How to Invert Colors on a Mac?

color inverter

Inverting colors on your Mac is a useful tool that can make working in the dark easier on your eyes and can also help people with vision problems. The feature can also be used to make the contrast better or to help people who have trouble seeing colors tell them apart.

On your Mac screen, it’s easy to switch between reversed colors and normal colors. There are a few ways to do this, so let’s take a closer look so you can choose the one that works best for you.

How to Invert Display Colors on Mac

invert colors via accessibility menu

System Preferences is where you can change the colors on your Mac computer.

Just go to System Preferences by clicking the Mac menu… Accessibility > Display and check the box next to Invert colors:

Depending on what you want to do with the screen, you may only need to use Dark mode.

To use Dark mode on a Mac, go to System Preferences… > General and choose the mode in the “Appearance” section.

dark mode

You can set Dark mode to turn on by itself or to always be on. If you want to learn more about how to use Dark mode on your Mac, you can read our post about it here.

And if you want to turn Dark mode on and off quickly, you can use the One Switch app, which lets you do so by toggling a switch in the drop-down menu of the app’s icon in your menu bar:

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What Is the Mac Shortcut for Inverting Colors?

You Can Also Use Siri or A Keyboard Tool to Quickly Change the Colors on Your Mac’s Screen.

To Use Siri, Go to System Preferences > Siri and Make Sure that Ask Siri Is Turned On. Then, Click the Siri Icon in Your Menu Bar.

Once Siri Is On, Ask Her to Switch the Colors Around.

Ask Siri to Turn Off Invert Colors to Stop the Switch:

turn off invert color
To Use the Normal Keyboard Shortcut for Color Inverter on Your Mac, Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Accessibility and Check Invert Colors:

keyboard shortcut for invert colors

Now You Can Use Control + Option + Command + 8 (the Usual Mac Shortcut for Color Inversion) to Turn on And Off Color Inversion.

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That’s how To Use a Computer Shortcut on A Mac to Turn Colors Around.

You Can Also Use Better Touch Tool to Change how Your Mac Does Anything, Including Changing Colors.

Let’s Say You Turn on Color Inversion and Then Want to Turn It Off After a While. if You Wait Too Long or Get Sidetracked, You Might Forget how To Turn Off the Reversed Colors. Now, It Doesn’t Seem as Easy to Remember the Key Combination for Color Inversion.

With the Better Touch Tool, We Can Give Any Signal an Action or A Series of Actions. on Top of That, We Can Make It only Work Within a Certain Size of Your Mac Work.

In This Setting, for Example, We Just Pressed the Key D to Use the Full Mac Shortcut for Invert Colors, but Only in Finder:

Finder invert colors

With This App, You Can Make a Link for Any Action You Do Often on Your Mac, Saving You Time. You Can Make Your Moves Work only In Very Specific Apps.

You Can Change how Your Mac Works by Using Tools on The Keyboard, the Trackpad, the Magic Mouse, Remotes, Midi Triggers, Drawings, and More.

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Why Use Color Inverter on Mac

If You Want to Turn the Colors on Your Mac Screen from Positive to Negative, You Can Easily Do so In a Number of Ways, Such as Through the Accessibility Settings, a Keyboard Shortcut, Siri, or A Custom Move in A Third-Party App Like Better Touch Tool.

Most People Use This Function to Keep Their Eyes from Getting Tired when It’s Dark. You Can Also Try Turning on Dark Mode, Which Was Talked About Earlier in This Piece.

No Matter Why You Want to Do It, Our Guide Above Will Show You how To Do It Quickly. if You Want to Try the Apps We’ve Talked About—one Switch and Better Touch Tool—you Can Get Them on Setapp, Which Is a Collection of Tools for Mac and I Os that Help You Get Things Done.

Setapp Offers a Free 7-Day Trial so You Can See if It Fits Your Daily Routine and If Its Tools Can Save You Time and Make Your Work More Efficient.

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