How to convert RAR to ZIP file in Windows and Linux

File compressor is one of the standard tools used by professionals around the world. A file compressor enables the users to shorten the file size up to 30%. The reduced files are not corrupted, and you can use them later on. You can save space, keep the folder together, and contents inside remain untouched by other programs.

There are many file compressor format, and two of them are favorite Zip and RAR. Mostly, we use both file formats because they are one of the popular file formats in the world.

What is a ZIP file?

ZIP file extension is one of the popular archive format widely used, and Microsoft Windows comes with this inbuilt feature.

It’s like any other archive file formats that compress multiple files into one single file or folder. It helps the user to shorten the file size, and it makes it easy to transport.

Many servers come.Zip as an inbuilt feature because it helps to organize the computer. The download speed increases when downloading a single file format, and it also saves the storage space. You can compress hundreds or thousands of folders into one unique file format.

What is a RAR file?

A RAR file used by software distributors, who pack multiple files or folders software into one single file. The browser downloader takes plenty of time to download multiple files & folders. The RAR file format converts thousands of files & folders into one single file, and the download speed increases.

RAR files save plenty of time in downloading, but it also serves another purpose. Many game developing companies use it because it saves the space & decreases the original file size. The RAR file extension compresses a file up to 30% without data corruption.

It also offers security encryption that keeps the content of the file secure from unauthorized access. Yes, you can lock the RAR file with high-end security encrypt with a password. The ZIP file does not come with encryption, but the RAR file does.

The RAR file does not come with a password until or unless the publisher has added it. The RAR files can contain any file format like Documents, Music, Images, Pictures, and more.

How to convert RAR to ZIP?

There are several methods you can give it a shot to convert any RAR extension to Zip extension. Allow us to show you online method, manual mode, cross-operating system methods.

#1 – Online Method

The Internet is a massive directory of solutions, and why not use it for this case? You can Google, and find several sites in existence that helps you convert a file format to any other format.

You can use any browser & operating system to convert it.

Step 1: You can Google any online converter, or you can visit this website.

Convert Rar to ZIP step 1

Step 2: Now, click on browse, then you have to locate the file. Select the data that you want to the converter, and click on “open.”

Step 2 Select the data to convert

Step 3: The file is selected by the online converter, and click on “convert” to begin the process.

Step 3 Convert the file

Step 4: It takes one minute to several minutes to convert the file (the conversion speed depends on the file size as well.) The download link appears once the data is ready to download.

Step 4 Converted file

The website is using a high-speed server, so you should not have any problem with the download speed.

#2 – Manual Method/Windows

On Windows, the approach is similar, but the installation process is straightforward.

Step 1: First download the official RAR software for free.

Step 2: Installing it immensely easy, and all you have to do is to keep clicking on Next > Next > Next > All done.

Covert rar to zip in windows

Step 3: Find the file, and right-mouse click, and select extract here.

extract the files

Step 4: Now, select all folders & files, and right-mouse click to Send > Compressed.

Convert rar to zip

Step 5: The Windows default Zip compressor automatically compress it.

The compression & extraction duration depends on the file size. If the file size is less than 100MB, then it will take only a minute or two to complete it.

The downside of this method is that you cannot add a password to the file. However, it is available on Linux, and it shouldn’t bother you if you have no plans to protect the file.

The Windows compression is good enough to keep the files safe from corruption.

#3 – Manual Method/Linux

If you are Debian based Linux or Ubuntu-based Linux operating system, then this method works for you.

Step 1: Open terminal by pressing F4 on your keyboard.

Linux convert rar to zip

Step 2: You can use “$ sudo apt-get install unrar” Or “$ sudo apt install unrar” in the terminal and download RAR.

Convert rar to zip in linux

Step 3: The software begins to install, and type “Y” to complete the Installation.

Step 3 to convert rar to zip in linux

Step 4: After installation now, type “unrar e filename.rar” and hit enter.

Linux rar to zip

Step 5: Select the file, and right-click the mouse to compress the data.

Convert rar to zip

Step 6: Add a name to the file, select the location, click on the option to add a password, and click on create to convert it into a Zip file format.

This method will work for Ubuntu & Debian based Linux OS.


Microsoft did an excellent job by adding default zip feature, and Linux has advanced encryption feature along with zip feature. The Linux OS does a better job at extracting the file because it is based on open-source Kernal that supports these features.

Coming to the security, no can guarantee your protection  & files protection when you are dealing with online converting websites. The Windows & Linux are safe from corruption & hacking. Make sure you have an antivirus activated on Windows, and Linux based machines don’t need active virus protection.

Let us know what do you think about converting RAR to ZIP in the comment section below.

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