Windows cannot detect the network’s proxy settings automatically 

Windows cannot detect the network’s proxy settings automatically 

What is a proxy server? To give a brief explanation about the problem we are going to solve we must know what a proxy is. Proxy is nothing but a middleman. Instead...
Vulkan runtume libraries

What is Vulkan runtime libraries and How to uninstall it

Vulkan runtime libraries Sometimes you may have noticed something called Vulkan runtime libraries in your system or laptop and would have panicked. I did the same and many others did the same...

What is Lookmovie and is it legal?

Lookmovie Each and every production house are launching their streaming service these days which has become extremely costly to afford. Paying for each and every streaming service has become so tough. On...
First Row Sports Featured Image

What is First Row Sports and is it legal?

Be it almost fifty years ago or now, going to your favorite game and watching it live has been a dream for everyone. Nothing matches the intensity and adrenaline rush that...
discord voice not working

7 Best ways to fix when discord voice not working properly

Discord is a voice-over chat application that allows users to communicate with each other in a much easier and comfortable way. Discord has been around for a long time and is...
Library genesis

Library Genesis: What is it and how you can download it?

 Buying a book is expensive for sure, depends upon the type of package too. A normal paperback costs way less than a hardcover and mass market paperback. It also heavily depends...
DISM command

How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image

At the point when your PC is confronting issues with fire up, execution or 'surprising' mistakes – one of the principal things in the tool compartment is past System File Checker...

How to install and download BlueStacks 3?

As of late, the organization BlueStacks presented another variant of its "application player" for Android on Windows. We have just composed a few times about this stage (in addition to meeting...
Local Guide Program

What is Google Local Guide Program and its Benefits

Google presented Local Guides four years back. From that point forward, it's developed into an inconceivably well known program with 60 million Local Guides contributing the world over. Local Guides are...
How to download and Install Altstore

How to download and install Altstore in Windows and macOS

Apple has some severe principles about what can be distributed on its App Store. iPhone and iPad clients can't introduce apps like reassure emulators, Torrent customers, and then some. Some workarounds...