Best Ways to Fix the Failed to Obtain IP Address Error on Android

WiFi is an indispensable piece of our lives, similar to power and different wares. We depend on it to get to the Internet consistently, regardless of whether it’s for work or delight. Consequently, having a non-working association can be unimaginably baffling and may even cost you cash. 

The failure to obtain an IP address message is an issue that plagues numerous clients of a wide range of Android adaptations. Except if you fix it, you will not have the option to interface with the Internet. In this article, we’ll clarify why the blunder happens and how to function around it. 

What Does Failed to Obtain IP Address Meaurfboard, lean? 

You may experience the failed to get IP address mistake when you endeavor to set up an association with a WiFi organization. As you most likely definitely know, all associating gadgets are allocated an Internet Protocol (IP) address by a switch. 

An IP address should be gotten by your gadget so that it’s ready to associate with a switch. In any case, this blunder demonstrates that it can’t, consequently leaving you incapable to jump on the WiFi organization. Here are a couple of basic reasons why that occurs: 

  • Gadget or programming design issues 
  • Frail WiFi signal 
  • Enacted MAC separating. Your gadget’s address may not be whitelisted on networks that require whitelisted MAC addresses. 
  • Your gadget doesn’t work as expected with the picked encryption type. 
  • Switch issues. It could either be breaking down or confronting arrangement issues. 

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7 Methods to Fix the Failed to Obtain IP Address Error on Android 

Luckily, the failed to get IP address blunder isn’t convoluted and you can resolve it by utilizing the techniques examined underneath: 

Technique #1 – Forget Network and Reconnect 

Thusly, the switch fails to remember your past association endeavor and starts another interaction to dole out your gadget an IP address. On the off chance that the WiFi association issue is a result of a brief impedance, this should fix it. Simply follow these straightforward advances: 

  • Tap Settings.Failed to get an IP address 
  • Tap Wi-Fi.Failed to Obtain IP Address 
  • At that point, select Remove This Network. Failed to get an IP address 
  • When done, join the WiFi network once more. 

Technique #2 – Give Your Device a Static IP Address 

Since your gadget can’t get an IP address naturally through the switch’s DHCP worker, you can attempt to appoint a static IP address physically. Be that as it may, this fix is transitory as you’ll have to reconfigure your organization settings, switch off your WiFi, and restart your cell phone each time you interface with another organization. 

  • To allot a static IP address, follow these means: 
  • Tap Settings.Failed to get an IP address 
  • Tap Wi-Fi.Failed to Obtain IP Address 
  • At that point, select Remove This Network. Failed to get an IP address 
  • Presently, tap the IP Settings drop-down and pick Static. 
  • Failed to get IP address 5. From the IP address field, change the last three quantities of your IP address to anything from 2 to 225. 

Technique #3 – Change the Encryption Method 

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) now and again doesn’t work as expected with Android cell phones. Consequently, your smartest option is to switch between them, by getting to the settings in the switch’s web interface. 

Explore the security segment and search for a field named Encryption Method, Encryption Mode, or something like that. Whenever you’re finished changing the setting, reconnect to your WiFi network as per technique #1. 

Technique #4 – Restart Your Mobile Device or Router 

This direct strategy should work if the WiFi association issue is because of some product struggle or glitch. Each switch has a control interface, so the way toward restarting it very well may be unique. Ordinarily, what works is entering your switch’s IP in a program to get to the control board. 

Once signed in, you can restart your switch from that point. All things considered, hold down the force button for a couple of moments. From the rundown of alternatives, select “Force Off.” Then walk out. 

Technique #5 – Disable MAC Filtering 

Your MAC address is a remarkable number that is allotted to the PC equipment when associating with an organization. The MAC channel just permits whitelisted MAC addresses for interfacing, and your address may not be in the rundown. 

This may bring about you getting impeded on certain destinations, so a decent choice is to handicap MAC sifting by signing into your switch interface and flip the “Incapacitate/Enable MAC Filtering” alternative. 

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Technique #6 – Turn Airplane Mode On and Off 

A standalone mode, otherwise called flight mode, detaches you from your versatile information and Wi-Fi, while simultaneously restarting telephone settings after empowering and afterward handicapping. Subsequently, in the event that you are confronting some product conveyances, swipe down from the highest point of your screen, and hit the “Plane” mode button. At that point hit it again to flip it off. 

Technique #7 – Do a Factory Data Reset 

In the event that all the above strategies neglect to fix the issue, the best arrangement is to consider playing out a piece of factory information reset to switch all center capacities back to their default settings. This choice will likewise eradicate everything from your telephone, taking it back to its “factory state”. Therefore, while doing a factory information rest, try to back up any significant records, and afterward follow the means beneath: 

  • Go to Settings on your Android cell phone.
  • Select System and explore Advanced Options.
  • Snap the Reset Options tab and select Erase All Data (Factory Reset). 
  • You will get a brief requesting affirmation.


This concludes our guide about android failure to obtain IP address messages and we hope the above-mentioned solutions will solve your problem. Once your problem is solved you can enjoy your WiFi services again and use them in any way you want. If you find this guide helpful, make sure to recommend it to your friends or family if they are facing a similar issue with their internet network and getting wifi failed to obtain IP address message.

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