure that you are not violating the service terms. Let us know what do you think about the Free VPN for Firestick in the comment section below.

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