How to Download and Install UC browser for PC

UC browser is one of the most famous browsers in the whole world with more than 100 million downloads just from the google play store. Millions of people prefer it and love it. They have been using it continuously for years, even as default browsers! It is not firefox or opera which is the biggest competition for google chrome, but UC browser. More and more people have started downloading it and have liked it. But unfortunately it has a drawback, unlike chrome it cannot be used in PC as the application is only for smartphones. This gives an edge for all other browsers as they are available officially for PC and are free to download. Downloading a UC browser for PC is possible as many people have come up to resolve this problem to make sure that more number of people have access to and use this amazing browser.

Why should you download the UC browser?

You may obviously ask why does everyone prefer and like UC browser. What does it have over all other browsers which are available in the market? There are plenty of reasons for that:

  • UC browser is lightweight compared to almost every single browser. All other browsers take up a lot of space and lag your device but UC browsers is space conscious making them user friendly
  • One of the many complaints received from almost all the users is that other browsers, google chrome especially, uses a lot of ram which really slows the device. It affects the device performance not only short term but also in the long run. UC browser on the other hand UC browser does not consume a lot of ram thus making it very comfortable to use.
  • UC browsers are insanely fast. Be it loading of pages or downloading, UC browsers utilise your internet connection to its fullest by facilitating you a faster download of files.

One of the major drawbacks of UC browsers is that it is not widely used in PC. This is why many other browsers have an edge over it because it is easy to integrate with smartphones and PCs. but don’t worry, this is the reason I’m here. 

Downloading UC browser:

Many people are not aware that you can download and use UC browser on your PC, Yes! A lot of people are not aware about it, which is why I’m here to show you how to download UC browser for PC in the most easiest and simplest way.

How to download UC browser:

Step 1: Go to You can use any browser which is already on your PC for this purpose. It can be microsoft edge, firefox or even google chrome. It doesn’t really matter. This link will direct you to the download page of UC browser 

Step 2: A wide range of device options will be displayed in front of you for downloads. As we are downloading for PC, please select the Windows option as it is our operating system. If you want to download it for any other device you can select the respective device.

Step 3: Select the .exe download option when the dialog box pops up. This will download an installer file in your computer. If it asks for file location then please select your desired location for it.

Step 4: Open the folder in which you downloaded the UC browser installer and run it by double clicking on it.

Step 5:  A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm whether you want to run the installer, click yes for it to proceed further. 

Step 6: Now click the Download and install button on the top of the dialog box. You will get a pop up notification once the download is over. 

Step 7: After the download is over, a setup dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the installation. Select Yes in it.

Step 8: The setup will be completed instantly and UC browser would have been installed. To open the browser you can either browse through all apps option or you can create a desktop shortcut for easy access.


UC browser is one of the best browsers in the internet right now which will take up less amount or ram and space in your devices. For a long time all other browsers had an advantage because many users were not aware that UC browser can be downloaded and used for PC but following the steps which are written above, you can easily install it. Experience a fast browser and enhance your internet surfing experience immediately. UC browser is lightweight, fast and space conscious making it extremely desirable among users.

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