10 Best Alternatives for Nzxt CAM you Should Try

Monitoring your computer’s performance is critical when running resource-intensive applications like games, graphics design, video encoders, and compilers.

In order to avoid overworking your computer, you should verify that it is capable of handling such a task. Built-in task managers can be useful, but they may omit important information and be difficult to comprehend.

However, a program like Nzxt CAM makes it simple to keep tabs on your computer’s performance while running games and other programs.

Due to a variety of factors, Nzxt CAM may not be a good fit for you, even though it is dependable. What about Nzxt? It’s well-known for freezing during loading, fan control issues, etc. Next, CAM is also known to cause GPU BIOS problems.

But if you want something else, here are the 10 best alternatives to Nzxt CAM.

1. CPU-Z

CPU-Z, created by CPUID, is the most popular alternative to Nzxt’s CAM. Free software that provides information about your computer is available.

CPU-Z is a free program that lets you see information about your computer’s processor, motherboard, chipset, memory, and other critical components. Detailed and up-to-date information is provided in a timely manner.


Mobile devices are equipped with CPU-Z to keep tabs on everything from battery life to the storage capacity of their cells. Included in this data are items such as the computer’s IP address, available hard drive space, and the CPU’s current state of use.

The desktop version of CPU-user Z’s interface is locked behind a paywall. As a result, Nzxt CAM is more user-friendly. Graphics and colors are modern and appealing on mobile devices.

The performance and monitoring data you require can still be obtained even if your desktop’s user interface is not.

CPU-Z is a breeze to learn and use. The software is easy to install, and once it is launched, it will immediately begin working. Several function keys can be used as shortcuts on PCs running the software.

Using a mobile device, you can access all the information you need by simply tapping on the Home Screen.

As with the Nzxt CAM app, CPU-Z is available for Windows as well as Android and iOS devices. From Windows 95 to the most recent versions, you can run a CPU on a PC. Android and iOS users can use CPU-Z on their devices with the most recent software updates available.

This Nzxt CAM alternative has a vintage edition that supports SPM memory and SPM-based video capture.

Overclocking the Pentium III. Nzxt CAM’s customer service and support resources are superior to CPU-contact Z’s form.

2. GPU-Z

TechPowerUp has developed a lightweight tool for keeping tabs on important system data. GPU-Z, on the other hand, keeps tabs on a computer’s video card and graphics processor.

A gaming PC monitoring software like Nzxt CAM would be ideal for gamers with these features.


Both Nzxt CAM and GPU-Z are completely free to use. Nzxt CAM’s replacement, Nzxt CAM Lite, has a name that is strikingly similar to this one.

TechPowerUp was granted permission to use the CPU-Z name by the software’s creators.

GPU-Z is a program that provides detailed information on a computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU), memory, bus interface, driver version, transistors, and more.

Additionally, it provides sensor-related data. ATI, AMD, and Intel graphics cards will all be able to run the software. In addition, the BIOS of a computer’s graphics card can be backed up.

Before using GPU-Z, you do not need to install it. To use it, all you have to do is download and run the application. However, there is an optional installation.

Setting up GPU-Z is much easier than setting up Nzxt CAM, thanks to this method. Nzxt CAM, on the other hand, has far more customization options than GPU-Z.

Even though GPU-Z does not have an app for mobile devices, it is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 10 operating systems.

The bit version does not matter; it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows PCs because it does not require installation.

When compared to Nzxt CAM, GPU-Z lacks a wealth of resources to assist its users. With this software, you don’t need any documentation because it is simple to use, developers claim.

However, the TechPowerUp forum is a great resource for assistance. Any issues they encounter while using the software can be handled by contacting the TechPowerUp support team directly.

3. Speccy

Speccy is a piece of software from the makers of CCleaner that allows you to look up information about your computer. Nzxt CAM’s free and fast alternative is here.

A pro version, on the other hand, provides access to even more information. With the free version, you only get basic PC information, but with the Speccy pro version, you get automatic updates and premium support.


Speccy provides nearly the same information as Nzxt CAM. Everything from your operating system, CPU to RAM to storage to graphics to the motherboard is covered.

The summary section provides a quick overview of all the data featured in the various sections of the interface.

Even though it lacks the ability to view the data in a visual manner similar to Nzxt CAM, the reports that you do receive are extremely thorough.

Some of your PC’s features, such as lighting and fan speed, can be controlled through Nzxt CAM. Speccy does not allow you to do this, but it does show you the current temperatures of those components in real-time.

As a result, you’ll be able to foresee potential issues and address them before they arise.

Speccy is a better choice than Nzxt CAM for comprehensive PC performance monitoring.

Speccy’s snapshot is a standout feature. Save and export your PC knowledge with this feature. A snapshot can be saved or XML files can be exported.

You can import the data into a new PC to see how it performs, or you can use it to troubleshoot problems.

Compatibility is Speccy’s main drawback. Nzxt CAM is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, while Speccy is only compatible with Windows.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 are all supported, as are 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the operating system.

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4. The MSI Afterburner software.

Nzxt CAM is an excellent tool for monitoring the performance of your graphics card, especially MSI graphics cards. MSI Afterburner performs better than Nzxt CAM because it can help improve game performance.

The MSI Afterburner graphics card driver can be used with any graphics card, not just those made by Micro-Star International’s MSI division.

The MSI Afterburner software

The editing system’s graphics cards are supported by MSI AfterBurner and Nzxt CAM. Nzxt’s overclocking tools, on the other hand, allow you to raise the voltage, fan speed, and clock frequency of your GPU.

Increasing the fan speed can help counteract the effects of increased GPU voltage and clock frequency on the PC’s temperature.

When it comes to overclocking, MSI Afterburner has an OC Scanner that can identify the best settings for your computer’s graphics card. So you don’t have to fiddle with your graphics card’s controls at all!

An in-game overlay is available for use with MSI Afterburner. However, it isn’t centralized like that of Nzxt CAM. Instead, it is featured in the right corner of your computer’s screen.

This on-screen display gives you real-time information on your computer’s performance. Also, you can easily adjust the software’s overclocking settings as you play games.

In terms of compatibility, MSI Afterburner and Nzxt CAM are alike. Both tools support Windows PCs, and Android and iPhone mobile devices. Also, both tools are free to use.

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5. Open Hardware Monitor

Here’s a noteworthy free Nzxt CAM alternative on our list.

Open Hardware Monitor was developed in 2010. While it may not be as focused on gaming as Nzxt CAM is, it’s ideal for monitoring system hardware performance and temperature.

This tool can read the temperature sensors of Intel and AMD processors to track the CPU’s temperature. It can also display the temperature of video cards, SMART hard drives, and ATI.

Open Hardware Monitor

In addition, Open Hardware Monitor monitors system fan speeds, voltages, and clock & load speeds. These data can only be monitored but not customized like with Nzxt CAM.

Nevertheless, you can set the performance data to display in various ways. It can be displayed within the Open Hardware Interface in a window, in the system tray, or set up as a desktop gadget.

The Open Hardware Monitor interface is like a directory. It’s not optimized like the Nzxt CAM interface but it’s a lot easier to use. Just click on particular hardware and you get all the information about it.

With Open Hardware Monitor, other applications on your computer can easily read and utilise its information. This is because the software sends information to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) (WMI).

Like most Nxzt CAM alternatives mentioned, Open Hardware Monitor primarily supports Windows computers.

After downloading the software, you don’t have to install it as you can just run it. It requires the 4.5 version of the .NET framework to work and supports Windows XP to Windows 10 – 32 & 64 bits.

An advantage of Open Hardware Monitor over Nzxt CAM is that the software works with x86 Linux operating systems too.

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6. FPS Monitor

This is a Frames Second Monitor. The software is unique from other Nzxt CAM alternatives mentioned. It monitors your computer’s performance and displays the information within the gaming environment as an overlay.

That way, you can monitor your PC’s performance as you play without having to minimize your game.

Although Nzxt CAM features an in-game overlay, the overlay doesn’t feature as much information as FPS Monitor. FPS

fps monitor

Monitor tracks the performance of your CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, and other hardware involved in the game performance. If you’re playing games online, the software also monitors your network connection.

The overlay window isn’t large and you can drag it to any part of your screen so it doesn’t affect gameplay. You can customize it by adjusting the font style, font size, colors, and several rendering options.

Furthermore, you have the option to turn off monitoring for any of the tracked sensors. Also, you can share the data on multiple overlays.

If you’re a professional gamer, FPS Monitor offers more than Nzxt CAM. The software is not all about displaying PC stats in-game, it also tracks hardware usage statistics over a particular time you choose.

This is collected as analytics and can be exported as a file for professional analysis. Also, with Hardware Alerts, you can get notified when your PC is performing critically.

Unlike Nzxt CAM, FPS Monitor isn’t free software. Although you can avail of its demo version for free, it has a lot of restrictions.

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OCAT – Open Capture Analysis Tool – is another Nzxt CAM alternative that is ideal for gamers. It is open-source and like Nzxt CAM, OCAT supports in-game overlay. Furthermore, with an MIT License, OCAT is free to use.

However, OCAT doesn’t have a user-friendly interface like that of Nzxt CAM, but it’s easy to spot any information. The in-game overlay OCAT features can display information in multiple positions on your computer’s screen, based on your preference.

Open Capture Analysis Tool

Another unique feature of OCAT is the blacklist. With this feature, you can blacklist certain processes you don’t want OCAT to track. The processes won’t be captured and they won’t feature in the in-game overlay.

It has two blacklists: default and user. OCAT automatically adds processes to the default blacklist, while the user can create and edit the user blacklist.

OCAT supports Windows computers. It’ll work on major Windows API including Vulkan, and Direct3D versions 11 and 12. You can’t use OCAT on any other OS except for Windows OS.

In fact, OCAT doesn’t feature mobile applications like Nzxt CAM. Furthermore, the software will work only on Windows 7 and 10 and only on their 64-bit versions.

8. iStat Menus

This PC monitoring software is specifically for Apple devices. Not many Nzxt CAM alternatives mentioned herein support Mac PCs.

Hence, if you need an Nzxt CAM alternative that works with Mac, you should consider iStat Menus. The software was developed by Bjango Pty Ltd and needs at least macOS 10 to work.

With iStat Menus, you get detailed information on your PC’s CPU and GPU, memory, network, disc usage, sensors, date and time, battery, and power.

istat menus 6


This information is collected in real-time and you can view the important ones with a glance at your menu bar.

Unlike Nzxt CAM, iStat Menus has an animated user interface. By clicking on the menu bar where the software icons are featured, you’ll open up the full interface.

The iStat Menus software is a lot more customizable than Nzxt CAM. You can color and style its user interface from the menu bar icons to the menu dropdowns and graphs. In fact, the software has light and dark modes.

You’ll not miss any important performance information with iStat Menus as the software sends you notifications for any significant change.

In terms of accessibility, iStat Menus beats Nzxt CAM. The software supports and can be translated into 36 different languages which increases its user range. Some of these languages are Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, etc.

iStat Menus is not the PC monitoring software for you if you use Windows; that’s the major difference between it and Nzxt CAM.

Although the software was developed for Apple Mac PCs, it can’t be used on iPhones as there’s no mobile version available.

Furthermore, iStat Menus isn’t a free software like Nzxt CAM. To use the software, you either purchase a single license or a family pack.

9. MangoHUD

Just like the previous Nzxt CAM alternative is for Mac PCs, MangoHUD is an Nzxt CAM alternative specifically for Linux PCs. The software uses Vulkan and OpenGL to monitor system performance and it’s great for gaming.

MangoHUD was built to aid its developer to collect data, but its features have since been extended. It is an open-source project and easily extensible to meet your interest.

Linux computers aren’t as easy to use as Windows computers. Hence, Nzxt CAM is a lot easier to use than MangoHUD. Nevertheless, MangoHUD is one of the best you’ll find for Linux PCs.


MangoHUD monitors CPU and GPU data such as system framerate, frame time graph, temperature, etc.

Generally, MangoHUD offers the advantage of a better heads-up display (HUD) for playing Vulkan games or running other Vulkan apps on Linux PCs.

Just like Nzxt CAM, MangoHUD can be featured as an in-game overlay. The in-game overlay displays six major insights on the systems, GPU, CPU, VRAM, RAM, DXVK, and Frametime.

You can customize the display font size, font style, dimensions, position, and colors. Notably, the window can be placed at the top right, bottom left, bottom right, or bottom center of your computer’s screen.

Nzxt CAM is only available for Windows and mobile devices, so for compatibility, it’s very different from MangoHUD. Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, and OpenSUSE Linux PCs can be used to run MangoHUD.

For these models, however, you may need to install some build dependencies first. The software’s GitHub repository contains all of the necessary dependencies for building it.

10. AgaueEye

AgaueEye is a free tool for keeping tabs on your computer hardware. Unlike Nzxt CAM, which only supports Nzxt’s proprietary graphics engine, this one works with Vulkan, OpenGL, and DirectX 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

AguaeEye uses your system’s CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, and MB to give you insights. It can also show the hardware’s performance in real-time.


In comparison to Nzxt CAM, AguaeEye is a more technical program. You’ll need to download and install the latest Microsoft Windows drivers separately to use the software’s API.

The latest drivers for AguaeEye can be found on vendor websites. In addition, laptops cannot use the vast majority of overclocking features, which are only available on desktops.

That does not detract from how simple the software’s interface is, though Clicking on any of the hardware categories will take you to detailed information about that particular piece of hardware.

In addition, the data is presented in a visually appealing manner, making it easier to comprehend. In addition, you can change the look and feel of the UI and theme.

Like Nzxt CAM, AguaeEye allows you to display an in-game overlay.

For optimal performance, the in-game overlay is only available natively on a select few games, a total of over 3600 titles.

You can, however, enable overlay support for Unknown Games in the software’s settings to applying it to all games.

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To Sum It Up

But even though it’s one of the best PC monitoring tools for gamers, Nzxt CAM isn’t the only option available.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Nzxt CAM alternatives here.

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