Top 12 Best Websites To Download Foreign Music In Nigeria 2021

Websites to download music


Since its creation, the internet has made life easier for people everywhere. You may now locate anything online that you find useful and beneficial. Even music enthusiasts and artists have benefited from this invention. I’ll concentrate on resources for free international music downloads.

You may now sit in the comfort of your own home and make several downloads of your preferred music, as I just mentioned. Visit these websites to download Naija songs. The majority of people may now download foreign music to their computer or mobile device.

Nevertheless, not all websites offer high-quality downloads, and some may even be hiding malware that might harm your devices if it manages to infect them. But, these aren’t the finest websites for downloading foreign music. Serve nonetheless.

The top foreign music websites need payment. Why pay to download when you can do it for free? The premium websites are still the finest, though. But those of us who enjoy free things can continue to visit these websites. Let me quickly list all the websites that have been discovered to be useful.

12 Best Websites To Download Foreign Music For Free in 2021


One of the best places to obtain free music, both from Nigeria and elsewhere, is Toxicwap. Most people believe that Toxicwap is only about movies. They actually provide more than that. With this website, you may also download songs from abroad. major music awards ceremonies like the Grammys and BET Awards, as well as music award shows, concert videos, and much more. Categories are used to organise foreign music. Simply select the desired genre and conduct a search. Use the search bar as well. which I believe is quicker.


A site for free music and video downloads is called Wiseloaded. Nevertheless there is an area where you can get international songs. Foreign music genres like pop, hip-hop, and many others are available here. Moreover, you can download the songs’ videos. The website is intuitive to use and well-organized.

Go to Wiseloaded.


a really straightforward and original website. I’m confident there won’t be any problems using this site because of the background’s black and white colour scheme. Foreign music is always being updated, and you can receive song lyrics. Use the search bar to look up the song you want to download if you don’t want to worry too much.

Go to Hitmytrack.


just what the name suggests. The hip-hop enthusiasts’ website Hotnewwhiphop is for you. To keep fans informed of the newest songs released, the website is updated frequently. The website is easy to navigate and basic. They give you the song’s lyrics when you make a download. As a result, you move to the music while listening. Also, the website features sections for news from various entertainment industries. You won’t be at all bored.

Go to


Visit this website if you’re looking for the newest international music. The user interface is quite accommodating. Also, downloading is simple. Nonetheless, this website does not only include international music. but includes both foreign and Nigerian music. This website constantly updates the music. So please do try this out, I beg you.

Go to Music212


As the name suggests, discuss music is a great website to find both international and domestic music. The layout of the well is fantastic, and the categories are organised neatly. More African music, including songs from Ghana, is also available here. Hip-hop fans are not excluded. You can find song lyrics in the lyrics area as well.

Go to TalkMusics.


an efficient website. This includes African music, foreign music, and comedic videos. The founders set up the website so that users could easily find what they were looking for and download files quickly and without hassle. And if you enjoy reading about artists, you’ve come to the perfect website.

Check out Trendybeatz


For one reason, I adore this website. how they set up their tunes. The artist’s name can be used to search for songs. The files aren’t that big, and you get the most recent release on time. You have the opportunity to search for both new and vintage songs on the internet. And the interface is just fantastic.

Go to Hotmack


This website is well renowned for its errors and DJ mixes. Both offer an international music area. You can download the newest albums from many genres. The website is easy to use, and downloads go quickly.

Go to 430Box


a fantastic website where you may obtain music. The simplest to use, yet not the finest. Each new release of Foreign Music is updated. With the search bar, you can look up music of your choosing. The background colour and musical arrangement are both gorgeous.

Go to Olagist


One of the top sites on this list for downloading international music. organised layouts. The musical imagery is very pleasing. These can tempt you even if you don’t wish to make downloads. On this website, you can also listen to music from various countries. then use the website’s tags to search for music.

Go to Hipsound


A wide range of musical genres are available on this website. ranging from church to world music. There is a part where you can look up song lyrics as well. Moreover, you can download music videos. merely in case. This website doesn’t have a lot of advertising. Thus you have unrestricted movement.

Go to Mp3mansion.

My Final Say On The Websites To Download Foreign Music For Free

You now know that these websites aren’t flawless in their own right. however, is quite useful in facilitating the free download of international music and albums. I’m aware that I didn’t list every website that lets you download free foreign music. In the comment section below, please share the name of the person you are most familiar with. Examine each, then choose the one you believe will work best for you.


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