20 Best Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Your Business in 2022

Instagram became a preferred social media site for businesses after launching the story feature. Stories on Instagram can help you create a brand persona and engage followers. Recently, in October 2021, Instagram allowed all users to post linkable stories. Business accounts are already leveraging the power of linkable stories to reach new heights.

As a business, you need to post creative stories that can grab your customers’ attention. Are you running out of ideas for posting stories? Read on to know twenty creative Instagram story ideas for business accounts in 2022.

Showcase your team

Instagram users love to see the people behind a brand. While posting stories on Instagram, you can introduce your team to users. Customers prefer brands they can relate to on Instagram. Brand intimacy is now more important than ever.

Highlight a product every week

You can share a ‘product of the week’ or ‘product of the month’ on your Instagram story. People will get excited about the highlighted product and will search for the product online. You can boost sales by highlighting a product/service at frequent intervals in 2022.

Connect your blogs

Most Instagram users prefer to view brand stories and videos. However, there are many users that prefer reading informational blogs shared by a brand.

If you have dropped a new blog on your website, tease your followers on Instagram by posting a preview. You can embed the blog link in your Instagram story to drive engagement.

Make use of the poll feature

Instagram allows you to post a poll in your story. Your followers will take the poll, and the results will be shown to you.

Choose a relevant topic for creating a poll on Instagram. Posting a poll every week in your Instagram story will boost engagement.

Leverage the power of Instagram shopping

When you highlight a product in your Instagram story, use product stickers. When the user clicks on the product sticker, they can know more about it.

You can also encourage your followers to swipe up and shop via Instagram stories.

Share a teaser video

If you are about to publish a new brand video, you can share a teaser in your Instagram story. Make sure you drop the teaser video a few days before the original video post. It will create a buzz about your upcoming brand video on Instagram.

Even if you share a brand video on Facebook or YouTube, you can drop a teaser video via Instagram stories.

Make use of the countdown sticker

Instagram offers a countdown sticker for stories to users. You can use the countdown sticker in your story before a new product launch or marketing campaign launch.

You can also place countdown timers for the discounted prices of products in your Instagram story.

Use Instagram stories for Q&As

Instagram users feel excited when they interact with a brand. You can place a Q&A sticker in your Instagram stories to show that you are ready to interact with users.

When you answer customer queries at frequent intervals, customer trust is enhanced.

Use the chat sticker

The chat sticker on Instagram is another method of interacting with your followers. The chat sticker allows you to open a group chat space directly from your Instagram story.

You can announce new products or offers to your followers using the chat sticker.

Post trivia stories

By posting trivia stories, you can catch the attention of Instagram users. You can post quizzes/questions related to your brand and collect user responses.

You can even feature the users in your story that have answered correctly.

Use the emoji slider

The emoji slider sticker is one of the widely-used stickers on Instagram stories. Users can rate something with the use of a heart/fire emoji.

You can ask your followers to rate any particular product/service using the emoji slider.

Go for professional collaborations

If any other small business is approaching you for promotion, listen to them. You both can introduce each other’s brands via Instagram stories. It will help you gain followers and enhance your reach.

Provide information

If you are running out of product photos, provide some information to your followers. You can post tutorials in your Instagram stories to teach something to the audience.

”How to” stories can also catch the attention of your IG followers.

Share follower stories

Share the stories posted by your followers related to a product/service. For example, an e-commerce business can post stories of customers that have bought a new product from them.

Instagram users tend to get excited when a brand features them in their stories.

Go live

You can share a live feed with your followers on Instagram. By sharing live videos in Instagram stories, you can build a strong brand persona.

Some of your followers will even receive a notification for a new live video.

Play a story game

You can post puzzles or play guessing games with your followers via Instagram stories. By doing so, Instagram users will feel like they are connected with the brand just like a friend.

Ask your followers about their needs

A brand that answers the pain points of its customers grows exponentially.

You can ask for customer wants via Instagram stories. For example, you can ask for new product ideas from your Instagram followers.

Post a time-limited coupon code

You can post a time-limited coupon code in your Instagram story to catch the users’ attention. Since stories disappear after a day, the coupon code will also be invalid after 24 hours.

By doing so, you can boost your sales and drive engagement.

Show off the office space

Many corporate businesses share their office space with Instagram followers. You can show the organizational premises in your Instagram story.

Share positive DMs

If any follower has praised your brand in DM, take a screenshot and post it to your IG story. You can also mention the user to drive engagement by posting stories.


And there you have it, 20 ideas you can use to start making creative IG stories in 2022!  

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