The Best Fighting Games For PS4

Combat with the blade of video games is fun when fighting is at its best; here is a list of the best fighting games on play station 4

1. Onimusha

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Now back in 2019 we, fortunately, got a nice remaster that looks nice crisp, it is enjoyable to play what is really a classic game at this point. Originally for the play station 2, this was a kind of hack and slash, it was a little slower in pace and there was some strategy in a lot of ways that actually bore a little bit of similarity to dark souls, all of it looking so much like a resident evil game despite the fact that it really did not have a lot of survival horror going on, this was a game that involved a lot of sidestepping particularly in the combat but it was also punchy in a way that felt very satisfying and the sound at least for the time was phenomenal. 

2. Ninja Gaiden

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We are talking about the reboots on the Xbox which are very much high speed not far from platinum game styled games I mean there are some key differences but I do not know that we would talk about the original Ninja Gaiden games which are just straight beat them ups in terms of sword fighting games. However the Ninja Gaiden remakes have a certain rhythm to them where they keep everything very cinematic, everything feels very big intense I mean maybe with the exclusion of ninja Gaiden z which is kind of a low effort zombie game in the franchise.

The best thing about the combat in ninja Gaiden is kind of like the god of war except you cannot switch attacks halfway through. You are kind of committed, you are forced to be more deliberate and strategic despite the fact it is still this high octane action game.

3. Chivalry Medieval Warfare

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This is a game from a good six-seven years ago and it really just shines in its combat like it obviously is showing its age graphically speaking a bit but this is first-person melee combat that is just a joy you participate in, from blocks to jabs to dodges everything pretty much works exactly how you would think it would work from watching footage of this game which is really nice to have it that intuitive but it is not just that it is how dense the action feels during the intensity of a match.

This is a game that just does not seem to let up. The control scheme is really tactical and yet you have to be doing things constantly and quickly because these matches are frenetic. Chivalry Medieval Warfare is just one of the best examples of sword combat.

4. Assasin’s Creed Unity

(Ps4 best fighting games)

Now, this was a game that had its downsides, but in terms of sword combat, I really enjoyed that it was able to take some influence from the Arkham games in terms of combat but including the kind of blocking and parrying and dodging that is only possible with sword fighting. This was an area of the game that had a little bit of depth while some areas were a little buggy and there were some problems that I mean people still complain about to this day but it is really hard for me to not look back at the sword fighting in that game really finely.

It was just a really good balance of kind of a beat-them-up feel with a slightly more robust move set.


5. Stealth Assassins

(Ps4 best fighting games)

Let’s just go ahead and say this is kind of a classic, it is not the most overtly complex combat system you are ever going to see or anything. It is fairly simple, there is blocking, attacking and you are moving around to try to stop the other person from hitting you. It is my opinion that this deserves a spot on this list because it is a very early 3D sword fighting game that honestly holds up pretty well.

It is kind of simple but it is a rock-solid game that you will be happy to play to this day.

6. Legend of Zelda

(best fighting games Ps4)

This is a series that has been through many different eras so I want to talk about the basics that have persisted throughout the entire series. Now in the beginning it was very simple combat, you could move in any direction you could slash your sword, basically, if there was an enemy on the tile above you or below you or to your side, you could hit them.

You had a shield you could use to block, it got a little more advanced on the super Nintendo, just in terms of becoming more fluid and introducing a lot more types of weapons, the charge move and then it moved into 3D and we have pretty much had a version of the same 3D combat although it is developed to such a refined point. Truthfully swordplay and legend of Zelda have always been a joy and although the weapons just sort of outright break inbreathes of the wild, it is probably the best iteration of the combat thus far.

7. Ghost Runner 

(Ps4 best fighting games)

This is a phenomenal mirror’s edge descendant with sword combat, basically, you are in a cyberpunk city and you are dealing with a bunch of enemies at pretty much any given time, you can slow downtime, you can slash the side and you end up doing these really cool amounts of damage, you slice off limbs, heads, etc. 

It really does play like what if mirror’s edge was a ninja combat game and truthfully it is probably one of the most fun sword-based games, I have played in quite a while.

8. Witcher 3

(best fighting games Ps4)

Witcher 3 is not a game that you would immediately classify as just a Sword game, it is obviously open world, lots of stories, lots of dialogue trees, etc but once you get the hang of using spells with your swordplay, the combat actually can become quite intricate and beating a lot of specific enemies like these various wraiths you basically have to trap in one of your spells every time you want to even hit them, creates a really interesting dynamic that I really got frustrated with a lot of times to be completely honest.

However, you will realize how important the spells actually were to the swordplay. The game became just significantly more interesting and obviously without combat witcher 3 would be a pretty interesting game so that is saying a lot.

9. Way of the samurai

(Ps4 best fighting games)

This was a very out-there game for a lot of reasons. It is set in 19th-century japan and yet there are people who look like they belong in the disco era. This game had a pretty good move set regarding swordplay you had to weaken a strong attack, you could also kick which some of these games allowed you to do and some did not, this would allow you to use a kick to disrupt you would also be able to build up to special attacks or collect items.

Probably the best aspect of it though is that you had the choice whether or not you would engage in combat. Combat would always quickly evolve from like a single person to like a bunch of people but you always also had the choice to just say no I do not want to get into this conflict which is great. We have the samurai actually did a lot of stuff really, well despite it being kind of weird at times.

10. For Honour

(Ps4 best fighting games)

It’s single-player but let’s just go ahead and say like for all intents and purposes the real reason to play this was multiplayer. Melee-oriented class-oriented battler, now the reason I thought that multiplayer was so good is that it took the class stuff and gave you a little bit more customization options.

The developers referred to this game as a shooter with swords and that is a really appropriate way of putting it but you would get any variety of all these really interesting modes from duels to brawling to 4 vs 14 play in terms of sword fighting this really good place to at least start if you are looking for something multiplayer.

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11. Blade Symphony

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A game that was made basically to fill the hole left by Jedi knight 2 Jedi outcasts as that community sort of winded down, the developers needed something to fill the void, now being it supposed to be like lightsaber combat, it is very flashy and fantastical and does not really go for any kind of realism.

It is however like this incredibly fun acrobatic team-based fighting or there are also death matches as well. Blade symphony was a really interesting game and probably could have been a lot bigger.

12. Kingdom Come Deliverance

(best fighting games Ps4)

If you can imagine basically the first-person witcher without the mystical elements and some very detailed physics-oriented swordplay kingdom come deliverance delivers. This was one of those games that really took itself very seriously and turned out good for it. This was a game they hired a historian to ensure it was as accurate as possible but I think what is most important about it is just how detailed the combat is, you do have a large amount at play at any given time but the angle of attack is so incredibly important in this game.

You know outside of the combat also, it is just a really interesting, like really deep and history-oriented game.

13. Mordhou

(Ps4 best fighting games)

This kind of like kingdom come deliverance 2 in a lot of ways especially like combat, however, it is so much more oriented towards multiplayer combat basically this was billed as a realistic night evil combat game and it was very speedy I will say it is not particularly realistic in movement but in swordplay it is.

I think there are some elements of the movement that feel a little bit like video games in retrospect but the way that swordplay works are very momentum oriented and direction oriented, it is a very novel control scheme and I think that contributes to just how good the game itself is and it gets some pretty great intense multiplayer stuff going on. 

14. Soul Calibur 6

(best fighting games Ps4)

It is really different than most of the games that we have covered so far. It is a fighting game and it plays like a fighting game, however, there is a ton of blade-oriented stuff in it, for one you can overpower certain attacks with swords, swords figured heavily into a lot of special attacks, etc.

It is also a series that is really kind of been on the cutting edge of graphics for the most part for a long time, more recently it is kind of hard to say that on account of pretty much everything is really incredible looking nowadays.

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15. Bushido Blade

(best fighting games Ps4)

This was a 3D fighting game based entirely on swords as well, however, it was quite a bit earlier than soul caliber. It was also a fighting game actually developed by square and published by square as well. Bushido Blade was interesting in that you could change your stance, you were rather holding the sword forward, upward, you could run and it was really actually incredibly flexible regarding how you were attacking and also how you were defending, in truth the game square should revisit is bushido blade.

Yes, it is another fighting game but it is not the same as soul Calibur is very much less a traditional fighting game, has a great story made as well.

16. Nidhogg

(Ps4 best fighting games)

This is a really good 2D sort of action-adventure game that because of its weirdness is kind of ignored. It has this combat that is very frenetic, you could do everything from straight attacks to blocking to throwing swords to throwing yourself. I mean there is a lot you can do in this game and it is also such a unique-looking game. It reminds me of something like toe jam and relishes except obviously it is a vastly different game from that.

17. Sakura shadow dies twice

(Ps4 best fighting games)

It was just a really interesting title especially given the types of combat that were in it. Now many people have made this observation is that sakura was kind of a rhythm-based combat game without music that is dictating the rhythm, you kind of just have to detect it out of your enemies and I think just that insight sets sakura pretty much apart from almost any other game on here but it is also a fantastic dark souls type game with a lot of different mechanics like the grappling hook just like with bloodborne.

It is different enough from dark souls that it justifies being a separate thing and honestly I hope we see a sequel to both but a second row two would be just fantastic.

18. Mount And Blade 2 banner lord 

(best fighting games Ps4)

A sequel to the medieval combat of the original obviously a lot of time passed between these games you are not just doing sword combat, you are also really gathering, commanding lots of different soldiers, your swinging is directional, blocking is very context-oriented. It is really interesting to sort of set up the command with a bunch of different soldiers and then participate in the battle, I mean this is really a battle simulator, you can storm the castle literally.

19. Dark soul’s trilogy

(best fighting games Ps4)

Let’s just go ahead and say it if we are going to talk about sword combat in games this one that we have to, Zelda is one that we have to, this is one that we have to. Darkest souls is an incredible skill-based scam that throws so many curveballs at you that you are constantly learning what this game wants from you where sakura was kind of a rhythm-based version of this combat, what you are doing here is really caring about dodging and blocking without a good strategy with those you are not getting anywhere fast in dark so I mean you could get somewhere but again not fast in dark souls.

It is a patience-oriented game and it is a world that is rich in lore that the further you get into the more you feel like a part of everything.

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20. Ghost of Tsushima

(best fighting games Ps4)

Aside from just being like an amazing open-world game with one of the prettiest visual styles, it manages to combine a few different styles of swordplay, particularly directional swordplay but kind of more open world sort player that makes sense like there is no lock on so it is not especially like Zelda but at the time you will feel like you are playing Zelda still, however, the key is always breaking the enemy’s defenses and then hitting when the timing is right. It is really just a couple of different things in one that just feels natural and that is for lack of a better term natural really is I think what we all want a game to feel like we do not want it to have to be explained and it is probably the game in my opinion that has probably best done it in truth. It is an amazing game and we cannot wait for more in the series.


This was all for the list of best fighting games for now. You can try all these and experience the amazing virtual world fighting spirit.  A couple of bonuses for you dishonored which is obviously not specifically a sword combat game however when you are locked in sword combat with an enemy it is amazing. Obviously, the point of the game is to avoid combat that is how you get a good ending. However, sometimes it is really just hard to resist, steal things in, and cause some trouble. Next on bonus is hell spirit arena, a virtual reality horror slasher in which you are basically cutting down various dark fantasies bad guys with a VR sword and it is very satisfying. It works exactly like how it looks like it works.

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