Carousell Philippines Traffic Analytics & Market Share

With, it’s easy to see what your competitors are doing and how they’re affecting your online traffic. Plus, with our traffic analytics, you can track the progress of your campaigns over time, so you can make informed decisions about how best to market your business. We offer a variety of tools to help you understand and analyze your website’s performance, including: -Google Analytics:

Shows you how visitors arrive on your site and what pages they visit most often. -Google AdWords: Shows you how much money you’re spending on ads and where they’re driving traffic. -Facebook Insights: Shows you what posts, videos, and pages are getting the most reaction from your Facebook fans. -Twitter Ads: Shows you which keywords are driving the most impressions on Twitter for your account.

Traffic Analytics

Carousell Philippines traffic analytics is a tool that helps to improve the understanding of how users behave on the website and what drives interest, engagement and purchase behavior. This allows for better marketing decisions, product development and optimization of customer experience.

The first step in using traffic analytics is to identify which areas of the website are most popular and engage with them. This can be done by looking at pageviews, likes, shares and other indicators of user engagement. Once you have a good understanding of which areas are performing well, you can concentrate your resources there to drive more visits and conversions from your users.

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There Are a Number of Ways to Find out How Much Traffic Carousell.Ph Is Getting on A Daily or Weekly Basis:

-Use Google Analytics to see how many unique visitors your site has had each day or week
-Look at the Alexa Traffic Rank for to get an idea of its relative popularity
-Track social media mentions around specific dates or times to get an idea of where people are talking about the site
-Contact Carousell Corporation for more detailed information about their traffic analysis tools

Carousell’s Market Share

Carousell Philippines

In this blog article, we will be looking at the traffic analytics of and its market share. Carousell is a subsidiary of Lazada Group which was founded in 2013 by Indonesian entrepreneur Rusdi Kirana. It is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia with over 200 million registered users as of September 2018.

According to SimilarWeb, ranks first in terms of daily website traffic in the Philippines with 57 million visits in March 2019. In addition, it ranks eleventh worldwide in terms of total monthly website traffic with 741 million visits.

Looking at the month-on-month changes, saw a significant increase from February to March due to Valentine’s Day promotions. The platform also saw an increase in user engagement during this period; for example, the average time spent on the site increased from 3 minutes and 41 seconds to 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

Based on the data provided by SimilarWeb, carousell’s market share has continued to grow over the past year; for instance, in March 2019, it accounted for 2% of all website traffic in the Philippines. This indicates that carousell continues to be one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia.

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The traffic analytics can help you to understand the way your site is performing and where there might be room for improvement. Traffic analysis allows you to see which of your site’s features are popular with your visitors and whether they’re converting into leads or sales. By understanding the behavior of your audience, you can make changes to your website that will improve its performance and ensure that more people find what they’re looking for on

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