10 Best Websites To Download Nigerian Nollywood Movies 2022


The Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood, has grown significantly over the past ten years. For this reason, I’ll be sharing the best websites to download Nigerian Nollywood films for free in 2022 in the best quality. In addition, you can use some of these sites to download foreign films as well, ensuring a variety of films.

I watch a lot of Nollywood films from Nigeria. I figured it would be nice to list the websites I use to obtain the newest Nollywood films for free, some of which charge you to see Nigerian films in 2022.

You can download some of the websites I’ll list in part in addition to Nollywood movies as well as some Ghanaian and other African movies (tho not prominent).

Except for the website that requires a subscription, most of these websites offer free downloads of these movies.

10+ Best Websites To Download Nigerian Nollywood Movies For Free 2022 2023


In terms of revenue, Nollywood is ranked third worldwide. Nollywood is only ahead of Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India). The top websites for both free and paid Nigerian movie downloads are listed below.

One of the finest places to locate both trending foreign movies and movies from Nigeria rapidly is Netnaija. This website is ideal for downloading free 9ja movies and other types of movies.

Also, they provide the option to download comedy videos, football highlights, and Yoruba movies. They also provide you with the most recent entertainment news, audio song downloads, and video downloads.

2. IROKO Tv and the App

To Visit TheNetNaija, Click Here.

The largest outlet for downloading Nigerian movies must be this one. Also, you may use the iRokoTV app to watch thousands of Nollywood films from anywhere on your smartphone. Also, you can watch outstanding and fresh movie content by visiting the IROKO TV official website.

3. NollyLand

Get the Iroko TV app by clicking here.

With a fantastic user experience, it is one of the best movie platforms in Africa. Nollywood films are available for download or streaming. On the website, you may download films from Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries.

NollyLand is one of the greatest websites in Nigeria for downloading and watching Nollywood movies, and it is a reliable way to watch and download both new and classic Nigerian movies.

4. RealNollyTv

Visit NollyLand By Clicking Here

You can get free Nigerian movies from the website. One of the easiest places for downloading Nigerian movies is this one. Nevertheless you must first register in order to access everything.

After registering, you now have access to all of the current and classic Nigerian films produced by the Nollywood business.

5. Youtube

To Visit RealNollyTv, Click Here

The most recent and classic 9ja movies are available on the well-known streaming service Youtube in crystal-clear HD formats. Nigerian Nollywood movies, whether they are in Nigerian Yoruba or Nigerian English, can be found on a variety of YouTube channels.

6. Naijapals

The best place to find and watch Yoruba movies for free and to download them is on YouTube. The commercials that do appear when watching movies on YouTube are the only negative aspect of the site.

The most recent Nollywood films are available to stream or download on this website. The website has a tonne of stuff, including movies, music videos, and more. The website is one of the greatest places to download Nigerian movies, and you can also check it out for the most recent news.

7. IbakaTV

Visit NaijaPals By Clicking Here

The IbakaTV app features thousands of Nigerian Nollywood films. Users of Android and iOS can access it. The software allows you to easily download and stream content to your phone. You can start watching movies of your choosing by going to their official website.

8. CodedWap

To get the IbakaTV app, click here.

The most recent 2020 Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Indian movies are available for free download on this website. Also, a separate section is devoted to entertainment news. Thus, with CodedWap, you have all you need for the newest, cleanest Nollywood movies in 2020 at your fingertips.

9. NaijaOnPoint

Visit Codedwap By Clicking Here

In 2020, you can download free Nigerian movies from this fantastic website. Also, there are other news and entertainment features. With this website, you never miss any new Naija movies, just like CodedWap.

10. WapBaze

To Visit NaijaOnPoint, Click Here.

This website is one of the greatest places to download foreign and Nigerian movies because it includes a tonne of video content. Also, you may stream WWE matches, comedic videos, and much more.

11. GistVille

Visit WapBaze By Clicking Here

The second site on the list is Gistville, one of the best places to download both Hollywood and Nigerian Nollywood movies for free and without registering or subscribing.

12. 9jaFlaver

Go to GistVille.

The 9jaFlaver is a dedicated Nigerian movie download site that gives away the most recent Naija films. This website provides more than just movies. 9Jaflaver is a fantastic and trustworthy place to go if you’re looking for Nigerian music.

13. DeloniferaTV

Go to 9jaFLaver.

A web site owned by Africans, DeloniferaTV, offers both free and paid international African movies.

Not only that, but they also have a movie-watching app that you can use to enjoy movies whenever you want, any day of the week. Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the software.

A Quick Insight about Nigerian Nollywood Movies Download Websites

Visit DeloniferaTV to watch a selection of Nollywood films for free or with subscription.

You can download Nollywood and other international movies for free from any of the websites mentioned above. You can use any of them to download your preferred Nigerian movies for free, albeit the most of these websites have obtrusive adverts despite their usefulness.

One quick thing to remember in 2020 when purchasing a used smartphone

Some of these websites offer more than just movies, they do upload some other fascinating content and they are always up to date, especially on musical content and news.

If you are the type that loves music or seasonal movies and you want to watch in HD then any of these websites will serve you a lot more than you think anytime any day and keep it up to date.

  • TheNetNaija
  • iRokoTV
  • NollyLand
  • RealNollyTV
  • YouTube
  • NiajaPals
  • IbakaTV
  • CodedWap
  • NaijaOnPoint
  • WapBase
  • GistVille
  • 9jaFlaver
  • DenoliferaTV


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