Catbox Moe – Neat and Clean File Sharing Service

The 200MB file-sharing service Catbox. Here is a guide detailing if is secure or not, along with further information on the website.

Catbox is one of the internet’s cutest file hosting services. It is a relatively obscure but influential file hosting platform that was introduced a few years ago. It permits free anonymous uploads of up to 200 MB per user. On, a user does not need to worry about utilising too much storage space. It lacks decorations and has only basic functionality, yet it is quite stable. Users can upload files and create a profile to keep track of them on the platform. filr upload

On the homepage, click on the Select or drop files option. Select the file that is smaller than 200MB, and a download link will be generated automatically. Using the Catbox Upload Via URL option, you may also upload a file directly from the download link.

Features of Catbox

Catbox is no Google Drive or Dropbox, but it does have some nifty features. Let us take a look at some of the features of Catbox.

  • Uploads of up to 200 MB
  • Cute design/kawaii aesthetic
  • Completely free
  • User profiles
  • Easy uploads (Drag and drop)
  • Upload via URL allowed
  • Allows users to keep track of files and delete files if registered.
  • Multiple uploads allowed
  • Allows creation and editing of albums
  • Ad-free
  • ShareX support
  • Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi browser
  • Dark mode
  • Malware free

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Limitations of

Like everything in this world, Catbox has some limitations too. The most significant limitation is the upload limit of Catbox.

  • *.exe, *.scr, *.cpl, *.doc, and *.jar files are not supported
  • Uploads of up to 200 MB are allowed.
  • It is not (F) (L)OSS

 Is Safe

Catbox Moe Safe

According to a site scan done by the VirusTotal service, Catbox is safe. The website passed a scan against more than 80 malware and antivirus filters. Therefore, the Catbox should be clean.

Catbox Alternatives

Alternatives to catboxes are abundant on the Internet. They include Anonfiles, MEGA, Dropbox, Tresorit, and Retroshare. Each has a different maximum upload size. The amount of storage capacity they supply also varies. Some of them provide paid subscription services that provide more storage space.

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Litterbox – Presented by Catbox


The litterbox is presented by the developers of Catbox. It is a temporary file storage service that lets users to temporarily upload files up to 1GB in size. Users have the option of saving files for one hour, twelve hours, one day, or three days. The upload method is straightforward because users can just drag and drop files. It does not support .exe, .scr, .cpl, .doc, and .jar files.

Catbox Not Working

There are presently ISPs and DNS services that block catbox Moe. If you’re a customer of British Telecom (BT), Vodafone, or some Australian/New Zealand ISPs and you’re not utilising custom DNS servers, you’re likely to encounter problems. Consider utilising OpenDNS, Quad8 (Google DNS), or Level3 as your DNS provider.

If is offline, it is preferable to check the site’s status using a down detector. You can also manually alter the DNS settings on your PC or download a DNS changer application for your PC or mobile device.

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