Essexrentcafe.Securecafe.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Looking at the traffic statistics for, it’s clear that the site is doing well in terms of traffic. But how does it compare to other sites in terms of market share? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at’s traffic analytics and market share, and see how it stacks up against the competition.

Essexrentcafe.Securecafe.Com Traffic Statistics Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb is a website that provides traffic statistics and market share data. The website is operated by SecureCafe, Inc., a company that provides online security solutions. offers a variety of features to users, including the ability to view traffic statistics and market share data. The website also allows users to create an account and login to view their own personal traffic statistics and market share data. is a website that provides rental information for apartments in Essex County, NJ. The website allows users to search for available apartments by location, price, and amenities. traffic ranks 6th in the United States and 4th in New Jersey with an average of 3 million monthly unique visitors. In the past year, has experienced a Traffic Rank score of +33% and a Market Share score of +0%.

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Essexrentcafe.Securecafe.Com Market Share

The website is a secure online platform that provides rent payment services to landlords and tenants. The website has a wide range of features, including the ability to set up recurring payments, make one-time payments, and view account balances and transaction history.

The website’s market share is based on the number of unique visitors to the site and the total number of page views. For example, if there are 100 unique visitors to the site and each visitor views 10 pages, then the site would have a market share of 1%.

As of September 2020, had a market share of 0.48%. This means that it was the 48th most popular website in terms of unique visitors and page views.

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Competitors to Essexrentcafe.Securecafe.Com

There are a number of competitors to, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular options:

1. RentPayment: This website allows tenants to pay rent online, by credit card or eCheck. It also includes features such as automatic payments and late payment reminders.

2. PayLease: Another option for paying rent online, PayLease also offers features like automatic payments and the ability to set up recurring payments.

3. eRentPilot: This website provides a variety of tools for landlords, including the ability to collect rent online, create lease agreements, and track maintenance requests.

4. Rentalutions: This site offers an all-in-one solution for landlords, with features like online rent collection, tenant screening, and maintenance tracking.

5. Propertyware: An software solution for property managers, Propertyware includes features like online rent collection, accounting and financial reporting, and unit/tenant management.

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We hope you have found this article on traffic analytics and market share to be helpful. This website is a great resource for rental property owners and managers, and we believe it has a lot of potential. We encourage you to continue to explore the website and see what it has to offer.

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