Fix the privacy error in Chrome that says “your connection is not private

Privacy error in chrome

Sometimes we get a message saying “your connection is not private” and it really frustrates us. We get scared because there are many other hackers out there who prey on people’s information. This is why as soon as this message comes we should try our best to solve it because privacy errors should never be ignored and must be attended to as soon as possible.

This occurs mostly because of SSL errors. SSL is short for Secure sockets layer that is responsible for the protection of our information. If you get an SSL error along with a privacy error message then it means that your browser is not allowing the system to load that page to protect you from harm. There are three main reasons for such errors: The third party has not issued an SSL certificate yet, The certificate hasn’t been updated or the connection between browser and website is not secure.

The problem is easy to solve, in this article we are going to look at various ways in which privacy error message in chrome can be solved when your connection is not private.

Check whether the date and time is correct

Simple and silly isn’t it? Yes, but the date and time in your system plays a huge role than just displaying the date. Your system performs various activities depending upon the date and time that has been entered in the system. In case there are mistakes in it then your browser will take decisions and redirect you accordingly. In many systems, a privacy error message pops up because of this simple issue. 

Checking the antivirus software

Connection is not private

It is your antivirus software that protects us from all kinds of threats such as malware, trojans, viruses, including cyber errors. It is the anti-virus software that protects your system from such online cyber-attacks so in case there is a privacy error message or connection is not private message pops up then we must check out antivirus software. 

Go to your settings and enable HTTPS scanning. If the site has HTTPS in its link, only then it will be allowed to load. HTTPS indicates that the site is secure and does not have any threats. The privacy error message will mostly go away once you enable this.

Cleaning cache and history in chrome browser

Sometimes due to overload of cache and history, chrome may start acting up and our best solution is just to clear the cache and history of chrome browser. You can do it by going to the settings, go to privacy and security, and clear cache and history. This will not only solve privacy errors in chrome but many other errors such as autocomplete not working. Cleaning your browser cache from time to time can avoid various errors. 

Check-in with the site

If the SSL certificate belongs to the same domain that you are trying to check-in then the privacy error message does not really matter. You can directly proceed to the website as we will be assured that the connection is secure. This kind of error gets solved by itself in meantime. You can proceed by clicking advance when the connection is not private message pops up and click on the proceed option. It will show that the connection is unsafe but as we know that the certificate belongs to the domain, we can log in without hesitation.

Prevent the message from popping up

It would be great if we can prevent the error message from popping up again and again right? Then we can disable the error message and it won’t pop up thereafter.

  • Enter chrome://flags in the top search bar and press enter
  • You will see an option that says remember decisions to proceed through SSL errors for a specified length of time.
  • Click on the drop-down menu that selects the setting according to your desire.
  • Next time when such privacy error/connection is not private message pops up, just click on advanced and proceed to the site.


This error is something we need not much to worry about. The problem is either with the site itself or it is with our antivirus software. Once the site gets an SSL certificate and we enable settings in our antivirus software, everything will be alright. Just keep in mind not to ignore the message and take appropriate measures quickly. . 

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