TorrentFunk: 5 Best alternatives of TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is one of the most versatile websites out there where you can download movies, TV shows, games, software, and much more completely free of charge. Your only task is to search for what you want and add it to BitTorrent. You download the file both using a torrent file or a magnet link depending upon your choice. TorrentFunk has links to a wide range of files making it one of the most preferred torrent sites out there. 

Unfortunately, TorrentFunk has been taken down due to piracy issues. TorrentFunk is a site where you can download movies, TV shows, games, and much more for free. This automatically implies that the downloading of files in TorrentFunk is illegal so due to this copyright issue. So the site has been taken down in many regions all over the world.

There still some versions of TorrentFunk still running, thanks to proxy servers and proper management. If you want to access these sites then you have to install a VPN to gain access without exposing your IP address. 

But the ultimate question is, whether it is safe to use TorrentFUnk even if you gain access to the site. No one has ever been charged or arrested for downloading files from TorrentFunk as it is difficult to track down each and every user. This the reason why authorities take down the site completely instead of tracking each user. This way it is more efficient. 

Alternatives for TorrentFunk:

TorrentFunk is one of the most famous torrent sites out there that has been around for many years. As it has been taken down due to piracy issues, here are some alternatives for TorrentFunk that are equally good or even better.


PirateBay is the best torrent site out there. Unlike many other sites that have been taken down after running for a long period of time, PirateBay is still going strong. They started to adopt the proxy site technique way before anyone figured it out helping them stay ahead. You can download anything from Movies, TV shows to games from PirateBay. There are so many proxy sites for PirateBay that even if every single link fails there will be a link that will redirect you to the site. It’s amazing how it is going strong despite running for so many years.


Limetorrents is once again similar to TorrentFunk, both in versatility and user interface. Both have an outdated yet still an easy to navigate interface. The site has links to almost everything from movies to software. Limetorrents has been around for a long period of time and is still running because of its various proxy servers. Though Limetorrents may seem old school, it is constantly updated with new links and the search bar is extremely helpful for you to navigate through the site. The site is going strong despite being taken down in some countries.


1337x is easily one of the best torrent sites out there right now. Why? It has a fantastic user interface that is attractive and is also easy to use at the same time. The user can easily operate and navigate through. You download almost anything from 1337x like movies, TV shows, anime, games, music, and much more. Just for this reason 1337x is probably the best alternative for TorrentFunk. 1337x is mostly underrated as many people usually stick with PirateBay.

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KAT torrents:

KAT torrent is once again from the old school family of TorrentFunk that has been around for a long period of time but unlike TorrentFunk, KAT torrents are still running. There are various proxies for KAT torrents. Its versatility precedes itself and it has more users than many other torrent sites out there. At one point it had the most number of users of all the torrent sites when it peaked. But due to some issues, the site was down for some time but it eventually came back making a great return and is still running. 


If you are a fan of movies and TV shows then you sure must have heard about the infamous Rarbg. Rarbg is probably the only site that has the same level of hype like it had when it was initially started. The site has been around for years with thousands of users. Links for all the latest movies and latest episodes of TV shows are constantly updated on the site.

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TorrentFunk is an amazing site but sadly it has been taken down but that is why there are various proxy sites and alternatives. Be it TorrentFunk proxy sites or alternatives, it is highly recommended to use a VPN so that your IP address is not exposed and at the same time you get wider access. As much as we say the sites are safe, your device is still prone to malware attacks from the files you download from these sites so it is recommended to use an antivirus. 

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