Absolute Bluetooth Volume – Everything You Need to Know!

Android provides various special features to its user, out of the one feature allows the user to control its device’s volume and the device connected via Bluetooth. This special feature in android devices is called Absolute Bluetooth Volume. Android started providing an absolute Bluetooth volume feature in 2015. It is very easy to disable this feature. How to disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume, what takes to control it, etc, all the question’s answer you will find in this article.

How to get the Finest Volume Feature on your Device?

After you have disabled the absolute volume feature, you increase the volume of both the devices, one which is the main device and the other which is connected via Bluetooth for example your Bluetooth headset. The device which is connecting via Bluetooth controls the playback volume. The media volume is controlled by the main device.

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Absolute Bluetooth Volume Feature on Android

What exactly causes the problem when you use the Bluetooth headset, let’s take a look at it. Well, to be honest, you will discover that the Absolute volume feature is the one that is creating the resistance; it is not the Bluetooth headset volume’s fault.

Nowadays with advanced technologies, we do not really need devices with physical ports; therefore Bluetooth has become a really useable feature. Now a day the users are more used to wireless headphones than headphones that come with a 3.5mm port, as mentioned above Bluetooth is the factor here.  People have been waiting for the Bluetooth Absolute feature for so long. Before this Absolute Bluetooth volume Feature, the users had control volume separately of the main device and the device connected with it.

If you want to transfer any kind of files or media, you can use the Bluetooth feature for that. The sink here is a Bluetooth device and the source here is the Android device.  After the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android developed this feature of Absolute Bluetooth Volume.  It allows absolute control over volume and provides the source of the Bluetooth connection.

With the Absolute Bluetooth Volume feature, the users can control the audio’s volume more accurately and easily. In easier words, the sink will get the reduced sound and the information about the volume for the audio. The source posts the information and sinks processes it very precisely. If you make any changes in the headset’s control, the source will receive the information through the sink.

The process of Disabling Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android

There are developer options you can disable the Absolute Bluetooth volume feature. Here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Go to Settings on your android device

2. The open the option of about phone

3. There is an option of Build Number for your device in your phone under the About Phone option.

4. Then, press the screen 7 times.

This is the whole process through which you can enable the developer options n your Android device. Under the system settings option, you can find this option on your android device.

If you have personalized your android device in some other way then it will show in some other way, normally it is always under the system settings option.

The developer’s option will be enabled on your android device after you follow the above steps mentioned. Next, you have to disable the absolute Bluetooth option; here are a few steps to follow in order to do that:

1. Look for an android setting on your device.

2. Then tap on the developer’s option

3. Then, if you scroll down you will find the Networking section

4. There you will have the option to disable absolute volume. By default, the setting will be switched to OFF.

5. Now to switch it to the ON option, you have to tap on it.

And that all was the process to disable absolute Bluetooth volume. Your Bluetooth device volume is separated from your android device volume. Now there will be no interference of your android device and you can control your Bluetooth headset on your own. You can independently increase or decrease the volume.

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How does it Change the Bluetooth Volume Experience?

As mentioned above you will be able to control everything through the main device, you will be able to control even the Bluetooth device which connected to it. The volume control of the Bluetooth device which it has on its own will be null.

I hope the above tips help you to understand briefly absolute Bluetooth volume and how to access absolute Bluetooth volume. If your Bluetooth headset is connected and has advanced volume features, to its optimum performance. To access the right volume on your device you need to disable the absolute volume setting.

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