How To Fix Mobile Network Not Available In Quick Steps

The Current Pandemic has changed our whole lifestyle, our day starts with scrolling Instagram Feed and ends with texting people on Whatsapp and eventually exhausting all the daily data limit. However, I’ve seen people, which includes me as well, getting frustrated and agitated when a small pop-up comes in our Notification Bar that says “Mobile Data not Available“. Now think of it this way, that if I say that this problem can be fixed in seconds with some quick hassle-free steps. 

However, in this blog, we’ll be primarily focusing on two mobile data networks which are both supreme in their existence. First and foremost, we’ll talk about “Sprint Mobile Network” and secondly we’ll talk about “Verizon Mobile Network”. But before going any further in the blog let’s talk about Mobile Data networks. 

Mobile Data Network: A Magnet for Human Race

mobile network not available

A Mobile Data Network is a system or configuration through which your standard mobile phone or smartphone operates. Only those places which come under the purview of “Mobile Coverage Areas”, a mobile network sign can be reflected in your mobile. So it wouldn’t be wrong If I say that if you aren’t living in a suitable area where the coverage is optimum then you are most likely to face some Network Issues or Connection Errors. Let’s see what can be the most probable reasons for your Mobile reflecting the “Mobile Data not Available” sign. 

Probable Reasons behind the Glitch in Availability of Mobile Data (Manual Tricks)

Well out of all there are some reasons which are very often and frequently happen while you use a smartphone.

First and foremost, as I said before if you aren’t staying in a “Mobile Network Coverage Area” and if it is so then you are likely to face frequent fluctuations in your Mobile Network ultimately hanging upon the same tagline “Mobile Network not Available“.

Secondly, if by mistake you’ve made your  “Airplane Mode” On then neither you can use your Mobile Data nor you can make any calls and nor you can receive any calls. The remedy is, you need to Turn Off the Airplane Mode to continue your enjoyment. 

Thirdly, it might sound a little technical, however, this might be the reason as well. While purchasing a new phone you might have seen this feature called APN. Now, this also plays a major role in your Availability of Mobile networks. APN stands for Access Point Name which is defined as the network route for all mobile-data connectivity. If the above-mentioned reasons are struck off and still you are facing the glitch then you may go to the APN Settings in your device and change the APN Protocol to IPv4/IPv6. 

If after all this, the same problem persists then you’ve to Reset your Phone’s Network Settings and Reboot your phone once. If even after all this you aren’t getting the desired results and the pop-up is still there “Mobile Network not Available” then try getting it repaired by the Mobile Technician. 

You may also change the Network Settings from Automatic to Manual by going to Network Settings in your device.  

Sprint Mobile Network

Sprint Mobile Network is a fragment of the “Sprint Corporation” which is the American Telecommunication Company and currently back in 1st April 2020 it had merged with T- Mobile US. Prior to this Merge, Sprint Corporation was the fourth largest network operator in the United States attending to 54.3 million customers as of 30th June 2019.  

The two most commonly used mobile networks are the CDMA and GSM networks. Sprint and Verizon Mobile Network is operated through the CDMA networks. 

Sprint Mobile Network not Available

Sprint Mobile Network operates through CDMA. CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. It is the most recently developed mobile network technology that shows up with a greater capability for data transmission for larger users and customers. 

Verizon Mobile Network not Available

Verizon is an American wireless network operator. The mobile network formerly operated as a distinct division of Verizon Communications under the name of Verizon Wireless. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, with 121.3 million subscribers as of the end of the second quarter of 2021. 

Verizon Mobile Network also operates through CDMA. CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. It is the most recently developed mobile network technology that shows up with a greater capability for data transmission for larger users and customers. 

Now when you are using this Next Generation Mobile Network it isn’t likely if you get some glitches or a pop-up showing “Mobile Network not Available”. What can we do to fix the issue? 

Fix “Sprint and Verizon” Network Unavailability

The Problems are specifically divided into two segments Hardware and Software and both can be solved easily following these quick steps. 

For Hardware Issues:- 

1. When you receive an error message of the mobile network not available, the next step you should follow is to do a manual search of a network, if you still can not detect any network, the issue might persist in your Antenna Switch. The issue can be fixed either by repairing or replacing the Antenna Switch. Even after this if it shows the error messages, like a mobile network is not available, you have to either heat or replace the Antenna Switch. The Alternate option would be, you can use the jumper if the phone’s Antenna Switch is not accessible.

2. If after performing a manual search, you could detect a network but you could not detect the Home Network, the issue persists in the PFO. To solve this issue of the mobile network not available error messages, either you have to repair or replace the PFO. Even after this if the issue persists then you can heat, change or jumper the PFO.

3. If the Network gets disconnected frequently when you are making or receiving phone calls, then either you replace or repair the Network IC and make sure you clean the tips and points of the antenna in your mobile.

4. Even after doing all this you still get the error messages of the mobile network not available, then probably you must try Heating or replacing the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator to fix the problem.

5. The next thing you may prefer doing is heating , re-balling  or replacing the Network IC, Power IC, and CPU. This is a bit technical. 

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For Software Issues

Now many of you have scrolled down because none of the hardware solutions can resolve the problem and the problem still prevails. Now you can Reload PM File on your Mobile, with the help of the Software Box. If you are handling a Made in China Mobile Set where you receive an SOS Call, you can copy the SOS File from the connected significant mobile and reload it in your mobile phone that is getting the error messages of, mobile network not available.


The blog was solely dedicated to the Mobile Network Issues faced by the two giants Sprint Corporation and Verizon. However, those tricks mentioned can be applied to any other Android and iOS backed Mobile phone. Do let us know in the comments section below, what kind of problems you’re facing and did they get resolved through our blog. 

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