Mudae Commands: How to Get More Rolls in Mudae?

Mudae is a Discord bot that specializes in catching “waifus” and “husbandos.” Rolls for characters can be claimed for your harem by using the bot. But you can only get a certain number of rolls.

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting better characters, including obtaining some items and commands that can help you do so. A few questions about claiming on Mudae will also be answered.

How to Get More Rolls in Mudae

Mudae Commands

In Mudae, there are several ways to increase the number of rolls available. In most cases, they don’t require anything more than a little bit of time. Only Premium Mudae subscribers are exempt from this rule.

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Change Game Mode

To begin, you should switch from “game mode one” to “game mode two.” The first game mode is set as the default on all servers. Type “$gamemode 2” to switch to a different game mode and save your changes.

Create another server instance solely for “game mode two” if that’s what you’d prefer. In this way, you’ll be able to experience both game modes.

“Game mode two” doesn’t increase your rolls, but it allows you to select only the characters you want from the ones you already have. You can tell Mudae what kinds of characters you want from rolls with the following four commands:

  • Waifus from anime and manga are referred to as “$wa” in this context.
  • Husbandos from anime and manga are referred to as “$ha.”
  • In video games, “$wg” refers to waifus.
  • “$hg” is a gaming term for a husbando.

Using the “$limroul 1 1 1 1” command to set the minimum number of characters each time you roll will ensure that you only get the most popular characters, those with high ranks. Waifus and husbandos can be rolled at any level, and the limit doesn’t mean you’ll only roll characters that are above rank 7,000 or rank 4,000. You’ll have a better chance of rolling husbandos and waifus with the limiter on.

“$limroul” can be typed on its own if you want to roll all of the available characters. Rolling less popular characters is possible if you set it at a low rank.

In the long run, using fewer rolls is a result of better rolls. There are a limited number of waifus and husbandos that you’re looking for, and the command cuts them out of your list. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether or not to restrict the roll’s roulette.

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Spend Kakera on Kakera Badges

Mudae Commands

Items can be purchased with Kakera, the game’s currency. The Kakera Badges are among the most important purchases you can make. In order to get more rolls, as well as other perks, these badges are essential.

Spending Kakera on badges should be a top priority, as they increase your total number of rolls. Rolling for waifus and husbandos will be easier if you have all of the badges and their highest levels.

Badges can be classified into the following six categories:

  • Badges made of bronze
  • Badges made of silver
  • Badges with a gold colour scheme
  • Sapphire badges.
  • Ruby encrusted badges of honour
  • Emblems of emerald colour

As tempting as it may be to just get the Sapphire badge, which gives you an extra roll, you should get them all. When the Ruby badge is maxed out, purchasing other badges is cheaper, but you must first purchase Bronze, Silver, and Gold Badges in order to do so. To be able to purchase a Ruby Badge, you must first upgrade these to Level Two.

The order to buy badges is as follows:

  • Earn Level Two Kakera Badges in Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • Invest in a Ruby Badge and take it all the way to Level 4.
  • Obtain a fully encrusted Emerald Badge.
  • The Sapphire Badge can be purchased once all other options have been exhausted.

Kakera Badges are necessary if you plan on playing the game for an extended period of time. They increase your chances of rolling character wishes, give you wish slots, and make farming easier. While Sapphire Badges are nice to have, long-term goals should guide your actions in the game.

You get an additional four rolls when you max out the Sapphire Badge, not counting the ones you already have. Upgraded Sapphire Badges to Level Four also remove Blue Kakera and replace it with Yellow. The Level Four Bonus increases the value of Kakera drops, allowing you to become richer without having to put in as much effort.

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Create a Wishlist

Mudae Commands

If you want more rolls, you can do so by making a Wishlist, but that only tells Mudae which waifus and husbandos you want. If you have the appropriate Badge, you can more easily roll for items on a wishlist.

Using the command “$wish” and following it with the character’s name, you can add a character to your wishlist. When the character is successfully rolled, you will be notified via the command. Any waifu or husbando can be added to your “$wishdel” wishlist.

Having them on your list makes it easier for you to go after them. Waifus and husbandos are more likely to appear on your wishlist when you have the Silver Badge. Character wishes have a 25% chance of coming true for every level of the Silver Badge.

When another player on the server claims one of your character’s wishes after you earn a Level Four Silver Badge, you will receive 200 Kakera.

Use the Vote Command

If you don’t want to wait for the rolls to reset, and neither do your friends, there’s a way to get them rolling again. Using the “$vote” command, you can request that Mudae “entertain mankind” and grant all players a freeroll reset by requesting that he perform.

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Get Premium

Mudae Commands

The “$setrolls” command in Premium Mudae can be used to increase the number of rolls available to the entire server. Increasing your rolls is a win-win situation if you’re playing with a group of friends. You’ll have to pay for Premium Mudae, but your friends will appreciate you more for allowing them to roll more.

Additional FAQs

How Many Times Can You Claim on Mudae?

You don’t have to pay to make as many claims as you want. However, there is a three-hour claim reset window. In these three hours, you can only claim one character, so be careful.

On Mudae, is it possible to claim someone else’s roll?

On Mudae, it is possible to claim another player’s role. This isn’t an issue if you’re playing by yourself. Some players, however, prefer to “snipe” their dice rolls.

$togglesnipe” is a command that can be used by an administrator to prevent other players from stealing your rolls. You can’t steal the other player’s roll because this command applies to you as well.

People are considerate when they let you claim your rolls, so you have a right to do so if they don’t claim it after a while.

More Rolls Means More Waifus

With the Kakera Badges, you can boost your rolls even if there aren’t many other options. If you purchased Premium Mudae, you get an additional four rolls, but after that, you’re on your own. Mudae is a game that necessitates a great deal of endurance on your part. Perseverance is key if you want to achieve your goals.

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