How to uninstall League of Legends in Windows 10 in the right way

League of Legends is quite possibly the most famous game on the planet and it doesn’t seem as though this MOBA is losing steam at any point in the near future. This doesn’t come without issues in any case and there are a ton of motivations to quit playing League of Legends. The greater part of the issues here is seen in other web-based games as well. League of Legends isn’t insusceptible to issues and all players are possibly in danger for them. 

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to enjoy a reprieve from League of Legends or needing to stop inside and out, there will be the point at which you need to uninstall the game. Doing so is very direct yet it relies upon the PC working framework. 

Fortunately, the game isn’t attached to a launcher and it doesn’t utilize the Riot Vanguard software delivered for Valorant. This implies uninstalling League of Legends has nothing to do with Vanguard and will not upset Valiant. But how to uninstall league of legends from your PC? Well, if you are looking for an answer to that question then you are at the right place.

How to uninstall League of Legends Windows 10?

League of Legends

While this is explicit to Window 10, it’s feasible to uninstall League of Legends from any Windows working framework. The strategies for every one of them is comparative on account of the effortlessness of how the game introduces. It tends to be eliminated from the PC utilizing a similar strategy utilized for most software or games not introduced through a customer. This way to uninstall League of Legends on a Windows PC, the cycle is generally the equivalent of paying little mind to the working framework. 

  • Go to the Start Menu and type in “Control Panel” for the search bar
  • Open it 
  • Select Programs (or Programs and Features relying upon the name of the alternative) 
  • In the event that it was Programs, navigate to Programs and Features 
  • Discover League of Legends on the choices list 
  • Right-click it at that point select Uninstall/Remove 

Most players don’t want to accomplish more past this to uninstall League of Legends. This will eliminate the heft of the game from the PC however it could abandon some little pieces. Not every person is worried about these things so most clients don’t go past this progression while eliminating software from a PC. On the off chance that this is a worry to you or you’re coming up short on hard drive space at that point, you’ll need to investigate the segments underneath the League of Legends Mac uninstall guidelines. 

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How to uninstall League of Legends on Mac?

Utilizing a Mac is more abnormal with regards to uninstalling software physically. This is the reason numerous clients lean toward introducing software to do this for them. Software, for example, App Cleaner is explicitly intended to do things like this. With regards to physically eliminating software, for example, games from a Mac at that point you’ll need to do this: 

  • Open the Applications envelope and discover League of Legends 
  • Drag it into the Trash at that point click Empty Trash 
  • It will raise a container so you can get to the secret Library organizer by composing or gluing things into the content box. You’ll have to discover and erase a few records. 
  • These are the two full lines to reorder into the inquiry bar each in turn: 
  • Library/Application Support/Riot Games 
  • Library/Saved Application State/com.riotgames.LeagueofLegends.LoLPatcher.savedState 
  • Drop those documents into the Trash at that point click Empty Trash 

Confirming that you have successfully uninstalled League of Legends

Whenever you’ve finished the above strides for your working framework, you ought to have had the option to effectively uninstall League of Legends. While uninstalling software, things can now and then be left behind actually like how introducing software can some of the time go somewhat off-base and not introduce all it requires. 

For Mac, the above advances will eliminate everything from the PC. This is the reason it’s particularly imperative to complete the entirety of the means to ensure there’s nothing undesirable occupying room on the PC. There are some other potential advances you’ll need to take with regards to a Windows PC so you can make certain there’s nothing left finished. 

Erasing any old files

This is significant for some software that is introduced without a customer since these regularly introduce some sort of installer onto the PC first. This is normal for greater establishments, particularly ones from huge organizations like Riot Games. 

To would this you’ll like to look through the Start Menu search bar again and check whether something comes up. On the off chance that not, check your work area appropriately for a potential installer make certain to investigate the registry where League of Legends was introduced. The catalog implies the hard drive it was introduced to which is typically the C drive of course. Guarantee it’s all been uninstalled, eliminated, or erased from the PC. 

Restart your PC

While you shouldn’t experience any difficulty after guarantee it’s completely erased, restarting the PC should fix any leftover issues. Restarting gadgets is an exemplary fix for a ton of tech issues and on account of uninstalling games, it works here as well. Restarting the PC will guarantee that all progressions have produced results and that the PC fires up again liberated from League of Legends. 

Whenever you’ve checked to ensure all old documents for League of Legends have been erased, it’s a smart thought to restart the PC. This is a decent convention for eliminating enormous establishments to guarantee there’s nothing else covered up on the PC which will gobble up your hard drive space. It helps keep your PC clean of superfluous software. 

Knowing how to uninstall League of Legends is significant regardless of whether you don’t plan to do this yet since issues can emerge from the game. At the point when issues happen, one great arrangement is to reinstall the game which requires a full uninstallation of League of Legends. 

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How to reinstall League of Legends?

On the off chance that your endeavor to uninstall League of Legends worked out in a good way and you had the option to eliminate the records at that point, you’ll have the option to reinstall League of Legends fine and dandy. Downloading the game again should go actually like the first run-through since it will resemble a fresh out-of-the-plastic new introduction. Reinstalling League of Legends is a basic cycle because of how easy introducing the game is. As of now, it doesn’t have to utilize a launcher so you can introduce the game alone without expecting to download or introduce some other software too. 

Download the most recent form of League of Legends from the official site 

Run the League of Legends Exe to download the refreshed form so the arrangement records will be set into another envelope 

At the point when the records have downloaded, the establishment interaction will consequently begin 

When the establishment has finished, the launcher will open consequently and you’re prepared to play 

On the off chance that you need to physically open the launcher, you simply need to double-tap on the League of Legends easy route on the work area. Ought to there not be one in the work area then you should discover one in the Start Menu. Assuming there isn’t an alternate way, go to the index the game was introduced, right-click it and make an easy route at that point reorder that easy route to your work area. 

How to reset your configuration folder?

Reinstalling League of Legends should mean you actually have the entirety of your old in-game settings prepared for use. This is extraordinary for most players however not every person. Thus, assuming you’re somebody who doesn’t profit from this, you’ll need to reset your setup. Doing this will slow down your game to default settings to eliminate any in-game or customer settings you’ve allotted to League of Legends. 

  • Dispatch League of Legends and sign in to your record 
  • Limit the game (don’t close it) and open the League of Legend introduce envelope 
  • This is the default: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends 
  • Erase the Config envelope
  • Get back to the game and dispatch a custom game that will make another config organizer 

The whole interaction to uninstall League of Legends or reinstall the game is really basic and straight-advances. There are different reasons why somebody would need to uninstall League of Legends from their PC. Every one of them is legitimate and it’s a smart thought to guarantee the entirety of the documents are eliminated to guarantee League of Legends hasn’t left anything behind. 

Windows and Mac PCs utilize two distinct techniques to completely eliminate the game from the PC. To uninstall League of Legends on a Mac is somewhat more muddled because of the idea of how the framework functions. 

You’ll have to get to the secret Libraries and the most ideal approach to track down every one of the League of Legends documents is to utilize the index joins we recorded previously. This should eliminate all dissatisfaction while erasing the game from a Mac PC which is famously abnormal now and again. 

Those on a Windows PC shouldn’t experience any difficulty eliminating League of Legends from the gadget nonetheless, it very well may merit looking through the registry envelopes as well. Glancing through the envelopes is a decent method to eliminate any buildup documents that may be missed during the uninstallation.


This is everything you need to know about how to uninstall League of Legends. We hope now you can get rid of the game on both Windows and Mac PC. In case you have a change of heart and want to play it again, make sure to check our “how to reinstall League of Legends” section in the article.

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