How To Share Data On MTN: Easy Way To Transfer MB on MTN Line


Since MTN is the biggest network provider and has a sizable client base, we’ll demonstrate how to share data over an MTN to MTN line in this article. This is a guide since using the MTN network to transfer data is cost- and hassle-free. You may even ask a fellow MTN user for data using the MTN data share.

You can split a megabyte with family and friends if you don’t think you can use it all up on your MTN connection. This is a positive development since there are instances when we have a tonne of data but are unsure of what to do with it.

You may buy, share, and even transfer data to your family and friends via MTN data giving. Also, you can use the programme to purchase data for your friends’ phones and modems. Check your MTN number here.

There are three ways to share data with MTN: via the myMTN app, via SMS, or via USSD. We’ll go through every technique you can employ to share your data with loved ones. You can finish your transfer in no more than five minutes. Each and every MTN customer has access to the company’s data sharing services.

The Steps You Need On How To Share Data On MTN Line 2022 2023

You can share or transfer data from your current data (megabyte) balance on one MTN line to another MTN line in the following ways:

  • All you need to do is to dial *131*receivers phone number*data amount#. E.g. *131*08163440021*500#
  • OR dial *131*7# or dial *131# and select option 6
  • Select option 1 and click on send to continue
  • Choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on the MB size you d like to share with the person.
  • Click on send to complete the data megabyte sharing your MTN Network.

You should double-check the amount of data you are sending and the number you are sending it to before selecting the “ok” button because the first stage is an automatic operation.

To use SMS to transfer megabytes on MTN line follow this

  • Send an SMS in this format with your MTN line: Transfer Phone number data amount and send to 131. For example, transfer 08035952882 250 to 131

When pressing send, make sure the phone number is correct since once it is sent, you cannot get your data back. If you enter the phone number incorrectly, another user will simply receive free data, lol. No code is necessary before you complete this transaction.

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How to Buy MTN Data for a Friend

If you don’t have enough data to share with family and friends, you can buy MTN data for a pal quite easily.

Any MTN data plan that you choose to purchase for your friend will be deducted from your airtime balance. You must: in order to buy or give data to a buddy on an MTN line:

  • Dial *131* bundle activation code*receivers phone number# and send. Very easy as you can see. For a better example *131*106*08035912312# you can use this method to buy data of any amount for your friend.

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These are the procedures needed in 2023 for simple data sharing on MTN.

For both prepaid and postpaid consumers, the procedure is different. Leave a comment if you found this article to be useful.


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