Einthusan: Know all about it and the Best alternatives of Einthusan

If you are living in India and frequently download regional movies from torrent sites then Einthusan or Einthusan Hindi must be the first thing that comes to your head. Einthusan is an extremely popular website where people download movies of languages Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and many other regional languages in India completely for free. 

If you want to watch movies made in India, the original versions of them, then Einthusan is the best site you have. The site not only contains popular regional movies but also severely underrated movies. This availability of underrated movies and movies from a wide range of languages makes the site extremely attractive and completely user-friendly. 

Is Einthusan accessible?

Similar to all other piracy and torrent sites out there, Einthusan was also accused of uploading and posting copyrighted content without permission which led to their ban in various countries including India. So if you are trying to get access to Einthusan then you will not be able to reach it, although there is one solution. 

Einthusan has been banned but not in every single country so all you need to do is set up a VPN and access the site by changing the country, In this way you can easily not only access Einthusan but also various other torrent sites. 

Now another question that arises is that is it safe to access the site? Will you be in any danger or pressure from authorities? Individual user does not get charged for downloading from a torrent site most often. It is extremely difficult to plot each and every individual user, and that is why the whole site is taken down so that it becomes inaccessible. 

What if Einthusan is not working?

If you are not able to access Einthusan then it is completely understandable because the site has been taken down in various countries. Using a VPN to access the site is a good way but if it is still inaccessible then the only option remaining is using a proxy site. Search for Einthusan or Einthusan Hindi proxy sites and you will get the answer for that. Else you can use alternative sites to download and stream regional Indian movies of your choice. 

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Alternatives for Einthusan and Einthusan Hindi

There are possibilities where you will not be able to access the Einthusan site, then in that case your best option is to use an alternative. Here are some of the best alternatives for EInthusan Hindi:

Amazon prime video:

This is obviously the very best alternative for Einthusan. Though Prime video is not exactly free you get way more value than the money you actually pay. Einthusan is limited to regional movies but Amazon prime video has almost everything from movies, TV shows, cartoons, and even documentaries. Amazon prime video is the best alternative for Einthusan any day.


Hotstar is yet another remarkable streaming service where you get more value than the money you actually pay. Though it is not as good as Prime video, Hotstar is still an amazing streaming service due to their partnership with Disney+ that provides streaming service for an extremely cheap cost. Many latest movies and TV shows are released exclusively on Hotstar along with sports, making it one of the most preferred streaming services in India.


Voot is a regional streaming service that is available only in India making it preferred among the local audience. Though it lacks flexibility, Voot is still a great option if you prefer watching regional movies, TV shows, and soap operas. Voot is especially for the household audience.


Zee5 is once again a regional streaming service but providing much more value than both Voot and Sony Liv, which is next on the list. The sheer amount of content in Zee5 from their production house on both the movie and TV industry is remarkable. Zee5 is one of the best regional streaming services in India.

Sony Liv:

Sony Liv is one of the most expensive regional streaming services out there but still, people prefer it because of its quality content and sports streaming. You can stream live football and many other sports along with excellent movies and TV show making it an amazing option.


Einthusan is one of the best regional torrent sites in India and it is best to use a VPN before accessing it. Mostly you will be able to access it if you use a VPN but in case you are not able to access it then alternatives are listed in the article. Happy streaming!

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