How to Fix Parse Error there was a Problem Praising the Package

Android innovation has changed our lives to such an extent. There is an application accessible for nearly everything. Furthermore, ordinary engineers are carrying an ever-increasing number of changes to the system. Be that as it may, with an incredible number of applications, there are additionally numerous problems and blunders. At the point when we were installing an application on our android device. A spring-up window showed up. A message on it “there was a problem parsing the package”.

Understanding There was a Problem Parsing the Package issue 

Parsing the error

Before we take care of the problem, let us mention to you what makes this mistake show up. Coming up next are the fundamental reasons because of which the mistake message shows up. 

Deficiently downloaded document: 

In some cases It additionally happens to us when we are downloading a record. This is a result of either power breakdown or our temperamental web association. In spite of the fact that an Android application needs all the information to work appropriately. In this manner during the installation of the not completely downloaded record, we for the most part get the blunder message. 

Not appropriate for current OS rendition: 

In some cases the record we download isn’t reasonable for our OS variant. This is on the grounds that the coding of the application requires a high level adaptation of the operating system. Because of this, the installer can’t install the application and accordingly, you get the message “there was a problem parsing the package”.

Security Issues: 

The android innovation cares very much about its clients. They have formed the innovation so that it forestalls the deficiency of client information. Remembering the client’s security each Android smartphone is set to install applications just downloaded from the authority store. This is on the grounds that these applications are filtered and protected from any frightening infection or trap. The applications which you download outside of the play store may not install on your device on account of the security issues and therefore, you face the most irritating blunder message. 

Undermined APK document: 

In some cases because of an infection assault or master knows why the documents of an application get adulterated because of which an application loses a portion of its information. What’s more, because of loss of that information, we say the document is ruined. Installing an adulterated record on your device will make you only a mistake saying “there was a Problem Parsing the Package”. 

Changes to the show document: 

Here and there we play with the show documents for various changes. This may prompt the unsettling influence in the coding of an application and we won’t install it any longer. 

Outsider applications obstructing installations: 

In the event that you have an antivirus installed on your device or King Root or something comparative. It will attempt to forestall the installation of applications which you download from outsider stores and sites. This is on the grounds that they have dangers of containing infections and spy products. On the off chance that you have an antivirus installed on your device and you take a stab at installing a broke rendition of an application you will more probable face the blunder message. 

Most ideal approach to Solve There was a Problem Parsing the Package Problem 

The accompanying strategies clarified in this article may help you. It thoroughly relies on whatever case you have yet at the same time, We propose you examine each solution referenced here. 

Technique 1-Unknown source installation:- 

Assuming you are dealing with the problem because of safety issues, you will take care of the problem by going through the accompanying method. On the off chance that your phone running on Android Oreo or Pie follow 

To begin with, go to your phone settings, discover “security/protection” tab and open it up. 

  • Security or protection tab on android 
  • Look down and discover “Obscure sources”, of course it is debilitated and you need to empower it. 
  • Obscure sources on android settings 
  • Clear Cache and Clear Storage on play store 

Technique 2-Enabling USB troubleshooting:- 

We don’t have the foggiest idea why yet empowering the USB troubleshooting has bafflingly tackled the problem for some clients. To empower USB investigating mode first you should open the engineers’ alternative in your phone. 

For opening engineer choices go to settings of your phone. Go to the “About Phone” under the setting. 

  • About Phone on android 
  • Looking down at the last and you will discover “Construct Number”, tap on it for 5-7 times. 
  • You will get a message “You are a designer now”. 
  • After this message returns settings and afterward go to the recently seemed area i.e “Designer choices”. 
  • empower designer alternatives 
  • In the “Designer alternatives” segments you should discover the “USB Debugging” and empower it. 
  • Empower USB Debugging on android 

Presently you are a great idea to go install the application without getting no more blunder. If not settled follow underneath steps. 

Technique 3-Disabling Antivirus:- 

As referenced before some of the time the antivirus applications attempt to impede outsider installations to guard the phone. On the off chance that you believe the source where you downloaded the record, it is OK to debilitate your antivirus for some time. Doing so will expand the odds of installation of your ideal application. 

Technique 4-Damaged or halfway downloaded document:- 

This is basic consistently check the size of your downloaded record and contrast it and the first document size. In the event that the downloaded size is not exactly the first document it implies a few records are absent. Because of absence of these records, you may get the message “there was a problem parsing the package”. In this way consistently download total documents of the ideal application. 

Technique 5-Clearing cookies and reserve for play-store:- 

Now and again the play-store saves such a large number of information as cookies and reserve because of which it can’t add more information. Presently in light of this problem, you may get a blunder of parsing the package. To stay away from this blunder in every case clear your play-store reserve and cookies. 

  • Simply go to your phone “settings” and discover “Applications” areas, open it up. 
  • Applications area on android settings 
  • In there you need to discover “Google Play Store” and open it. 
  • Google Play Store 
  • At that point you need to go to the “Capacity” area. 
  • Capacity on google play store 
  • Snap on the “Reasonable Cache” and “Clear Storage” to clear cookies and reserve information. 
  • Clear Cache and Clear Storage on play store 

Presently attempting to install that application which you have the mistake or not. 

Technique 6-Downloading viable form:- 

Continuously check whether you have downloaded the right form of an application or not. Twofold check your specs and the specs needed for the application. Now and again you may download documents which are not viable with your OS or equipment. So twofold check if you have downloaded the correct rendition. 

Technique 7-Updating OS:- 

Obsolete OS can likewise be a torment in the Android. Ensure you check the necessities of the downloaded document. In the event that it requires an OS that is higher than your present adaptation attempt to update your OS if accessible. If not you can generally install custom ROM. These ROMs are effectively accessible for each phone and you don’t need to sit tight for the factory updates.


This concludes our list of solutions that you can use when you get the there was a problem parsing the package android apk on your phone. We hope you found this guide helpful and can now get rid of any android there was a problem parsing the package issues if they come up in the future.

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