How to Solve “Can’t take Screenshot due to security policy”

One of the best features that smartphones have is the screenshot feature. You can easily capture your screen instantly just with a click and this feature really gained traction so much that almost all smartphones have the feature now, be it android or Apple. Be it any application, site and whatever is on your screen, the screenshot feature helps you capture it perfectly making it ready to share. 

If you take a lot of screenshots then you would have come across this problem of not being able to take a screenshot on some applications and some sites. Mostly It is related to applications in mobile phones as they have more stringent policies. This restriction is due to the security policy of that respective app. 

The app may hold some information that it may not want you to share with others so their security policy will not allow you to take screenshots. In this article, we are going to look at why this happens and other details about why you can’t take screenshots due to security policy. 

Why you can’t take a screenshot?

These are the reasons why you may not be able to take a screenshot of the screen:

Apps policy:

If any of the apps that you download from the play store or the app store has information that it doesn’t want you to share with others, then it may include in its security policy restrciting you from capturing a screenshot of the screen. This is not a common policy but mostly apps with exclusive educational content have this policy.

Browser policy:

This has two elements in it. Sometimes the browser itself may have in its setting where it will not allow you to take a screenshot of the screen, mostly in a smartphone browser. One advantage of this is that you can change the settings easily in the browser settings. The settings’ location can be different with each browser. Check your security settings if you are using a chrome browser. 

Page or Site’s security policy:

The privacy policy or security policy of the site or page that you are visiting in your browser. There are many sites that will prevent you from taking a screenshot of their page or copying content to avoid any kind of plagiarism. This restricts users from copying their content and provides them an upper hand. 

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How to solve the “can’t take screenshot due to security policy issue”?

There are three ways in which you can solve this issue of not being able to take a screenshot:

Check your phone settings:

This is the most common solution because many people disable or turn off the screenshot option in the settings and wonder why they aren’t able to take a screenshot. You can check your settings on your phone and enable the screenshot option. This method does not have anything to do with security policy or privacy policy. 

Browser settings:

In case there is a setting in your browser that may prevent you from taking screenshots. If yes, then check your browser’s security settings and change it accordingly which enables you to take a screenshot. The settings page and name may vary from browser to browser, so do check that. 

Use a third-party application

Most of these security policies only restrict the phone’s inbuilt screenshot feature. This means, if you use an external or a third-party application to take a screenshot then it cannot restrict you! There are countless screenshot apps in both the play store and app store so select by keeping in your mind the requirements and also the reviews. 


Though it is not very common, from time to time you may come across this message “You can’t take a screenshot due to security policy”, this is just the app or the site restricting you from copying their content. The reasons and how to solve this problem have been explained above.

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