5 Best Bidet Converter Kits [Complete Guide]

With the assistance of a bidet converter kit, it is time to transform outdated toilets into those of the most recent design.

Installing a bidet conversion kit will improve your hygiene and protect the freshness of your surroundings.

To save money, you can replace the standard toilet seat with a bidet seat. If you’re interested in the benefits of a bidet converter and Bidet Conversion Kit Brands, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Are you unaware of bidet till now?

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with plumbing items. This tutorial will instruct you on how to correctly install bidet converter kits. You will also learn how to retrofit standard toilets with bidet systems. Do not skip a single content segment. Let’s begin our educational journey.

What is Bidet?

A bidet is a sort of bathroom basin that assists in cleaning after using the toilet. This bathroom accessory is often accessible in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Best Bidet Converter Kit Brands

1. Tushy

Tushy is a well-known brand that produces bidets that help you clean your buttocks following use of the restroom. They offer contemporary and streamlined designs in accordance with the most recent washroom infrastructures. When the toilet paper industry was in trouble, Tushy was the sole brand to assist stabilise the situation. Tushy delivers an accessory that is simple to clean and simple to dry using bamboo toilet paper. For the consumer’s comfort, they give bamboo toilet paper, toilet brushes, and toilet stools.

2. Cascade

This is a highly upscale brand of bidet seats available exclusively to those with a minimum budget of $1000. They always take care of the built-in deodorizers of their customers, and drying capabilities and washing with warm water are additional advantages.


Toto manufactures the most affordable conversion kits with high-quality components and flushing systems. They have an established reputation in the industry of toilets.

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Best Bidet Converter Kits Reviews

1: TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

High Points

  • Control position
  • Leaner and easy to clean
  • Control water pressure

The metal and wicker TUSHY Classic bidet toilet seat attachment is easy to hold and adjust to the correct pressure. Additionally, the angle adjustment allows you to set the ideal angle. This bidet is simple to operate and set up. You can utilise it to better your lifestyle. This bidet is simple to install, as TUSHY is derived from each component. It is constructed of bamboo and aluminium, making it easy to hold and regulate water pressure. It is simple to install yourself. It can be used to save money and trees, as over 15 million trees are needed annually to produce toilet paper and just 1 pint of water is required to wash with TUSHY.

2: SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment

High Points

  • Smooth and solid
  • Exclusive design
  • Double-needle spray options

The SlimEdge simple bidet toilet attachment enhances the beauty of your bathroom, and it is 50 percent thinner than comparable goods. It features a chrome knob for adjusting the water pressure. SlimEdge is constructed of sturdy metal and is simple to install. Additionally, the water pressure of the spray can be adjusted for him or her. It is devoid of temperature control. SlimEdge improves the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. You may easily adjust the water pressure by modifying the bidet spray.


High Points

  • Pressure Adjustable
  • Self-Cleaning Needle
  • Non-Electrical

Installing a CLEAR REAR bidet seat is simple. You may adjust the knob’s tilt to regulate the pressure for an efficient wash.

To install Clear rear, the toilet seat must be removed, the butler must be attached, and the water supply must be connected. The transparent rear features a feminine function for washing the front and back with a nozzle. It might not fit on every toilet. This bidet does not require a plumber or electricity to install. It is easily adjustable; you can alter the pressure to your liking.

4. Brondell Swash SE400 Seat

High points

  • Electric automatic features included
  • Hygenic experience
  • Easy to install

The Brondell swash is equipped with automatic technology and many amenities, including warm water, a drier, an automatic sprayer, and an optional massage machine. It offers a low energy usage and blue light for use at night. This seat’s remote control allows for the regulation of water pressure and temperature.

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5. TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

High points

  • Adjustable sprayer
  • Self-cleaning port
  • Air deodorizer with automatic system
  • Powerful filters

The TOTO brand supplies bidet seats with cutting-edge technology. Its innovative automatic technology ensures cleanliness. This model is suggested for ladies because it provides warm water for washing during periods and illnesses. The bidet toilet converter is simple to use and maintain and includes a base plate and a connector.

Buying Guide for Bidet Converter Kit for Bathroom

There are various varieties of bidets accessible online and offline, but locating the most cost-effective converter kit is no easy task. When purchasing a bidet upgrade kit, it is necessary to keep a number of factors in mind. Continue reading to determine which model kind, size, and price you require.

1. Toilet Type

Before acquiring a bidet converter kit, you must determine the type of toilet installed in your bathroom. You must confirm whether or not the toilet has a fixed height. If a toilet with a fixed height is put in the bathroom, it is not necessary to install a bidet converter.

2. Types of bidets

There are various bidet models available nowadays. People like to enhance their bathrooms with bidets of contemporary style. Several varieties are covered here:

Self-supporting bidet

This outdated bidet device is attached to the next rung of a standard toilet. Freestanding bidets have no adequate flow system. They are loaded with water and can potentially overflow the bowl. They resemble a huge sink with a deep bowl.

Electric Bidets

Electronic bidets are favoured by most modern individuals. Its layout and dimensions are commensurate with modern infrastructure. There are other amenities available, such as electronic bells, night lighting, dryers, and heated chairs.

Japanese folks typically utilise this toilet item. This is why they are known as Japanese toilet seats. This seat is suited for women because feminine hygiene requires warm water.

Handheld bidet

A bidet shower is also known as a portable bidet, which is a sort of nozzle connected to the toilet. Typically, this toilet attachment is installed close to your private area and assists in washing your anus and genitalia. Its water pressure can clean and deodorise your private areas.

Common people favour handheld bidets since they are simple to install and economical.

Warm water bidet

This style of bidet includes a hot water piping system typically found in built-in, freestanding, and shower bidets. A bidet is an excellent example of a warm water seat.

3. Size

Size is a vital factor to consider when selecting toilet accessories, despite the fact that most people overlook it. If you require a tiny size, keep in mind that the hose and sprayer head are also available in the same size. Choose a large size if your bathroom has sufficient space.

4. Hydraulic Pressure

Prior to placing an order for a bidet converter, water pressure is a crucial consideration. Obtain a bidet with adjustable features so that you can modify the water pressure to your specifications.

5. Installation Ease

Installing converter kits must be simple. If you can handle any bathroom fixture, you can install the bidet converter without the assistance of a plumber.

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What Comes In A Bidet Converter Kit?

In the bidet converter kit’s packaging are all the necessary installation-related equipment. Including a hose, adaptor, screws, nuts, and water pressure control valves.

Some kits are unique. They feature an air dryer and an extension for the nozzle. Check your shipment inside the warranty period. If you are missing a required component for installation, you can contact customer service.

Pressure Control Valve

The valve provides the necessary flexibility and control and will attach to the deep bowl of your toilet.
The control valve facilitates the installation procedure.

Hose & Adapter

As a means of regulating the control valve, a hose and adapter are coupled. It assists in controlling the flow of water into any bowl without hazel.

Screws and Bolts

It depends entirely on the size of the bidet seat. Different toilet seats require different-sized screws.

What Are The Dangers of Bidet Converter Kits?

Typically, the first concern that springs to mind is converter leakage. Replace old, deteriorated water lines with new lines to eliminate this risk element. The age of water lines is approximately eight to nine years. After this duration, pipelines must be replaced.

To ensure a secure installation, contact a licenced plumber to confirm the proper installation procedure. Always use metal pipelines over inferior plastic lines. WiFi can be used to install a water leak alarm. It allows us to report any underground leaks.

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