How Does Disboard.Org Work?

There are thousands of servers on Discord; how can you pick the one that best suits you? Friends, allow me to introduce you to Disboard.

What Is Disboard.Org? is a website that lists public Discord servers that can be joined. is not affiliated with Discord; nonetheless, they make it easy to locate servers that may be of interest to you, such as anime or stock-related servers.

Disboard is a directory where you may list your Discord server and discover other servers. By allowing users to add tags to their servers for others to search, Disboard makes it easier to find servers.

Users can tag their own servers with tags such as anime, technology, and music, and other users can search for these tags.

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Can Disboard Help You Grow A Discord Server?

Disboard can help you expand your Discord server. It’s a terrific method to promote your Discord server, and the tags tool makes it easier for visitors to identify servers of interest.

Now, as I mentioned previously, you can only post or “bump” your Discord server once per few hours on Disboard. It’s wonderful to be able to promote your Discord elsewhere, but if you have to regularly check in and publish your Discord to Disboard, it could get cumbersome.

You can configure a bot to automatically “bump” your Discord server on your behalf. If you want to learn how to do this, view the video provided below.

Despite the fact that Disboard can help you build a Discord server, I believe there are other ways to expand your Discord server.

When you post your Discord server on Disboard, you are among hundreds or thousands of individuals doing the same thing.

The tags exclude specific servers and persons, but I do not believe your success rate will be particularly high if you only utilise Disboard.

The main reason I use it is because I have a bot that promotes my server on Disboard automatically, thus it doesn’t take much effort to advertise my server, despite the fact that it is not really effective.

So it seems obvious to promote your Discord using Disboard, but is it safe to do so?

Is Disboard A Safe Site?

The Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply to Disboard.Org, which is protected by reCAPTCHA, making it a secure website. However, you should still use caution when disclosing personal information on servers you join through Disboard.

The Google Privacy Policy ensures the website’s security. The listed servers are safe to join, however as previously stated, Disboard is not liable for anything that occurs on a Discord server.

They merely list servers, and Discord is responsible for moderating server activity.

To list a server on Disboard, however, users must agree to the terms of service of both Discord and Disboard.

For instance, a user requested the removal of particular contact information from a server. As a result of the server’s refusal to remove the information, the user’s Disboard account was cancelled and the service was blacklisted.

Therefore, safety comes foremost on Disboard, which inspires user confidence.

I have utilised Disboard without encountering any security issues. I have previously posted my Discord on the site, and everything was good.

In addition, here is my Discord, should you choose to join.

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Why Does Disboard Remove Sites From Its Website?

Disboard removes servers from its website if they violate the Discord Community Guidelines or if they break Disboard’s own policies. This helps ensure that Disboard servers are generally secure and safe to join.

If you’re curious, you may view the Discord Community Guidelines here. But in general, if you are a good person, respect others, and avoid foolish actions, you will be alright.

The primary worry for Disboard is users spamming their Discord servers on Disboard. Every few hours, Disboard allows users to promote or “bump” their servers for other website visitors to view.

However, some users have discovered ways to increase their servers beyond what is permitted, which is against Disboard’s guidelines. Once detected, these servers are often removed from Disboard and banned.

Check out my article about “bumping” on Discord and Disboard for additional information.



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