Top 10 Best Websites to Download Series For Free 2022 – 2023


Have you ever wondered which websites are the best for downloading TV shows to watch for free?

In this essay, I’ll share with you the top websites in 2023 for downloading free international and Nigerian television shows. Most of the time, downloading your favourite TV show can be difficult, which is why we chose to provide this article.

I’ll present the top ten websites where you may download TV shows for free on your computer or mobile device. All you need to use any of the websites we’ve listed here is a reliable internet connection; there is no cost to use their services.

The main problem with some of these websites is that they have a lot of adverts on them, which can be annoying. Still, here are the greatest websites to download series from both domestic and foreign websites.

10 Best Series Movies Download Websites For Free On Mobile Or PC 2022 2023


As I have been using this website for a while and since it is a well-known site for downloading series movies, it is the first website that springs to mind when I am asked to suggest a website to download a series for free. The navigation is simple and uncomplicated, and it contains a huge selection of series. Downloads are available in HD, SD, or FHD.

Go to O2tvseries.


There is a fantastic selection of series on this website. The search bar is highly effective, which makes it even simpler. In this website, you can find a lot of comedies and documentaries. Copyright is strictly upheld on this website.

Go to


Free movie streaming is available on this website. There are many free movies available. There is no cost to use any service, and all movies are available for free streaming. There is a wide variety of compelling drama, action, horror, and documentaries available. The website has a catalogue of national geographic resources.



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For iOS and Android, there is a dedicated app for this website. They offer excellent services, and you can sign up for free to download movies indefinitely. You have access to free television programmes, documentaries, and series.


Go to Hulu


One of the finest sources to find a tonne of free programmes and documentaries is YouTube. YouTube is unmatched when it comes to videos, and you may access several Nigerian and international series there. This series may be downloaded, and you can download through YouTube. On YouTube, there are several Nigerian shows and films, mainly comedies and dramas.


is a free website where you may download only Sony-produced series. The website’s interface is simple, and movie suggestions are made in accordance with your preferences. The website’s abundance of advertisements and advertising is one of its drawbacks. You only need to register on Crackle to gain access to the movie library.

This website includes a big library of vintage TV series and programmes. There are many various types of series available on this website, and the content is diversified. The user interface is easy to use, and finding material should be simple. You may use the classic UHF app from Retro TV, which is only available for Android, to view movies while you’re on the road.


Check out Retrovision

You can easily evaluate this website using your phone. The website loads quickly and responds well. There are many free to download cartoons, series, and dramas that are accessible in FHD. One of the best sources for free series downloads is this one.


Go to

The UI and movie catalogues on this website and those on o2tvseries are very similar, but there are other areas where they resemble one another. It is simple to suggest a website for free series downloads.


Go to

You can choose to compress movies on this website to fit your device. On this website, you may download a huge number of movies for nothing.


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