Discord screen share doesn’t have proper audio

Discord is one of the most used applications all around the world which is being used by everyone of all ages. The main reason why it is being used is because of how gamer-friendly it is and how manageable it is. It has several amazing features such as voice chat, video chat, screen sharing, creating a community, and many others. 

One of the top features which makes discord so amazing is its screen share feature which you can use to share your screen or even stream games to your friends. Unfortunately, due to constant updates provided by discord, there will be some bugs that can give you certain problems like screen share doesn’t have proper audio and etc. In this article, we will look at various solutions for the issue and how to solve it.

Solution 1: Run as administrator 

Any application when run as a primary program, when you run it as an administrator, it solves almost all of your problems instantly.

  1. Right click on the discord icon and select properties
  2. Go to compatibility tab and enable run as administrator option
Run as administrator
  1. Click apply and then exit

Solution 2: Add the activity just in case

Discord usually recognizes what you are doing and performs accordingly but at times it may not recognize what you are doing so it is good to add the activity

  1. Go to user settings in discord]
Discord Settings
  1. Go to the game activity tab on the left
Game Activity tab
  1. Go to game activity and add the activity in which your audio does not work properly while sharing the screen
Game activity
  1. Now go to the overlay tab on the left
Overlay tab
  1. Enable in-game overlay to make sure that audio works while you share your screen
Enable in-game overlay

Solution 3: Push to talk

Discord usually detects your voice but sometimes due to some beta features, there may be some errors. Enabling push to talk can be a huge help here. It is a simple step. Go to user settings in discord, voice, and video tab on the left, and finally enable push to talk. Now it will capture your voice only if you press a button of your choice

Solution 4: Windowed screen while gaming

In the recent updates made by discord, there are bugs that are causing errors while sharing your screen where audio doesn’t work properly or it gets crashed. This mostly occurs when the game is used in full-screen mode. So the best way to tackle this problem is by playing the game in minimized mode. Go to your respective game settings and enable windowed mode to do this. Even though it may be difficult, it will be completely worth it if you are streaming to your friends.

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Solution  5: Check the game or the application

Sometimes it may not be discord’s fault and completely the fault of the other application which you are trying to stream to your friends. Unfortunately due to bugs and errors it may not allow for smooth streaming and will cause some problems such as audio not working properly in a discord screen share. So please do check the respective game or application which you are trying to stream and troubleshoot it for problems or see the settings if you have to enable to disable anything. Do this if you are not able to stream only one application or game.

Solution 6: Uninstall and reinstall audio drivers

Due to some bugs and outdated software, audio drivers sometimes may not transmit audio properly and it is best to reinstall them to make sure they are up to date and compliant

  1. Open control panel and go to devise manager
Uninstall and reinstall audio drivers
  1. Now choose your device right-click on it and select the uninstall option
Uninstall and reinstall audio drivers
  1. Now right click on the driver again and select the Update driver option. Doing this would keep the audio driver up to date

Solution 7: Reinstall discord application

Sometimes the errors will be so bad that your application needs to uninstall and reinstalled once again just to get rid of the bugs. It has happened several times with me too. The steps are simple to follow

  1. Go to control panel and select uninstall a program option
  1. Right-click on discord and select the uninstall option
uninstall the discord
  1. Once you have uninstalled go to discord’s website and download the setup for the latest version. Once you have downloaded it just install it and it is done


Bugs such as audio not working during screen share are very common and are usually solved with discord’s updates. Even after following the above solutions if the problem is not solved then check whether it is happening in all applications. If it is just discord then once again an update will do good but if the same is happening with all then there may be some problem with the hardware or the OS and please do get it checked.

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