10 Best Android Messaging apps in 2020

Millions of people are looking for the Best Android Messaging App, but they have one specific preference. The masses are demanding an encrypted messaging app so that they can protect the conversation from third-party invaders.

Privacy invasion is no longer protected news, and the world has learned several data leaks in the past. Social media giants and smaller companies are selling information about people to advertisement companies.

Social media sites are selling personal data of the registered users to random companies for a price. No one knows who has access to the personal details of the masses. To protect the data from third-party invaders, we need encrypted messaging apps in the market.

Today, we are going to cover an encrypted messaging app for the people, who care about privacy and stand against data invaders. The technology behind encryption called “end-to-end encryption.”

1. WhatsApp

It might come as a surprise, but WhatsApp will stand on the top for whatever reasons in coming years as the company adopted “end-to-end encryption.” In 2016, WhatsApp management welcomed “end-to-end encryption,” so the digital users on the platform do not risk giving out personal information.

Privacy invaders, Government, Secret service, etc. cannot breach into the phone and steal the data. The conversation data is not stored in WhatsApp servers so that no one can recover it. You might have noticed that once you have lost data on the phone, no one can recover it, right? Now, you know the answer!

Malicious threats cannot breach the security layer because it might take an army of hackers to decrypt the security codes. The encryption on the application is military level so that no one can penetrate the line easily.

Availability: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Price: FREE.

2. Wire

The industrial named desktop & smartphone application is a premium service. It is end-to-end encryption for professionals because no one can steal Messages, Texts, Attachments, Video calling, and other information.

Wire premium service eliminates third-party intrusion. Thus, they do not sell personal information of customers. The 30-days trial period is enough to test the functions of the Wire, and the starting pricing is $4 per user/month. There is a discount service available for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Availability: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Price: Cost $4 per month for per user.

3. Viber | Best Android Messaging App

Viber is a popular cross-platform solution voice over IP and instant messaging application. Viber has 400 million downloads in total, and it does offer “end-to-end encryption,” which secures conversation. The masses do not need to fear data breach because the company doesn’t record it in the first place.

The free application does not have functions, which allows them to eavesdrop on the users. No one listens to the conversation or texts whatsoever. Viber founders never created such a feature in the first place, so end-to-end encryption works on the platform.

Viber servers do not record and stores data such as Logs, Texts, Conversations, and more. It is one of the major reasons, why users cannot recover lost data from Viber servers.

Availability: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Price: FREE.

4. Telegram

Telegram sounds like an outdated technology from the 1800’s, but it is a trending application for millions of people. The company claimed that they have 200 million people on the platform right now. Telegram offers end-to-end encryption to secure the conversations of the masses, and no one can get a hold of the “Secret Chats.”

Telegram seems to save the chats and media to the platform servers. If you have decided to delete a chat or a message, then Telegram servers permanently delete them as well. Let’s assume that you have sent a file or a photo to a recipient, and then you can set a self-destruct after the recipients read it. The messages to attachments will be deleted from recipient devices as well.

Telegram Company does not sell or share the user’s personal information. The company utilizes the analytical data to improve the services, add new features, and sustain the business for a longer period. There is nothing wrong in utilizing the analytical data to improve the product, so you are secure and safe.

Availability: Android, and iOS.

Price: FREE.

5. Line

The line is an instant messaging application launched in 2011 by South Korean based software company, now sold to a Japanese software company. The growth of Line led to cross-platform support such as Windows PC, Mac OS X, Android OS, and iOS.

The line is a strong product & service offering Digital Pay, Taxi, online TV, a Shopping app, Stores, News, and more. The company did not miss hesitate to make the application encrypted messaging app. The line is a globally recognized application. Thus, the Japanese based company took steps.

Yes, it is an encrypted messaging app, which does not record conversations. No one can breach the servers as it does not have anything except application engine related files. Line application making big in several countries right now and it has failed in a few countries as well.

Availability: Windows PC, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.

Price: FREE.

6. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger has secured a spot among the secure instant messaging apps in the category. The developers applied advanced methods of end-to-end encryption to create a secure source for saving the messages within the phone. Signal Private Messenger is not a commercial product. Thus, we have a free instant messaging application in the house.

The official developers went with open-source category, so experts can analyze the application for security flaws & report it to the management. Also, open-source technology enables third-party developers to inspect the application for errors and legitimacy.

The SPM equipped with basic functionalities to compete with the likes of FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, and others. Users can make a voice call, transfer media files, archive functionality, group chats, and more. Users do not have to set-up the application, and the encryption kicks in, during the beginning of the conversation.

Availability: Android, and iOS.

Price: FREE.

7. Threema

Threema is a first-time introduced application for the millennials but is considered as a secure messaging app for Android in the category today. Threema has over a million downloads, and it is a commercial product with a price tag of $2.99 per account. The service motto is always to keep the customers data away from reach hands of Government, Hackers, and Privacy invaders.

The smart minds behind the application went with a unique identification method. Users do not require to provide an email address, phone number or any personal details to create an account. The algorithm kicks in the end-to-end encryption in voice calls, texts, media files, documents, and group chats. The hardware and software designed to delete the files permanently from the server once the conversation is delivered to the recipient. The combination of Cryptography library(NaCl) and open source Networking designed to protect the user’s conversation from the third-party interference.

Availability: PC version, Android, and iOS.

Price: US/$2.99.

8. Dust

Dust also is formerly known as Cyber-Dust, which gained immense popularity among the bankers, and stockbrokers for maintaining privacy. The heavily engineered end-to-end encryption prevents the Dust users from taking a screenshot of a conversation. The developers designed the application to notify the sender & recipient regarding the screenshot action.

Dust servers do record the conversation to send it to the recipient. However, the program does not hold onto the conversation until or unless the message is not delivered. The registered users offered an option to “erase immediately” after the recipient reads them.

Dust equipped with basic features such as Texting, Links, Media sharing, Voice calls, and others. Every conversation actions happening within the Dust application encrypted, so security is not an issue here.

Availability: Android, and iOS.

Price: FREE.

9. Silence

Silence is an open-source project available for viewing and editing on GITHUB. The formerly known as “SMSSecure” delivers magnificent security to the masses. The Axolotl end-to-end encryption utilized to encrypt the data or conversation transferred within the environment. Originally, it is an SMS service, so the functions did not miss out in the latest version. In case, if the recipient did not install Silence, then it can communicate as an SMS application.

Silence designed to function like an SMS application, which does not require an internet connection or servers. The open-source application is free to download on Google Play or from thr website. There is no sign-up scenario in the application; thus, none of the personal information stored by Silence application.

The source codes are available to the masses on GITHUB so that anyone can inspect the elements and codes. Overall, it is a secure application to keep the data and media files away from the Hackers, Government, and Privacy invaders.

Availability: Android only.

Price: FREE.

10. Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Wickr Me followed a different approach to encrypt conversations such as self-destructing texts. The private messenger is offering voice call service, videos, photos, voice messages, texts, and more. The service follows platform-to-platform function to maintain the security of the users.

The developers introduced two new features in the platform to increase the potential of security. The “Shredder” deletes data such as Texts, Media files, Links, and other with zero recovery probability. The second “Expiration Timer” feature is a self-destructing timer, which destroys the selected data. Wickr Me does not have a registration process to strengthen the security.

Availability: Android and iOS.

Price: FREE.


Folks need an encrypted messaging app to protect privacy and freedom of speech. Millions of countries are suffering from regime oppression and freedom of speech ceases to exist. An encrypted messaging app is a necessity to the masses because it keeps the privacy invaders out of the radar. What do you think about Best Android Messaging App? Let us know in the comment section below.

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