XP pen

XP Pen: What is XP Pen, How does it work, and Features of XP...

XP pen is one of the best inventions for every single graphic designer in the world. The XP pen was found in 2005 in Japan. Explain pen is mostly used by...

How to change your status on discord

Discord is a communication platform that was launched in 2015 catering to the gaming community. It had all the features that a gamer could asl for; voice chat, video call, screen...
Windows 10 Startup program

Windows 10 startup program: How to add or remove the programs

Whenever you boot up your computer some programs automatically start running from the startup folder that exists. Some of the applications that run are defined by the system itself, meaning that...

How to uninstall discord in Windows

Discord is a communication software that was initially focused on the gaming community but as the audience expanded due to its amazing features, Discord also understood about its expanding user base...
clear cache in google chrome

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome

Many times, if you have not cleared everything in your browser you could have noticed that it is getting slow and people would recommend clearing cache in your chrome browser.. Especially...
Job data monitoring important

Why is Job Data Monitoring Important?

Job data is a collective term that denotes job listings (title and description), hiring locations, firms that are taking on new employees, and required skill sets. You may be looking for...
Can't take screenshot due to security policy

How to Solve “Can’t take Screenshot due to security policy”

One of the best features that smartphones have is the screenshot feature. You can easily capture your screen instantly just with a click and this feature really gained traction so much...
Project free tv

What Is Project Free TV And How To Use It

Are you having a hard time accessing the latest released shows? Has your subscription been canceled? Have you been looking for alternative streaming sites because the one you rely on is...
Disable superfetch

What is Superfetch and How to Disable or Enable the Superfetch in Windows

Before we go into the concept and topic of disabling Superfetch, we first need to understand what Superfetch is and how does it work. What is Superfetch? All of us use some applications...
AAE Extension

AAE Extension: Know all about the AAE Extension

Whenever you are looking at some image files on your PC or Mac you may sometimes notice that the image is not visible in the thumbnail, in windows. The image name...