How to Get a Job Using Social Media

How to Get a Job Using Social Media

Social media is widely used as a platform for connecting with friends and family, but it’s also useful for much more. For example, it’s now used for job hunting, and a survey by CareerBuilder revealed that 70% of employers are optimizing social media for their hiring process. Since social media profiles show more details than a standard resume, candidates are also leveraging these channels to target and impress potential employers.

So if you want to score a new job, here’s what you need to do to stand out on social media:

Monitor Job Data

There is an abundance of information on social media, and this includes crucial data about job opportunities. To get ahead of your competition, our article on Job Data Monitoring recommends using tools that offer automated web scraping to collect information about job openings. These tools explore the internet to search for data that users have requested, so you can easily program them to look for information about job listings. Leveraging this technology will be an advantage in your application since you will learn about openings in organizations in an instant.

Use the Right Platforms

Once you’ve been alerted about any job openings, you need to get their attention by using the right social media platforms. Many social media sites allow HR professionals to target candidate groups, but SocialTalent has revealed that 98% of all recruiters prefer to use LinkedIn for the hiring process. Since LinkedIn allows professionals to post their professional achievements in an organized manner, most recruiters try to reach job seekers there. However, it’s also worthwhile to use other social media platforms for more specific jobs, such as Dribble for designers or TikTok for young professionals.

Build Your Brand

Now that you’ve identified the right social media channels for your desired job, you have to work on establishing your credibility as a professional. A guide to online branding on LHH explains that you need to provide valuable information about yourself, your professional experience, and your accomplishments on your social media profiles. Raising your profile and posting the right content on your social media accounts will improve your prospective employer’s trust and interest in you as a professional. By highlighting your professional activities, you make it easier for future employers to see your work ethic and dedication.

Expand Your Network

Finally, you can also get a job on social media by using it as a networking tool. Since it’s easier to connect with individuals on social media, an article entitled Five Steps for Networking During a Pandemic recommends rekindling your connections with people that you have studied and trained with. Given that you have similar backgrounds, they can direct you to contacts in the fields that interest you. However, you can also expand your network by reaching out to industry leaders, engaging with their posts, and joining their social videos.

Numerous job opportunities are waiting for you on social media. Now that more employers are using these platforms for hiring, it’s important to update your profile and highlight your capabilities. This will help you stand out not only as a dependable prospect but as a savvy professional as well.

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