How to create a password reset disk in Windows 10

Forgetting Windows login password and unable to access your computer is a devastating moment of your life. Fortunately, Microsoft allows you to reset the account password to get back into your Windows machine. Many of you haven’t added a Microsoft account, then what are the second option?

Windows 10 comes with an advanced feature called “password reset disk” that allows you to recover your copy of OS without any issues. We would like to remind you that it does not reset the password of your Microsoft account. The password reset disk helps you to recover the local account.

In short, the password reset disk affects local account only, and your main account remains the same.

So how to create a password reset disk on Windows 10?


  1. You need Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 machine. The version does not matter, and the build version also does not matter.
  2. It is an inbuilt feature, so you don’t need additional software, but you need a USB drive, SD card, or any form of storage.
  3. You can also use CD/DVD with 700MB free space (if it is re-writable) in it.
  4. The removable storage capacity should be at least 1GB free space in it.
  5. Remember, the SD card or USB drive data will be deleted permanently. Make sure that the USB device does not have any form of files in it.

We would like to inform you that Windows will seal the USB drive until you format it. If you tamper with any file or try to make any changes in the drive, the password reset disk becomes void.

How to Create the Disk?

We will show you how you can create reset disk and we are going to use 4GB SD Card. In case, if you no longer need a password disk, then we will show you can safely format it. You can make it reusable SD card or USB drive, and you can also re-write the CD or DVD.

Step 1: Connect your USB drive or CD/DVD drive to your desktop or laptop.

password reset disk

Step 2: Now press Window key + S, and type “password reset.” Click on the first result, and it will take you to control panel or open the password reset disk.

Password Reset Disk

Step 3: The second method is to open the control panel, then click on user accounts, and the user accounts. On your right-sidebar, you have “create a password reset disk.”

Step 4: A window will pop-up on your screen, and click on “next” to proceed to further step.

Password Reset Disk

Step 5: The program automatically detects the removable devices, and you can select as well. After choosing the removable file, then click on next to “proceed.”

Password Reset Disk

Step 6: Type the current password, and then click on next to proceed further.

Password Reset Disk

Step 7: The program takes a few moments to several minutes to complete the process. In case, if the program takes several minutes, then you have to be patient.

Password Reset Disk

Step 8: Click on finish to end the process.

Password Reset Disk

Step 9: Now, open the SD card, CD or DVD, and USB drive to check if the program was successful or not.

Password Reset Disk

Remember, you can reset the Windows lock screen by clicking on forget password during the login.

How To Make Drive Reusable?

Allow us to show you how you can make the drives reusable after creating it.

Step 1: Open this pc, and right-mouse click and select “format.”

Make Drive Reusable

Step 2: click on “start” and confirm the format.

Make Drive Reusable

Step 3: It takes a few moments to complete the process, and the format finishes.

Make Drive Reusable

A simple drive format is enough to make it reusable. Remember, you can only re-write a DVD if it is a re-writable disk.

The Password Reset Option Is Not Working

We have faced a strange bug that does not allow the program to open. It has happened to both of our laptops running the latest version of Windows 10 Home.

How to fix it?

We had an open task manager and ended a process “run.dll,” and the password reset disk was working.

You can also restart your computer to fix it.


We would like to bust a MYTH that you can use this recovery disk to break into someone else computer. Let us inform you that it doesn’t work that way. You can only reset a Windows machine that created from it, and it does not work with other Windows devices. Let us know what do you think about Windows 10 Password reset method in the comment section below.

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