How To Fix Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Errors

Many adobe users may receive a pop-up message saying that your version of Adobe software is not genuine. This is a common issue that many adobe users face. This pop up comes to people who use paid versions too. This pop up comes each and every time you open an adobe application which really annoys a lot of people. In this article, we are going to look at how to disable that pop-up in both windows and mac so that we are less annoyed by it. This tutorial is for both those who use paid and pirated versions of Adobe software.

Before following the steps mentioned in the article, make sure that you have a genuine version. Download the latest version from Adobe’s site before making changes.

How to disable Adobe’s “your software is not genuine” pop-up:

Adobe is probably the best suite for everyone, be it design, video editing, or just work. Many people get a message saying “Your version of Adobe software is not genuine” indicating that we are not using the original version. There are some ways to block or disable that pop-up though

Disable the pop-up using service

  1. Click on the search box, type services, and open it
Disable the popup using service
  1. Now, down below click on the standard category
Disable popup service
  1. In the list search and find Adobe genuine software integrity service and right-click on it to open its properties 
  2. Navigate to the general tab and in the startup type option, change it to disabled. And click apply

Disable the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity using task manager

  1. Open the search box and type task manager or just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open task manager
Disable the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity using task manager
  1. Search for Adobe genuine software integrity in the list of apps that are running. Right-click on it and select the open file location option
  2. Open AdobeGCIClient file and go back to task manager
  3. Right-click on the select end task option in the bottom right corner. Once you do this you can completely delete the folder too. Now you will have disabled Adobe genuine software integrity

How to disable Adobe genuine software integrity pop up in Mac

Disabling Adobe genuine software integrity in Mac is far easier than you expect and can be done quite easily. Follow the steps down below to disable Adobe’s software integrity message in Mac OS

1. Open Finder and go to the Library folder on your device. If you are not able to find the library folder then do not panic because in some recent updates it has become tough to find the library folder in the finder. So if you are not able to, then navigate to the Go tab and type ~/Library

2. Click on the application support option and click on Adobe. Now, click on AdobeGCCClinet to open it.

3. Delete the folder and also make sure that you delete it from the trash. This is how you disable Adobe genuine software integrity in Mac OS


This Adobe pop-up comes up sometimes even if you use the paid version but before following the steps above make sure that your adobe software updated with the recent ones. This will mostly eliminate issues. If it is not resolved even after that then you can follow the above steps.

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