How to create a password protector without any password

Windows 10 edition is a modern crafted operating system released by Microsoft Software Company. The company has added several new features in the OS, and it innovated newer technology. The official developers do not seem to stop it here as they are working in the backend to offer new features to the platform.

Creating a password protected folder in Windows 10 is a simple task. But, the company did not develop a separate tool to replace the third-party functions. Fortunately, there is a method, which allows the users to create a password protected folder without any third-party tool.

What is BAT File Protection?

Let’s assume that you are a not professional with an expert in the team, who can crack a basic security layer, and then this is for you. BAT File protection method protects the contents in the folder from regular people. Keep in mind that it doesn’t protect the files from expert level breaches because a few lines of codes are not enough for hackers. The BAT format file consists of a few lines of codes, which does not provide a higher level of encryption.

Note: BAT File method is for basic users, and it doesn’t protect the content of the folder from the expert level breach.

How to create Password Protected Folder without tools?

Folder Lock method will work on any edition of Windows OS.

Step 1: Create a folder and save all files in it. I have created dummy TEXT files, and it is for a demonstration.

Create password protector without any password

Step 2: Now, create a new TEXT document in the same folder, and keep the name default.

Password protected file

Step 3: Copy and paste the below codes in the document.

Step 3

Step 4: I have pointed out a specific area in the TEXT document, and you have to replace it with a new password. Make sure to give space at the starting of the password and end of the password. You can take a quick glimpse at the snapshot I have shared below.

Step 4 create password protector file

Step 5: Now, click on “File,” and then select “SAVE AS” to continue.

Create password protector file

Step 6: You can rename the folder to “FolderLock.bat,” then select the file as “All Files” and then click on SAVE to complete the process. A new file exists in the folder and then deletes the TEXT document created for the purpose because it serves no role anymore.

Create password protector file step 6

Step 7: Take a look at the document name “FolderLock.bat” that we created earlier. Click on it to view a new folder that serves to protect the files.

Step 7

Step 8: Drag & Drop all files in the folder excluding “FolderLock.bat” and do not move the file at all.

Step 8 Drag and Drop

Step 9: Click on “FolderLock.bat” to lock the folder.

Click on the file step 9

Step 10: A CMD Prompt window will show up on the screen and type “Y” for YES to complete the process.

Step 10

Step 11: The main folder containing all files will disappear back to the BAT file.

Step 11

A quick tutorial on locking a folder with contents in it is a simple procedure. I recommend the readers to start testing and practicing the procedure on a dummy file first and then start protecting the original files.

How to open Password Protected BAT File?

Windows OS users can move the main file via USB drive, External HDD, SSD, etc. The new PC might have a different OS version, but the format does not change at all. In such a scenario, you have to open the BAT file normally. Some users do not figure it out, so we are going to cover the basic stuff again.

Step 1: Find the password protected files and click on the BAT File.

Open password protected file bat

Step 2: Type the password to unlock the folder in the CMD Prompt window, and hit enter.

Step 2

Step 3: The main (hidden) folder appears in the same window, and click to view the contents.

Step 3

Step 4: Click on “FolderLock.bat,” where Y stands for YES in the CMD Prompt to lock it again.

Step 4 open password protected bat file

At the end, the main folder again disappears until or unless someone else re-opens it with the correct password.

The strength of the BAT File Method?

Millions of creating password protected files in the computer and companies pay up software companies to create third-party tools.

How strong is the BAT File method?

Millions of software companies are using 256 BIT encryption to protect the data, where the BAT File doesn’t stand a chance.

The above procedure can protect the files from regular individuals, but the non-encrypted folder cannot last a second against the Government, Hackers, Privacy invaders, Professional Ethical Hackers.


Consider the BAT File method as a blessing for regular people, and anyone can breach it with the assistance of advanced coding. Let us know what do you think about the non-encrypted techniques in the comment section below.

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