5 Best Android Emulators in 2020

Does the Best Android Emulator in the world exist? There are so many emulators available to download for free in the market, and there is no one that can explain it properly. Many experts suggest Bluestacks, but it has become bloatware with time and slowing down computers.

Unfortunately, several Windows, Linux and Mac users do not know about the other awesome Android emulators available in the market. We have compiled a list of Android emulators that we have used to run apps and other things.

1. Bluestacks

A popular Android emulator advertised by millions of bloggers around the world without comparing it with other emulators. However, it has ended on the fifth spot of our list because it has gotten heavy with time. The emulator offers excellent features without paying a single penny, and it is a suitable fit for high-end machines.


  1. Runs Android apps without any issue.
  2. Stable Android version to maintain the stability & performance of the apps & games.
  3. Google play store pre-installed in the emulator, so you don’t have to download it.
  4. The emulator enables you to install third-party apps or non-market apps.
  5. It works smoothly on 2 GB RAM, Dual-core CPU, and a modern graphics card. Remember, it does not work on older graphics such as Intel integrated GPU and dedicated GPU.


  1. The dashboard is messy and laggy.
  2. It lacks an Android interface, and they force the users to utilize the custom interface.
  3. Sales-oriented interface designed by the developers.
  4. Bluestacks is not recommended for low-end machines and old machines, even if they are high-end in their prime.

Download Bluestacks

2. Remix OS

Remix OS is an advanced emulator, and it is different from the rest of the emulators that we have tried so far. The Remix OS is not an emulator, and it installs the Android OS within Windows and Mac OS. Yes, it installs the operating system within your existing OS, and it makes your experience better and flawless.


  1. Remix OS is different from the rest because it comes with Android 6.0 or Android Marshmallow. Yes, it runs on the better edition of Android OS, while other emulators run on Lollipop and KitKat OS.
  2. It is not an emulator entirely because it installs the OS within your primary operating system.
  3. The performance is optimal and the company specifically designed it for gaming.
  4. They did not add a custom skin because users like traditional interface. Overall, the interface makes us feel like using TABLET version.
  5. The emulator offers keyboard mapping, so you can play the games using mouse & keyboard. You can save the controls settings and open them anytime you start playing the game.
  6. Install third-party apps or non-market apps without any issues.


  1. The developers have mentioned that Intel i3 or i5 & i7 processors are recommended for it. In short, only high-end computers can run the emulator smoothly, or the performance of the emulators shines on high-end machines.
  2. The company launched the Remix OS so that they can promote the Remix Pro 2-in-1 tablet.

Download Remix OS

3. KO Player

KO Player is one of our favorite Android emulators designed for gaming. The KO Player designed on x86 architecture, and it enables you to play the games smoothly without lag or freeze. The users can use it for Whatsapp, testing apps, and other tasks as well. The developers do not sell anything via this product, and you can download & use it for free.


  1. The emulator runs smoothly on older machines as well. Make sure your CPU has a decent GPU with at least 1 GB of video memory in it.
  2. The developers added OpenGL & hardware acceleration to improve the gaming via emulator.
  3. The emulator runs on an older version of Android OS, but its stable and decent gaming performance.
  4. Record video of the gameplay, so you can upload it on YouTube and other platforms.
  5. It supports gamepad, mouse, and keyboard control support. You can create custom keyword keys and mouse keys to play the game.
  6. Pre-installed Google Play Store to install apps and games.
  7. Traditional Android OS interface and the developers utilized the tablet version.


  1. It runs on older Android OS, but 99% of the apps support it.

Download KO Player

4. Nox App Player

Nox App is our daily driver because it packs some serious features that every Android Emulator user should learn about it. The 300 MB file size does not slow down your computer because the developers are using KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop 5.1 operating system to run the emulator. The X86 and X64 architecture based Android OS enables you to run apps, games, and utilities.


  1. Very simple to use interface with zero bloatware. Yes, it doesn’t come with useless software, apps, and utilities in the dashboard. It only comes with essential apps like settings, Google Play Store, and other necessary apps.
  2. The traditional user-interface gives you the feel of Android tablet OS.
  3. The performance of the emulator is extremely good because it does not slow down or lags.
  4. The developers claim that they have designed it for gaming and you can get 60 FPS on asphalt. It also supports gamepad, mouse, and keyboard, and you can easily create controls for it.
  5. We recommend the Nox App Player for Windows and macOS because it’s stable & it offers very good performance compared to others.


  1. It utilizes 5.1 Lollipop OS, and we think the developers should add Marshmallow update to it. But, the emulator supports 99.9% of the applications on the platform, so don’t worry about using it.

Download Nox App Player

5. MeMu Player

In case, if you have tried Nox App Player and it did not work out for you, then we have an alternative for you. MeMu Player is an Android Emulator that fits perfectly as a replacement for Nox App, and we recommend it for Windows and Mac OS X.

The latest edition supports PUBG Mobile gaming as well, and you can play the game using MeMu Player.

Download MeMu Player


The memu player smart button is broken as of now, but the developers are working to fix the issue. Sooner or later the problem will be fixed, but if you plan to play PUB Mobile using these emulators, then download the official PUBG Emulator.

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