Tinder Will Now Use AI and Video Selfies to Check People Out.

Tinder Will Now Use AI and Video Selfies to Check People Out.

Tinder is updating its Photo Verification feature with AI today. Until now, users have been able to use this feature to show that they are not a bot or a catfisher. In the past, users had to take pictures of themselves acting the way they were told to in order to get a blue check on the dating app. Now, Tinder is making this process even stronger by asking for a video selfie instead of a picture. Also, users will soon be able to limit their chats to members who have also been Photo Verified.

The changes are part of Tinder’s efforts to make the app better for its users, according to the company.

But the feature comes at a time when it’s much easier to use AI tools to make fake photos and characters. This could fill dating apps with fake people who are really just botting ready to spam their matches. A video selfie is a much better way to make sure people are who they say they are and to get rid of scammers because it requires a “liveness” check.

Tinder says it doesn’t handle the video selfie-proof process on its own, but instead works with a third-party partner. It wouldn’t say who the partner is, though.

But it says that the new model will first require the user to answer a number of video questions, which the AI will then use to make sure that the person in the video matches the person in the profile photo the user wants to verify.

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As of Wednesday, people who want to be Photo Verified or who want to keep the verification they already have will have to take a video selfie. The option to post photos will no longer be available.

The company says that people who already have Photo Verified will soon be asked in the app to update to the latest version of Photo Verification if they want to keep their blue checkmarks on Tinder. This not only makes sure that members are verified through the better video selfie feature, but it also solves the problem of former Tinder users coming back to the app and finding that their confirmed photos are now from years ago.

Tinder will update the feature so that videos are used instead of photos, and it will also add new features that let users only see Photo Verified members in their suggestions through their Message Settings. Also, members will be able to ask their Matches to Photo Verify before they can send a message. (This doesn’t seem like a good way to make a good first impression, though!)

Tinder Gold users, on the other hand, will be able to narrow their “Likes” page to only show members who have their photos verified.

The company says that Photo Verification has been shown to increase matches on the service because users feel more confident that their possible match is a real person and not a bot and that they look like their photos. Tinder says that if a person is 18 to 25 years old and has their photo verified, they have a 10% better chance of matching.

Tinder says the ability to only send texts to “Photo Verified Members” will come in the “coming months.” The Photo Verification feature will be available to all Tinder users around the world today.

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