Filerepmalware: What Is It And How To Remove It

Recently many users have been coming across a malware called filerepmalware which no one has heard about before and has started picnicking. In this article, we are going to look at what is filerepmalware, why does it occur, and how to remove it.

What is Filerepmalware?

Filerepmalware is just a tag that is assigned by many antivirus software. Antivirus software assigns a tag to each file for better classification and filerepmalware is one of them. The tag is given when windows are activated without purchasing the license key or the OS. People use KMSPICO to activate windows without purchasing a license for it so the filerepmalware is mostly associated with KMSPICO files. 

How does this occur? 

This completely depends upon the virus software you use and they have certain criterias for tagging a file. In the case of filerepmalware, there are the factors why third party antivirus softwares allot these tags:

  1. The file is not included in the antivirus’ cleanest so such a tag is allotted to the file
  2. If the file does not have any signature from any publisher or if the antivirus does not trust the signature. It may think that the file is a counterfeit or the software is pirated. 
  3. The file is completely new. If the antivirus has not come across such a file before if not many users have used this file so it is not prevalent enough then it may tag such unknown and unidentifiable file with fileremalware tag
  4. The domain from which you download the file is not prevalent enough, the antivirus has not come across this before so it tags the file with filerepmalware as a precaution.

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Should you be worried about this threat?

This is the question you obviously came for. Your third-party antivirus software is giving a new malware threat and it is pretty common to be scared of it. 

The truth is you need not worry about filerepmalware threats almost all the time because these antiviruses software are extremely cautious and they tag files with malware tags. Many times they are known to give false-positive alerts. 

Even the reputation of the threat is low and need not be considered as an active threat or potential major threat. You can always test the false positive alert given by your antivirus by custom scanning it and see how much of a threat it is. 

These alerts are mostly given by Avast antivirus as it is pretty cautious and will tag everything.

This issue mostly occurs if you are using a cracked application. If you are using a pirated software or a pirated game then your antivirus will for sure tag these files with filerepmalware tag.

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How do you remove filerepmalware?

There are two things you can do depending upon the outcome of the scan you perform. Filerepmalware, even though is not a huge threat, it is always best to take the necessary steps and actions just to be safe.

  1. If you are using a pirated software or pirated game and your antivirus is tagging those files with filerepmalware then you can add those files to the list which are considered safe by the antivirus. If you approve that these files are safe and not threats then the antivirus will automatically stop alerting you.
  1. In case you think the threat has some potential that may affect your computer then you can delete the file completely. This will remove the file from the system and the antivirus will not remind you of the malware threats constantly. 


Filerepmalware is a common threat that is mostly faced by users of avast antivirus. Even the level of threat is pretty low so you have nothing to be afraid of. In case you are sure that you do not have any pirated files or unfamiliar files the alert still pops up then it is always safe to check them and verify whether it is a potential threat.

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