Can You Really See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

can you see who views your instagram

When you scroll through Instagram, pictures from friends, family, and influencers that you like can give you ideas for everything from selfie captions to fashion choices. You could even be someone else’s motivation. Is it possible to see who looks at your Instagram page, whether they do it to be nosy or because they like you?

Can you See who Views your Instagram Profile?

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Videos in 2 Ways

Instagram users can’t see who looks at their pictures. So, if you look at someone’s page but don’t like or comment on a post, they won’t know who has seen the photos. “Like Facebook, users can’t see who has looked at their profiles, no matter if they have a personal, business, or creator profile,” says Reggie Azevedo Filho, who works for the social media management platform Traject Social (here’s how to block someone on Facebook Messenger).

This is true for both Instagram users who have an account and people who use the web to look at Instagram without an account. Instagram Alex Heid, the Chief Research and Development Officer at SecurityScorecard, says that business accounts will show statistics about how much traffic they get, but they won’t show personal profile information.

A representative for Instagram said that business accounts show the exact number of people who visited your profile in the last seven days or how many people saw your pictures in their feed. Here’s how you can stop someone from doing something on Instagram.

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How to See Who Views Your Instagram Stories

Easily See Who Views Your Instagram Story - Social Pros

If you share more Instagram stories than posts, you’ll have a better chance of finding out who’s looking at your content. Users who look at stories are listed in a “viewers list” for the original poster to see for 24 hours after the story goes live.

“This gives you information about the specific people who have looked at your photo, video, or story post during the same time your post has been up,” says Azevedo. The list goes after 24 hours, but if you save your stories, you can still see how many people saw them and who they were. To see this information, you must be logged in. By the way, here’s how to find out who on Facebook stops following you.

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Is There a Third-Party App that Lets Me See Who Views My Instagram Profile?

Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, some of the privacy settings are the same. So, just like with Facebook, third-party apps can’t tell you who looks at your Instagram page, and there’s no way to find out if anyone takes a screenshot of your Instagram story.

Heid says, “Anything that advertises a feature that shows who looked at your profile is not a real service and should be avoided, as it is probably just an app that is there to collect data from people who use it.” There’s no sign that Instagram will ever let users see who looks at their pictures. Next, learn how to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

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