How to Fix My Keyboard in Android?

In this tutorial, we have provided a variety of remedies for Android devices with connectivity issues or invalid MMI codes. As sometimes a solution does not work perfectly the first time, you can attempt each option numerous times. If none of the previous alternatives worked, you should take your Android device to the nearest service centre and have it inspected by a certified service expert.

How to Download a New Keyboard

You must first download a new keyboard from the Google Play Store. Let’s put an end to this.

1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone.

2. Search for “keyboard.”

3. Choose the keyboard that you want to download. (In this example, we’re using SwiftKey.)

4. Tap the Install button.

5. Wait to proceed until after the keyboard app is finished being installed.

how to fix my keyboard in android


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How to Change Your Keyboard on Android

Open the Settings app on your Android phone of choice.

2. Scroll down and tap System.

3. At the top of the page, tap Languages & input.

how to fix my keyboard in android

4. Under Keyboards, tap On-screen keyboard.

5. Tap the toggle next to the keyboard that you want to use to the On position.

4. Under Keyboards, tap On-screen keyboard.  5. Tap the toggle next to the keyboard that you want to use to the On position.

Once activated, the new keyboard will appear the next time you bring up the keyboard in any application rather than the previous one. Some apps, such as Tasker and 1Password, feature specialised keyboards for specific activities, however they may not function as well (if at all) as the standard keyboard.

Consequently, you may find yourself desiring to move between the various keyboard applications available. The nicest thing is that you don’t have to enter the Settings app each time you want to switch keyboard apps.

1. Open your keyboard (this can be in your texting app, Gmail, Google Search — anything that opens the keyboard).

2. Tap the keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner.

3. Tap the keyboard that you want to switch to.


Now that You’ve Downloaded a Keyboard (or Two) to Test, Here’s how To Use It.

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How to Change Your Keyboard on Samsung Galaxy Phones

It May Seem Unusual to Have Two Separate Options for Changing the Keyboard on Your Smartphone. However, Due to Samsung’s One Ui Software, Some of The Galaxy Phones’ Settings Are Not in The Same Location as Those of The Finest Android Phones. the Processes to Change the Keyboard on An Android Device Are Similar to Those on A Samsung Device, Although There Are a Few Differences.

1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

2. Scroll down and tap General management.

3. Tap Keyboard list and default.

how to fix my keyboard in android

4. Next to the keyboard that you just installed, tap the toggle to make the keyboard available.

how to fix my keyboard in android

5.  Tap Default keyboard at the top of the page.

how to fix my keyboard in android

6. From the Choose input method prompt, tap the keyboard that you want to use.

how to fix my keyboard in android

And that Concludes It! when The Keyboard Is Active on Your Galaxy Phone, the Same Symbol Shows in The Bottom Right Corner. This Allows You to Rapidly Switch Between Keyboards. It’s only That the Steps to Actually Convert to A Different Keyboard Are a Bit Different, Due to Samsung’s Commitment to Packing Each New Phone with A Plethora of Additional Settings and Options.

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Check out Your Keyboard’s App and Settings

Whether You Stick with The Default Keyboard or Download One of The Top Keyboard Applications for Android, Establishing a Default Keyboard Is Not the Only Option. for Instance, Gboard Offers Customizable Themes, as Well as The Ability to Alter the Layout by Adding a Number Row or Adjusting the Vibration Level.

Samsung Phones Ship with The Samsung Keyboard, so While You May Be Tempted to Switch to Gboard Immediately, You May Want to Wait a Bit. One of The Reasons for This Is Keys Cafe, One of The Possible Modules for Good Lock. with Keys Cafe, You May Construct a Keyboard with Numerous Themes and Layouts Based on Your Preferences, Rather than Using a Pre-Installed Theme.

Regardless of Your Decision, You Should Experiment with The Settings. One of The Best Reasons to Use an Android Phone Is the Ability to Customise Everything, Even the Virtual Keyboard You Use Every Day.