How to Download Reels Video from Facebook?

facebook reels video download

You might have seen the “Reels and Short Videos” section in your Facebook News Feed. Well, you can watch Instagram Reels on Facebook and make them in the Facebook app.

Also, the Menu tab now has a “Reels” tab and several other shortcuts. You can also let other Instagram users share your reels on Facebook. This means that both reels made on Facebook and reels made on Instagram will now be shown on Facebook.

People who like watching short funny videos might want to download funny Facebook reels. You might want to download a reel if you want to watch it outside of the Facebook app or add it to your story.

No matter what you want to do with someone else’s reels, neither Instagram nor Facebook has an official way to add them to your gallery.

How to Download Facebook Reels Video with Music

  1. Go to the “Reels” section in the Facebook app and find the reel you want to download. To find reels posted by you, tap your profile at the top-right corner and view the ‘My Reels‘ tab.
  2. Tap the ellipsis button (3-dot icon) at the bottom-right corner.facebook reels video download
  3. Select “Copy link“.facebook reels video download
  4. Visit an online video downloader website like (or use the one you prefer).
  5. Paste the link in the Facebook Video Link field and hit “Download“.facebook reels video download
  6. Long-press the ‘Download Video in HD Quality‘ link and select ‘Download Linked File’ to save the reel.
  7. After downloading is over, open the Files app and navigate to “Downloads”.
  8. Open the reel file that you downloaded and tap the “Share” button.facebook reels video download
  9. Tap “Save Video” to save the Facebook reel video to the Photos app.

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Easy Way to Download Your Own Reels from Facebook

Few people know that the Facebook app has a built-in way to download your own Reels video.

The only bad thing about this method is that reels that use music from Facebook or Instagram’s music library can’t be saved with music. But reels that have their original sound will be saved to your camera roll with music.

To get your reels from Facebook, follow the steps below. All done. Now that the reel is on your phone, you can look at it in the gallery or Photos app.

  1. Open the Menu tab in the Facebook app and tap the “Reels” shortcut.reels tab in Facebook app
  2. Tap your Facebook profile picture in the upper-right corner.
  3. Under ‘My Reels‘, open the reel video you want to download.find your published reels on Facebook
  4. Tap the ellipsis button (3-dot icon) in the lower-right corner.
  5. Select the “Download reel” to download your own reels from Facebook

That’s it. The reel will now be on your phone’s local storage and you can view it in the gallery or Photos app.

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