10 online Games to Test Your Gaming Skills

Gaming is arguably currently the biggest niche within entertainment. In recent years, it has really taken off and attracted a whole new audience. While the latest consoles and advanced hardware help explain this, the sheer diversity within modern gaming has also drawn more people in.

Online play is a classic example and has provided a whole new way for gamers to enjoy top titles. This may be playing an online game solo in your web browser or heading online to enjoy multiplayer games with friends.

Online casino gaming also key

Of course, online casino games are very popular now too and have become massive on a global scale. In Europe, the best EU online casinos to game at offer sleek designs and outstanding bonuses to players. The US is also a country which has opened up to iGaming lately and this has led to more states legalizing online casinos within their borders.

Whatever type of online game you like to play, it is always good to find challenging ones which fully test you. But which are ten of the toughest to try?

1 – Poker

Online poker is one game which will have you playing to your full capabilities. It requires you to not only use your skills to make the best hand but also to try to work out whether your opponents have a better one. This is a game which is also full of strategy and quick thinking.

2 – EVE Online

One of the hardest online games to try, EVE online is a sci-fi MMO title which is perplexing for new players. The main reason is that you are thrown into a massive galaxy at the start of the game, with no guidance or information on how to proceed.

3 – StarCraft 2

While there are some superb no internet games to try out, StarCraft 2 stands out as an online title which takes you to the limit. This is because you need to not only keep up with the fast-paced action but also pay attention to tiny gameplay details.

4 – Dota 2

Beloved by many in esports, Dota 2 is also a very tough online game to master. It takes a long time to become even an average player and needs real dedication. When you consider that it has over 100 characters to learn about for example, you can see why it’s a tough challenge.

5 – Blackjack

Another online casino game which really tests your skills to the max is blackjack. As with online poker, this is a game based on strategy and your own skill. You must not only know when to stand or hit but also whether the hand you hold might beat the dealer.

6 – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This tricky title involves people working together online to try to diffuse a bomb that only one player can see. It is one which will require you to play at maximum capacity due to the communication, teamwork and thinking involved.

7 – Exit 84

This online title can be played directly in your browser and requires good dexterity, focus and speed. It is essentially a platform game which requires you to use the keyboard to move your character around. The twist here is that you must tap in the key combinations shown on screen correctly to do so! These get faster and more complicated as you progress.

8 – TemTem

Looking a bit like Pokémon and borrowing something from this franchise’s background story, TemTem is a fighting pet game. The reason it makes our list is that it has a very high learning curve and will require you to play to your best to progress. The complex game world is also vast and needs real dedication to explore.

9 – Zig Zag

Another browser-based game, Zig Zag seem like it should be easy – how hard can it be to push the line on-screen in the right direction after all? The challenge here though is that the screen is always rotating, which makes it much harder than it sounds!

10 – Apex Legends

As well as being a huge hit, Apex Legends is known for being one of the harder FPS titles to master. This is because it requires you to have decent planning, teamwork and communication skills. The battle royale design can also be a real test, especially for newer players trying to survive.

Test your gaming skills to the max

Playing games online is always lots of fun but can get a bit boring over time if you never challenge yourself. If you want to really test your skills and improve as a gamer, it is therefore crucial to find online games which are not too easy. If you need a few tips to get going, any of the above are worth checking out.

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