What is content://com.android.browser.home/ [Guide]

Android browser is one of the basic applications on mobile devices. Having the correct highlights and execution, while Android perusing (content://com.android.browser.home/) the web can change your whole experience. Android telephones have Google Chrome as the default internet browser. 

Have you ever bought an Android smartphone, and we found so numerous amazing highlights, there are several issues with it in light of the fact that the producer of the telephone has put its denoting everywhere, even down to locking the browser’s landing page to a page with their information on it.

What is content://com.android.browser.home/ 

What is content://com.android.browser.home/

It’s something that portrays the default landing page in your Android browser. In the event that you have to change it, by then, there are a couple ‘covered up’ strategies for doing it. 

In most of the mobile devices, you can get to this by following the underneath steps: 

Open the default Android internet browser application. 

Tap the menu button, which without a doubt is noticeable on the upper right 50% of the screen. 

Snap on the menu that says ‘Settings’ and thereafter drill down to the sub-menu until you find the ‘Android Browser Settings’ alternative. At the point when discovered, click on it. 

Open ‘General’ settings. 

Finally, click on the ‘Set Homepage.’ 

Enter the URL yourself need to set as the default page or pick the unmistakable page alternative. 

In the event that you can’t find that alternative on the grounds that the producer of the telephone has concealed it, at that point you have another choice. 

  • Open the site that you wish to set as your landing page. 
  • Press the menu button 
  • Save the page to your bookmarks 
  • Press the menu button 
  • Go to Bookmarks/History 
  • Find the site that you saved, and tap and hold it. 
  • From the menu that appears, picks ‘Set as Homepage.’ 

Guidelines to Change the Default Web Browser in Your Android Smartphone 

The most effective method to set default landing page on android internet browser. 

Recall that you aren’t compelled to use the default or in-assembled web perusing application gave by your contraption’s creator. There are a great deal of better and impressively more component rich alternatives accessible in the Google Play store. By far most of them are freed from cost and can be presented on your device with in reality just a solitary snap. 

Eventually, welike using Firefox and Opera. Firefox is a respectable decision, and if you have it presented on your work region viably, by then, it bodes well to have it on your smartphone also. 

Why? All things considered, since you can without much of a stretch sync your smartphone’s Firefox with the one you have presented in your work zone exactly when marking in with comparable record subtleties. 

This suggests now the total of your web history, admonitions, notices, inclinations close by with every one of your bookmarks and spared passwords will thusly coordinate to your smartphone. 

Additionally, if you make Firefox as your default internet browser application on your brilliant contraption, by then, you will have the alternative to set a custom landing page substantially more rapidly. 

Introduce it from the Play Store or download the .apk record by visiting this official connection and thereafter make it your default web application by following the means underneath. 

Default Android Browser 

First: Open the ‘Settings’ on your smartphone. 

Second: Scroll down until you find something like Apps, notices, and admonitions and thereafter tap to open it. 

Third: Tap on the “Default applications” and quest for a menu called “Browser” and tap it. 

Fourth: From the gave list, pick Firefox or the one you need. 

By and by, when anything (application or association with a report) in your contraption needs to open a site page, it will send you to the Firefox. 

The Value of a Good Home Page 

On the possibility that you are mulling over changing your internet browser’s first page, by then, you ought to get ready. In the event that you are a different who needs to figure out how to visit journeys and needs to use Wi-Fweover your mobile telephone information plan, by then, you ought to present a module that gives you a selection of tiles for straightforward interfaces with your favored pages rather than setting a custom first page. 

Of course, you should set your web perusing application’s default page to example.com, which is a non-HTTPS site which is created and kept up by ICANN. 

In case you a great part of the time related with open Wi-Fweand you find that regularly you have to oversee “mistake messages” about your affiliation not being secure when you attempt to get to locales before marking in to that Wi-Fweon your smartphone, example.com can uphold you. 

Using a non-HTTPS page as your internet browser’s default page may help with to diminish the issues you experience since in light of everything, your internet browser will have the choice to redirect you to the open Wi-Fwesign-in page naturally. 

Discarding the Android Browser 

On the possibility that you find that a few applications request to send you to the internet browser presented by your smartphone’s producer, and you sincerely would incline toward not to use it, yet would rather utilize other free and direct to change elective like Chrome, Opera, etc, by then you may need to have a go at introducing an application called better open with. 

It’s a free application for Android contraptions that gives you 100% authority over the “open with” decisions. It grants you to pick the default application for the Browser, Audio, Ebook, Email, PDF, Video, and various choices and override them with the settings that you need. 

Surely, we will recommend using through application. As an issue of first significance, weam not a tiny smidgen cooperated to it, nor the architects have paid me any money. Additionally, Via is the fastest web examining application we have used. 

It comes up short on a ton of features, which you will find in Chrome, Opera, etc; notwithstanding, at that point the venture’s all out size is under 600KB. Truly, you read it right. Its general size is under 0.6MB, and it works flawlessly with such a website, paying little mind to if its Video spilling site page or online paper, it just works. 

Our various proposition will be Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera. All of them goes with multi-contraption and multi-account change helpfulness close by the whole game plan of pivotal features. 

Custom ROM’s 

On the off chance that you have issues with stamping on your smartphone past straightforwardly the internet browser, by then, another decision for you could be introducing a Custom ROM, for instance, CyanogenMod, or DotOS. 

These ROM’s are network assembles that are intended to be quicker. They by and large offer a more noteworthy number of features than the standard ROM’s that come most smartphones. In the event that you decide to do this, by then, realize that on occasion you may be voiding the assurance of the device as most creators couldn’t care less for their customers modding their devices and working framework (OS). 

By presenting a custom working framework, regardless, you will give up some client help. Additionally, you ought to guarantee that you are certain about what you are doing. 

You should understood that presenting a changed OS on your smartphone needs a great deal of explicit data, and we don’t propose it. Regardless, on the off chance that you do confront this test and succeed, you will acknowledge more order over settings, for instance, content://com.android.browser.home/and your contraption generally. 


There are such huge quantities of web browsers on the web and on play store that you can download and ridicule. 

Thusly, rather than worrying over substance://com.android.browser.home/maybe you ought to make arrangements to escape from an extended and below average cycle of programming to use something with a secured, snappy and smooth delivering motor.

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