Best List of Discord Commands

Discord is one of the most well known and most used applications in both PC and mobile. Though the application was initially focused on the gaming community, they later widened their target audience to community-oriented people. Discord allowed users to create their own community in which more than a hundred thousand members can join and actively take part in conversations. 

Discord is a growing application that has attracted many users, especially during the pandemic. This has resulted in more servers and communities in discord. Discord has also become aware of this fact and has been constantly trying to improve the user interface and experience. It will be of no doubt if discord manages to emerge as the most used texting platform in the future due to its incredible features. 

Discord does not only have a texting facility but also voice chat, video call, screen sharing, and live streaming. These features were initially just directed towards the gaming community but once the pandemic it has been evident that many people started loving these features. 

This allowed people to connect easily and replicated a near personal experience that no other form of online communication or social media was able to give. In this article, we are going to look at some discord bot commands that can be used to utilize discord to its fullest and get the most out of it.

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Discord commands

One of the main reasons why discord is more than just another texting platform is because of its many features. Discord text commands and discord bot commands are some of the famous features that are available in discord. Here are some of the best discord text and bot commands that will come in handy for you:

  1. Giphy: You can use this command to search for the perfect gif and send it in the chat. The command brings up thousands of gifs from which you can choose.
  2. Nick: In case you are not a huge fan of the name assigned to you on the server then you can easily use the nick discord command to change the name according to your preference and get the new name of your desire!
  3. tts: This is an interesting and one of my favorite commands. One of the best features of discord is that you can hop onto voice chat anytime but what if you don’t have access to a microphone? You can type out the message that you want and the discord command will read it out. Just remember that discord server admins have the authority to disable this feature.
  4. Afk set: What if someone mentions your name when you are away without knowing that you are away? Discord command has a solution for that too! You use this command to let people know that you are AFK (Away from the keyboard) so that when someone mentions your name in the chat, they will know you are away. 
  5. Whois: if you don’t know who you are talking with or if someone is talking to you and you do not know who that person is, you can use this discord command to identify that user. 
  6. Membercount: This will really come in handy if you are a server admin in discord. If you want to know how many members are actually in your server, you can use this command to know that. 
  7. Emotes: This emoji is a classic one, probably the one with which many who don’t use discord can also relate with. You can use this emotes discord command to send emojis.
  8. Serverinfo: This is a classic discord command once again. In case you want to know how many members are on this server, information about this server, you can use this command.
  9. Botcommands: This is the best for anyone who is not familiar with the commands for a particular bot. You can use this discord command to see the list of commands for the bot and familiarise yourself with it.
  10. Ban user: In case there is an annoying user in your server who is spamming or maybe is disturbing other members of the server, you can ban them. After warning that person for some time you can ban that person altogether from the server, and they won’t be able to join the server again. 
  11. Softban user: what if a person is annoying but not as annoying as kicking them out but enough to ignore them for some time? Softban command can come in handy for that. Banning someone for a short period of time, similar to giving a warning to a person but on the next level. 
  12.  Muteuser: In case you want to mute a particular user for some time because they are too noisy or spammy, you can use this discord command to mute the person for some time so that other members in the server.
  13.  Delrole user: A user doesn’t need a particular role anymore? You can use this command to remove a user’s role altogether. This command immediately takes away all the roles and authority of the particular user.
  14. Addrole: Addrole is the opposite of delrole, adding or assigning a role to a user of your desire. 
  15. Role user: In case you want to promote a user to the position of a mod or if you want to add a different role to the user, you can use this command.

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All the commands that have been mentioned in the article are extremely useful and handy. Especially if you are a server admin in discord then these discord text and bot commands will be useful for you. It is good to test them out before using them so that you don’t rip off someone’s role accidentally. There are many other bot and text commands for discord that can be used for fun but in this article, only basic and useful commands have been mentioned. 

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